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  • PCPM Chapter 10.1

    Ch 10.1 She hadn’t seen his expression yet she could sense him starting to walk towards her. (1)

    Just as Rong Mo said these words, ear-splitting screams and curses flooded the arena.

    Rong Mo’s ears hurt so much she couldn’t help but want to rub her ears. However, Shen Xiuran was one step faster than her and had used both hands to cover them.

    Although both her legs were immobile, her vision was excellent. The bright lights on the arena illuminated the man’s muscular silhouette very clearly. She could even see every quiver of his muscles when he moved. Even though his expression hadn’t changed from the beginning, he still wore on an indifferent smile.

    And what made the biggest contrast was his pair of deep and sharp eyes.

    Just like a ruthless yet relaxed cheetah, he provoked the strong opponent before him without the slightest scruple.

    His opponent was evidently infuriated by his imposing manner. Just as his left blow was easily blocked off, he immediately sent another quick and violent attack.

    The audience was here for gambling and excitement and the boxers on the arena usually gambled their life away. Once they were thoroughly absorbed into the fight, they wouldn’t pay particular attention to wrestling techniques as they would only have one goal and that was to beat their opponent until they couldn’t stand up anymore.

    Because in this kind of lawless arena, nobody cared about them living or dying. 

    All of a sudden, a reversal had occurred on the arena.

    The man had taken on a direct hit.

    At that time, his position was just across Rong Mo’s view. When she saw him, she appeared to have paused for a moment. Within that less than one second of effort, he had taken a ruthless blow to the face as the other party followed it up with a big howl and a kick to his chest!

    Everybody started cheering and whistling. A stream of curses flowed out that even Shen Xiuran was so captivated. Rong Mo held her armrests very tightly. They didn’t even wear any protective gear like mouth guards on! That boxer looked to be about a full 100 kg. He was even a tall giant standing at 190cm. If an ordinary person were to have received that hit, his head would’ve turned stupid from that blow!

    The corner of his mouth was filled with blood. But his figure only swayed a little before soon tilting to the side to evade the final blow the opponent was planning. Then, with a flying kick, he stamped heavily on the big man’s chest!

    The kick came in too fast! Everybody stretched their necks to look and only saw the big man taking 3 steps back from the kick as if he completely didn’t expect his opponent’s kick to be this heavy. When he finally snapped back to his senses and lifted his head, he hadn’t been able to see clearly when the other person took a hold of his neck and raised his knee to send it directly towards his stomach.

    Everybody’s cheers and screams almost broke through the roof. Regardless of the man’s actions and expressions or the muscles that bulged over every inch of his body, it had toppled everybody’s initial assumptions of him in just a few minutes. He was like a madman, suppressing the other person by beating him ferociously. The other contestant’s face was all bloodied and bruised. When he fell down on the ground, he attempted to turn his body over to deflect the other party’s attack but ended up curling his body instead like a trapped animal under the person’s violent and ruthless attacks, completely losing his chance to turn the situation around.

    Rong Mo watched his cold and frightening eyes. Even his exceptionally good-looking face and the ruthless air surrounding his body was painted with a terrifying haze.

    “Momo, don’t look any further.”

    Shen Xiuran was completely sure that even if the big guy wasn’t considered dead, he was still barely alive. The referee couldn’t care less and the audience acted like they were high on drugs, especially the minority who had placed their bets on him. When the other party started using both hands to block his face and began to beg for forgiveness, the referee finally came forward and pulled the guy away from beating the big guy to death. 

    Within the cheers of the guys were ear-piercing shrieks of some girls. Some even wanted to rush up to the arena to kiss him. The referee raised the hand of the man who had achieved victory. Rong Mo saw that the corner of his mouth still had some blood on and a bruise had already appeared on his cheekbones, however, he did not seem to care and only frowned at the audience who were going mad and waved his hand off the referee’s grip. 

    “Let’s go.”

    Rong Mo nodded.

    “Are you sure that’s him?” Shen Xiuran still couldn’t help but ask.

    “He isn’t”

    Shen Xiuran became blank for a while. “Then why did you…”

    “I only felt…” Rong Mo said in a low voice. “That he was really handsome.”

    Shen Xiuran paused for a moment. 

    This was the first time Rong Mo had used these kind of words to praise an unfamiliar man.

    Rong Mo turned around to cast another glance.

    The beast-like frightening man on the arena suppressed the vicious air around him and stared at the people dragging away his opponent who was incapable of moving anymore.

    At that moment, the gloomy and undisciplined air around him seemed to almost overlap with that person’s image. 

    But he wasn’t, at least……, earlier, he wasn’t.

    “Shen Xiuran, I want to meet him.”

    “Who? Who do you want to meet?”

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