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  • Main Story: Chapter 7 The Student Council

    I was being pulled until we reached the student council room and I was slightly out of breath.

    The place where I was before was the corridor leading to the second building, where the student council room was located. So, it was not that far away, but my leg’s length was different from Theo.

    Because Theo walked at a fast pace, I needed to jog to be able to follow him.

    Finally, Theo stopped in front of the finely sculptured door. When he looked at my state, he realized the current situation. This building was different from the first building where the classroom was because there was no other figures than us.

    “Ha, You walked, so fast…”

    “I am sorry…! I didn’t notice.”

    Theo lowered his eyebrow, looking sorry for making me out of breath. After looking at his current expression, I remembered the old times when we chased each other in the garden. I always couldn’t catch him and like this, he would say sorry to me. 

    Although I remembered my past life, it was not that my physical capacity was higher. My running speed was just the same as the other girls around. If Al and Theo played catching with me seriously, there was no way I could catch them. 

    Well, I couldn’t confirm it since I never played tag with the ladies. Because of me, the employees in my mansion, both men and women, were all polishing their nimbleness. No matter how hard I tried, they were able to secure me. I always laughed when I remembered the moment when I was caught. 

    Talking about running around, Theo became more mature. He seemed like a different person, but I bet on the inside he was the same. The more he looked like an adult, the more I remembered Violet’s scene in my head. Really, I didn’t have any idea how she could become like that in the future. It was strange. 

    Was it because they were connected by political marriage? Or maybe there was something wrong in the process towards that situation?

    “… Just now, are you okay? It looks like those ladies said something bad to you.”

    “Ah, yes, I am okay. It was a talk about public opinion.”

    After I recovered from shortness of breath, I answered his question ambiguously and smiled. After all, that blonde lady might be Theo’s fate. Moreover, I didn’t feel like talking about their jealousy to him.

    Besides, as long as I was one of the student council members, there was a high possibility that the kind of jealousy would be an everyday occurrence. If I reported it every time, there would be no end of it, so I would collect this case latter and appealed it to that teacher who always showed her sex appeal uselessly. 

    Theo who looked down at me opened his eyes wide one time, and without saying anything, he grabbed my wrist with his hand and put a strength to it.

    “What’s the matter, Theophyl-sama?”


    Since my childhood friend didn’t say anything and only looked down at me, I shook my left hand that was vacant.

    (What, what? It’s like his battery is dead…)

    I wondered if I said something that disturbed him. Well, if there was and it made him hate me, maybe it was a better situation?

    “… Lettie, are you not going to speak like you usually do before?”


    He dropped his eyebrow, looked sad. Now he looked like a big dog after being scolded, the ears and tail hanging down as they got no strength.

    “Um, well, we both had an important position, so I think we should act formally in the school?”

    I couldn’t say the truth. There was no way I could say, “In order to prevent you, your wife and daughter live in misery in the future, I decided to put some distance between us.”

    “Is that all?”

    “Yes, that’s all.”

    “… I see. Then, I am glad.”

    I could see a dog was dropping its ear before… Well, in reality, Theo’s expression that looked so sad just now became more and more bright. Finally, he looked relieved and then smiled. At the same time, my right hand was now free.

    I felt a bit guilty for giving a false explanation to him, however, I would look like a delusional girl if I said the truth.

    Currently, both the first prince and the son of the Duke still didn’t have their own fiance. Moreover, there was no official selection for the fiance candidate. 

    That was why those noble ladies who still didn’t have a fiance thought that they could be one. And simultaneously, most of the aristocrats didn’t have their own fiance as well. The daughter of Marquis Macdowell was one of them.

    As previously expected, our generation, if we put Licoris’ case aside, would be a record-breaking as big marriage generation. The two of them would become the signal and I bet it would become amazing.

    “Lettie, if you are worried about our position, then when there were only the two of us, can you speak normally?”

    “Eh, but…”

    “Ah– You’re unfair, Theo. Always thinking about yourself. Let me join too”

    Between the conversation of Theo and me, suddenly there was a third person intercepting. When I took a look at the source of the voice, needless to say, there was the beautiful prince looking at us from the entrance of the student council room.

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