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  • PCPM Chapter 11.2

    Chapter 11.2 It’s too similar. How could it be this similar? (2)

    Since she decided to experience the life of a senior high student at the very last minute, she couldn’t just give up halfway. She came here with firm resolution to become a good student yet when the class representative asked her to hand in her homework, Rong Mo stared blankly for a while.

    “….I….forgot to bring….my homework.”

    “Oh, is that so.” The class representative was also slightly stupefied. Even though Rong Mo was reserved and quite particular in class, she was among one of the best students who would turn over her homework in time.  This kind of excuse of ‘forgetting to bring it’ would usually be used by lazy students who hadn’t done it so… it could be assumed that she really had forgotten to bring it, right?

    Rong Mo: “….”

    She thought to herself. Her face shouldn’t have turned red and her expression hadn’t crumbled.

    But inside, she was having a breakdown.

    Is this the feeling that everyone gets when they lie to cover up that they didn’t do their homework?

    This was simply too shameful!

    Her deskmate Luo Qingqing was at the hospital getting an IV drip due to diarrhea so she wasn’t present for class in the morning. Usually, Luo Qingqing would ask for her homework to supplement the areas she didn’t know how to do or if she had goofed off. If she were here, she would definitely be curious as to why Rong Mo would have actually forgotten to bring her homework and not only that, it applied….to every class homework she had as well.

    Only god knew that the homework and papers she had ‘forgotten’ to bring today was all actually in her bag, and they were all completely untouched!

    Rong Mo felt herself silly. She actually felt indignant because of an insignificant person to the point where she became like this.

    After carefully thinking about it, she became absolutely sure that the scoundrel from yesterday was not the same person she had been trying to find all this time so getting angry was just superfluous. 

    When it was self-revision period, Rong Mo put on a calm face and secretly took out her unfinished mock papers and started to write madly.

    Nobody knew how nervous she was from being seen.

    “Hey, it’s your turn to be on duty today.”

    Rong Mo lifted her head in astonishment.

    Ever since she came here, she had never been on duty. The main reason was because the class director had already instructed the class monitor so even if it wasn’t publicly announced, nobody arranged for her to sweep the bathrooms.

    The person who spoke to her was Lin Fei who sat behind her. She would occasionally kick her wheelchair during class which she didn’t mind at all.

    Now that she heard her tone, Rong Mo could immediately detect that this girl didn’t like her. She didn’t only dislike her, she even revealed a faint hostility towards her.

    But she was clueless as to where this hostility originated from.

    Rong Mo could only stare at her with a foolish expression.

    “I can’t clean but I can do other things.”

    Seeing her staying silent, Lin Fei was caught up in her beautiful eyes and felt slightly annoyed. “It’s fine since you’re considered ‘special’ but must you have everyone attend to you? Every time it’s your duty, other people always have to help you. It’s not like you’re completely immobile.”

    The person sitting beside Lin Fei tugged her. “Forget it Fei Fei, she originally can’t do much anyway…”

    Even though it was said in a whisper, Rong Mo still heard it very clearly, including a guy’s muttering nearby. “Is Lin Fei being jealous….hasn’t she always liked Cheng Yu….”

    Rong Mo was even more dumbfounded.

    Who was Cheng Yu? Was there such a person in class? She had already seen the class roster before attending class and could practically remember every single person. This was also because she wanted to establish good relationships with her classmates. After all, this was one of the most important things in a senior high student’s life. However, she was too used to staying at home and was ignorant on how to take the initiative to interact with other people, especially with people of her own age. 

    If Luo Qingqing hadn’t actively started a conversation with her, she wouldn’t have had a good relationship with her.

    And so, Rong Mo put out a sincere question. “Who’s Cheng Yu?”

    Hearing Cheng Yu’s name coming from her mouth, Lin Fei was stupefied, soon after that, her whole face turned beet red. “You….you’re too much!”

    Rong Mo. “???”

    She was only curious as to who this person was. 

    Lin Fei stomped off in a huff.

    Rong Mo hung her head and reached her phone out to send a message to Rong Ji who was in the faraway city.

    Rong Ji who was holding a meeting in the company felt the phone in his pocket vibrate and he promptly took it out. This was his other personal phone which only had a single contact in it, which was his darling daughter Rong Mo. So no matter where he was or what he was doing, as long as this phone vibrated, he would immediately fish it out to answer it. 

    ….Daddy, I think I stayed too long at home that my EQ has dropped so low. Do you agree?

    Rong Ji replied in a heartbeat. “No. It’s the other party who has a low IQ for not being able to keep up with my daughter’s tempo.”

    Rong Mo. “If you continue praising me like that, my peacock tail would come out, President Rong.”

    President Rong replied once again in a second. “Whatever happened, daddy will always be supporting your side.”

    Rong Mo. “Daddy, I didn’t do anything! I only forgot to do my homework!”

    President Rong. “My daughter actually goofed off and didn’t do her homework? What an improvement! Continue adding oil my girl, daddy supports you!”

    Rong Mo. “….” 

    It looks like being unable to move much also had its advantages. At least her father wouldn’t spoil her to the point where she became one of those unbridled and undisciplined heiresses you saw on television. Otherwise, if she really did fool around until the heavens, nobody would be able to pull her back down. 

    To make herself not appear too special and also to prevent this inexplicable feeling of being isolated, after class, when everyone went out for morning exercises, Rong Mo decided to carry out her duties.

    What was she supposed to do again?

    Oh, that’s right. Sweep the floor.

    She pushed her chair with difficulty and travelled through the narrow corridor, taking the broom and sweeping the floor. While she was sweeping, she discovered that she had forgotten to take the dustpan and so she went out again.

    As she did her best to sweep, Her father sent her another message after not getting a reply. “My daughter, what are you doing? Are you in class right now? Is daddy disturbing you?”

    Rong Mo replied. “Daddy, I’m sweeping the floor. With that said, can you donate robotic cleaners and vacuum cleaners to the school?”

    Without waiting for the other to reply. She thought of another point again. “Nevermind, I think it’s also quite meaningful to sweep like this.”

    Just by chance, someone who had skipped the morning training returned from the kiosk and saw what she was doing, becoming gobsmacked. “Rong Mo, why are you suddenly sweeping the floor?”

    “Today’s my day of duty.”

    “That doesn’t mean you have to sweep. Let me do it.” That classmate saw how difficult her expression looked as she dropped her head and almost snatched the broom from her hands as he couldn’t bear to see her struggle any longer.

    Rong Mo couldn’t resist him so she simply handed it over to him. She looked around and felt that maybe she could go and throw out the trash?

    The classmate was sweeping the floor and when he heard something move, he lifted his head and discovered that Rong Mo had gone out.

    In reality, he didn’t know that Rong Mo had actually taken the trash out, if he did, he probably would’ve chased her to take on the responsibility himself. 

    Yet when she dragged the trash over, Rong Mo recalled that she couldn’t do this task as well because she was not able to go down the stairs.

    What others may consider to be a simple matter turned into an absolute impossibility for her.

    So she had always felt that people who grumbled and sighed about going to morning training or taking a few steps to reach the toilet, compared to her who wasn’t able to even walk. Weren’t they too fortunate?

    Rong Mo sighed. Just as she was about to head back, she suddenly detected footsteps resounding behind her. It was immediately followed by a hand that grabbed onto her wheelchair.

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