PCPM Chapter 1.1

Ch 1.1 The Rong Family Lady who sits in a wheelchair (1)

The Rong Family was about to go bankrupt.

When people heard this piece of news, many of them found it hard to believe. 

After all, the Rong Family wasn’t some nouveau riche family. They weren’t just your normal wealthy family either. Rong Family was considered one of the very best aristocratic families in City C. The Rong Group also owned several of the most profitable markets that kept abreast of modern developments. The current family head of this generation, Rong Ji, previously topped the list of the richest person living in C City. So how was it possible that such a big family enterprise would fall over so easily?

However, ever since Rong Ji was hospitalized urgently and was taken away by the police under the gazes of a thousand eyes, the Rong family’s stocks had started to dwindle and people began to believe that this seemingly unshakable old aristocratic family was really about to topple over.

Just as the saying ‘when the tree topples, the monkeys scatter(1)’, the more they shined in the olden days, the more despair they felt when they collapsed.

  1. 树倒猢狲散      When the tree topples, the monkeys scatter: an opportunist abandons a favorable cause  

A few months had not even passed when it was decided that the Rong Family residence, which was worth hundreds of millions, was going to be sold at an auction.

People who were ignorant of the situation watched this in amusement and at the same time, they also recalled something.

Where did the Rong Family Lady who sat in a wheelchair go?

The lady of the Rong Family was quite famous. She had encountered an accident during her childhood which not only led to her mother passing away, she herself became forever handicapped and was restricted to sit in a wheelchair. From that point on, she had rarely gone out and because she was protected tightly, many people were completely unaware that Rong Ji actually had a daughter back then.

A lot of people also heard rumors that the Rong Family Lady in the wheelchair had a refined appearance. Her temperament was unique and otherworldly. The only pity was that she was handicapped, so they couldn’t help but sigh that nobody was perfect.

She rarely showed her face in public and would almost never join any public events. Even if a gossip reporter wanted to take a picture of her, they would never be able to find her shadow. Now that the Rong Family had fallen, many people were curious about her current whereabouts.

It was only until an auction event was being held that she had finally revealed herself.

The auction took place at Yun Ting Hotel’s banquet hall. Waiters carried around trays, walking past several celebrities of the business world and the hall was filled with smiling reserved and graceful girls and men showing off their gentlemanly attitudes– 

“Hey look over there, who is that? How come she’s in a wheelchair?”

“Don’t you know who she is? She’s the heiress of the Rong Family.”

“So that’s her ah…..”

From the doors of the ballroom, her wheelchair was slowly pushed in.

The person who sat in the wheelchair was the much talked about Rong Family Lady, Rong Mo.

She was already 22 years old in age but perhaps because she wasn’t exposed to sunlight all year round and was disabled, she seemed incomparably delicate and her face appeared to be younger than her actual age, looking around 17 or 18 years old. Despite having only light makeup with loose hair and a simple necklace, she appeared more attractive than any of the girls who were gorgeously dressed.

Unlike the other girls who had pretty dresses and perfect makeup on, her expression looked insipid from beginning to end. Her hands were folded over each other and were placed atop her knees. From far away, she looked like an exquisite and pampered figure sitting on a wheelchair.

It was no wonder that someone in their circle had mentioned previously that even though the Rong Family Lady was handicapped, she was still a girl that every guy had wanted to attain. That kind of weak and delicate beauty made anyone who saw her unable to resist lifting her up from her wheelchair — after all, she wouldn’t be able to resist in any case.

Back then, she was still the pearl in Rong Family’s palm and was protected by her father so covertly it was hard to sneak a look of her.

After a few years had passed, she was kidnapped and a lot of people then realized that Rong Zhi had such a daughter. Most of them were women who wanted to become her stepmother but there were also several guys who showed interest in the Rong Family heiress who was rumored to be as beautiful as a priceless piece of art. Nevertheless, showing interest and being able to approach her were two entirely different things.

At present, the situation was different. Since the big tree of Rong Family had toppled over, she had completely lost a mountain to lean on.

A few men initially had a look of shock in their eyes when they first saw her, but their expressions slowly changed and they concealed this very well. 

Not one person realized that Rong Mo’s fingertips were digging into the cushion of her wheelchair.

Luo Qingqing had just entered the hall and was surprised to see her. She hurriedly passed through the groups of people and arrived by her side. Taking her wheelchair from the service man’s hand, she pushed her into the lobby.

”Momo, weren’t you not coming anymore?”

Luo Qingqing knew about the Rong Family’s piece of land that was about to be auctioned as she had just finished seeing the person who was in charge of this, but she didn’t expect that Rong Mo would personally come herself.”

“I only wanted to take a look.”

At this auction, among the items that the Rong Family had entrusted to be auctioned, was a piece of land that the old residence of the Rong Family occupied.

Although she was a customer of this auction as well, with the current situation of the Rong Family, the receptionist who was supposed to be responsible for greeting her felt no qualms in ignoring her to greet other VIP customers.

Luo Qing Qing felt helpless. “You should have told me then. You don’t even have a bodyguard by your side right now. Where’s Lin Sa?”

“I didn’t let her come with me.” Rong Mo said lightly. “With my current situation, if I brought a bodyguard with me, it’d be too conspicuous.”

In reality, even if she didn’t bring a bodyguard with her, she would still stand out regardless.

However, Luo Qingqing did not say these words out loud.

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