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  • Main Story: Chapter 5 After School

    The school had finished and I was heading to the student council room. My feeling was still the same, however, it was no use.

    I told Licoris about it, and then she said, “Violet is the top of our batch… Lucky! If I get some trouble with my study, please teach me later.” The reply pictured Licoris very well, and because of that, I became more relaxed.

    (Yes, I don’t need to take it seriously. Moreover, we might be able to find that person.)

    After that, I went back to the classroom and suddenly thought up about one thing. There was a possibility that the mother of the heroine was joining the student council as well. Sensei said that those who were chosen to be the student council member were excellent students without looking at their status.

    In my class, there was no girl that had the image of that person. Therefore, the remaining possibility was that she was in Theo and the others’ class.

    Since I had been in the academy for only one month, I didn’t have the courage to search the upperclassmen’s class.

    The heroine in the game was terribly cute, so her mother must be the same. The heroine’s hair color was pale blonde and her eye color was sky blue. She had a white skin that was almost transparent, an appearance just like a princess. In fact, she was indeed the lady of the Duke House, so she was a princess after all.

    (If I am not mistaken, Theo cannot marry her because of the status difference.)

    I always believed that that person was a commoner, however, when I thought about her possible appearance, I didn’t know if my speculation was true or not. It was impossible for a commoner to have blonde hair. Theo’s hair color was close to pale blonde, but in fact, it was light brown. Then, if his child had blonde hair, then that person must also have blonde hair. If she was not a commoner, maybe she was an aristocrat that was near its downfall.

    (Or maybe, in this world, since all of them have colorful hair, blonde is not that special?)


    Because I was in deep thought while I was walking, I didn’t notice the group from my front passing me until now and I bumped into one of them. It was in an instant, I staggered and then fell to the floor. 

    Recently, I skipped the core training I usually did. Maybe since my dormitory life began, I slacked on my training a bit. 

    I intended to apologize to the one I bumped with, however, when I looked up, a group of ladies was looking down at me. And from their eyes, I found hostility.

    “–Ah, I’m really sorry. It was a bit dark so I couldn’t see you well.”

    After one of the ladies said that, the others were laughing silently, supporting those words. Of course, although it was after school, the sun was still shining brightly, so the word ‘dark’ she used was not about the sky.

    “… No, I was thinking about something while walking so I didn’t see you. I am sorry.”

    I pulled the hem of my skirt and stood up. These people looked like they didn’t like me. I bet they intentionally bumped into me. 

    The word ‘dark’ they were talking about might be about my hair. In this world, people’s hair colors were colorful, and having vivid blonde or red hair gave a good impression. While my hair was purple, it was dull in people’s eyes. Moreover, it was not straight hair. The tip of my hair was curly and I couldn’t control it.

    … In my previous life, other colors than black had the same impression, so I didn’t really mind my current hair. But, maybe the other ladies had their own thoughts.

    The one who was looking down at me and ridiculing me as it was pasted on her face was Christine Macdowell, the Marquis’ daughter. I often saw her at the tea party and she was a flashy lady with blonde straight roll hair.


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