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    “If I am not mistaken, you are joining the student council, aren’t you? Even in the academy, you are still relying on your father. Aren’t you overdoing it? Such thing, it is impossible for me, though.”

    “Oya! Is it true? I bet she is being dotted.”

    “I envy you~ Your father is an important person after all.”

    The more Miss Macdowell opened her mouth, the more the other ladies around her threw their sarcasm to me. What a wonderful cooperation.

    It was like a scene when the villainess appeared, and I who had played an otome game was moved by this scene and started trembling.

    I wondered in this era, was she the villainess? Or maybe Violet was the villainess. Or both of them were? I felt like I was watching an otome game and weirdly, I was a little bit happy.

    And again, I was buried in the whirlpool of thoughts until one person of that group asked irritatedly whether I was listening or not. Then, I chose to reply.

    “Ah about it… When I asked the teacher why I was chosen, he said it was because I was the top of my year. Number one is inevitable to join the student council and I just knew about it just now. Do all of you know about it? If you get the top, you will be one of the student council members.”


    I intentionally said it as laudable as possible, and then the ladies’ faces became red and fished their glaring eyes.

    I knew they were doing this to me because I got in but they didn’t, but I hoped they didn’t throw their anger to me. But, Miss Macdowell was one year above me, so they should be in the same year as Al and Theo. Then, it must be difficult to take the top. I pitied them.

    Moreover, the ladies’ envy words sounded like a chirping bird if I compared them with my senior’s power harassment back when I was still working in the black company. From the appearance, I looked like a 13-year-old, but on the inside, I was 2 times older, so they better not underestimate Violet.

    “Yo, you! Are you saying that we can’t study?”

    “I bet you are the top because of your parent’s power!”

    “She must have been faking the result, Christine-sama!”

    “Why a nasty person like you are closed with Theophyl-sama!”

    (Theo…? Oya?)

    As I listened to their tweeting, I noticed one thing. Miss Macdowell’s hair color was blonde. Right now, her eyes were a bit nasty since she was angry, but her face was beautiful.

    Oya, there was the possibility that she was that person… maybe? From the otome game, the heroine was an innocent and obedient girl, was it possible that her mother has a sly personality? Wait, was Macdowell House facing a downfall?

    At that moment, I stared and observed Miss Macdowell. The other ladies suddenly stopped their counterarguments. They were confused by my stare towards them.

    “Wait, you! Are you listening?”

    “What are you doing!”

    The moment when one of the ladies impatiently walked towards me, there was a shadow that blocked my sight to that person and the other ladies.

    I was surprised and then looked up. I saw the back of the pale brown-haired boy. He was standing in front of me as he was protecting me.

    “The, Theophyl-sama… We, we didn’t do anything…”

    “Yes, we are just talking with Miss Rottnel for a bit…!”

    I couldn’t see the ladies because Theo’s back was too close, but I could hear their voice was thinner than before, losing its confidence that they showed just now.

    “– Lettie, let’s go.”

    “Yes, wha…. Wait, Theo…!”

    Theo was grabbing my wrist and pulled me away. And then I was taken to the student council room.


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