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  • PCPM Chapter 1.2

    Chapter 1.2 The Rong Family Lady who sits in a wheelchair (2)

    She had known Rong Mo ever since her third year in senior high. The two of them could barely be considered classmates, they were more like desk mates instead.

    The reason why it was considered barely was because Rong Mo had only attended the senior high in her hometown due to a special reason. Back then, even though Rong Mo had actually already received her university acceptance letter, she wanted to experience the life of a ‘high school student’ before she reached adulthood.

    Until now, she couldn’t forget the moment Rong Mo arrived at school in her wheelchair and became the focus of attention.

    At that time, she even had a special ‘bodyguard’ by her side.

    “That’s right. Then Mr. Nie….” Luo Qingqing suddenly recalled something and asked. “He’s called Z right? Your previous bodyguard?”

    Rong Mo was dazed for a moment.

    Mr. Nie, Z.

    If she hadn’t reacted to the two words in the beginning, then the letter at the end was enough to paralyze her heart in an instant.

    “I’ve asked around and heard that he’s the founder of ZM Group. Recently, I heard news that there was a new invisible rich man that had just come to City C and I assumed it that it was him.

    “Is that so?”

    Luo Qingqing saw her expression waver for just a moment and felt somewhat surprised. “You and him…”

    “I don’t have anything to do with him now…” Rong Mo hung her eyes, her long lashes covered the view of their pale color. “He’s also not my bodyguard, he never was.”

    She was only 17 back then.

    But the first time she saw him was the time he had saved her back when she was 16.

    Even if it was the first time she had met him, she never would have thought that he was born from a family compromised of J Country’s special forces and was a top class bodyguard from the international security group, Long Feng Special Defenses.  

    Not only had he rescued her from the hands of kidnappers in the past. At present, he was  now developing his talents in the field of business.

    It was no wonder that people called his methods ruthless. He showed no mercy towards anybody and in just a few years, he was able to achieve even more success than her father had with the methods he had used.

    She didn’t know how many secret identities he had but what she knew was that, among the identities he had, none of them had any relation to her.

    “Then you….”

    Luo Qingqing looked at her with hesitation.

    Now that the Rong Family had gotten into trouble and was pushed to the wall by the public. Among the people who had a face of wanting to help the Rong Family, which among them really wanted to secretly take a share of the profit of the Rong Family’s huge property and bask in that bit of advantage and which among them really wanted to genuinely help?

    “We don’t have anything tying us together.” Rong Mo chuckled and said. “You’re already aware that he rejected me back then.

    She was indeed too foolish in the past.

    To him, saving her back then was just a fluke. How could that kind of guy be willing to become the bodyguard of a little girl?

    Not to mention, she was even handicapped.

    Even if the people beside her treated her well, she knew deep inside, that to them, she would always be a liability.

    “But when you went to senior high, wasn’t he always there to protect you?”

    After saying these words, Luo Qingqing immediately regretted it, she really had such a loose mouth.

    At that time, Rong Mo was only 17. Now that nearly 5 years had passed, even if Z really did protect Rong Mo during that period, at present, they had no business with each other.

    “I’ll….I’ll push you out then. The auction’s about to begin.”

    Rong Mo nodded.

    Her expression was calm without any ripples apparent in her gaze.

    However, nobody knew that her ten fingers were tightly clenched around her arm cushion. It ached until feeling turned numb.

    When the auction started, Rong Mo sat at the very back.

    She didn’t have a seat because nobody would carry her to sit onto one. Luo Qingqing wasn’t strong enough and she couldn’t lift her while wearing a dress. Rong Mo also didn’t allow just anyone to assist her.

    Even if she sat at the corner, all the stares seemed to fall on Rong Mo. Some even unbridledly stared at her two legs.

    “I heard that people who sit in a wheelchair all the time would eventually have their legs become deformed.”

    “Some people may look like angels but who knows what their legs would turn out looking like.”

    “It’s really such a pity. Even though her family is in dire straights, she could still rely on her face in any case to make a living, but since she has to sit in a wheelchair, even if she wanted to enter the entertainment industry, she can’t.”

    Luo Qingqing was so furious, her entire face turned red.

    These despicable people put on airs but held so many disgusting thoughts in their hearts.

    She knew that Rong Mo’s current body and appearance easily provoked a strange kind of fetish in opportunist men. It was the same case back in the past, the only difference was that, right now, there was no one by Rong Mo’s side to protect her. 

    She stood up, wanting to chide the men who joked without knowing restraint, but before she could even do so, Rong Mo reached out a hand to hold her in place. 

    “These people probably don’t even know how many awards you’ve won.” Luo Qingqing restrained her anger and talked in a low voice. “And the songs that you wrote. If they were to know of your other name, they definitely wouldn’t speak of such words.”

    Under the banner of Rong Group, they had several artist managing companies and Luo Qing Qing was among one of those artists.

    Rong Mo previously wrote songs for the artists under the company and each of those songs had won an award as a classic.

    “The Rong Family’s piece of land is going to be auctioned later.”

    Luo Qingqing could see that Rong Mo was able to feign indifference towards those taunts because what she cared about more right now was the residential piece of land.

    However, up until the very end of the auction, that piece of land didn’t appear.

    This did not only surprise people, even Rong Mo herself was stunned.

    She immediately sent a message to the person responsible, and Manager Li who was in charge, hurried over. “Miss Rong. Please accept my apologies. I had just received a message that the auction for the Rong Family’s piece of land was cancelled and was late in informing you.

    “Why was it cancelled?” Rong Mo frowned. “Was it Rong Xun?” 

    “N-No, it’s not….”

    “Then who is it?”

    Manager Lin wiped a bout of cold sweat. “It appears….to be a gentleman called Mr. Nie who called himself ….your bodyguard.”

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