Main Story: Chapter 4 Unavoidable Event

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“… Yes? Sensei1Sensei: This is how they call their teacher., what did you just say?”

It was a month after my academy entrance. I was called by my homeroom teacher.

“Oya, it is rare for you to not understand my words after I said it once.”

He had long silver hair bundled on her back. He was touching his glasses as he was smiling. Let’s not talk about the bewitching appeal he wasted on.

“I am in the middle of understanding it and finding it was strange. Why me?”

There was a reason why I was upset. My homeroom teacher, who also took the role of the student council’s advisor, told me to join the student council.

The student council we were talking about was the same one that was led by the president, Al, and his vice president, Theo. I just found it out the other day. I absolutely needed to avoid working with the two of them.

“Reversely, there was no one but you. Your grades are excellent, you are the lady of the Marquis House, and the daughter of the prime minister. Aren’t there enough reasons?”

“Bu, but. Shouldn’t you choose the students who appealed for this? It’s too much responsibility for me.”

I bet there were a lot of girls who wanted to stand by their side, so you didn’t need to arrange this for me! Just in case, I took a peek at him, but he gave me a wink instead.

“That was also included into the reason why I recommend you. In fact, since last year, the application for joining the student council was overwhelmingly many. It was because the executives were those people. You know that right?”

“Ye, yes.”

“I bet the student council would not work efficiently if those girls join. It will be a trouble. We want a person like you who acts above the standard to be the human resource of the student council. In other words, you are desirable.”

That’s what Sensei said to me who was looking for some arguments.

“– Moreover, the current president and the vice president of the student council also recommend your application. Plus, the student who got the top of the grade must join the student council no matter what. You are not allowed to reject it.”


“Please come to the student council room later after school. That’s all that I wanted to tell you.”

Excuse me, said Sensei and after that, he left me. I was standing in the vacant classroom, exhausted.

In fact, there was an unannounced ability test soon after the academy entrance. I, who had been studying every day, did the test without any difficulties.

(I am the top of the grade? Aren’t all nobles got the same Sparta education? For example mathematics. If I look at it from the point of view of my past self, it is easy.)

Originally, I started that sparta education because I said to Father that I wanted to avoid being engaged. Then, I remembered Father said excitedly that for the preparation before being engaged, I should study to become a proper lady. So, I tried my best little by little.

I was impressed with all of the ladies in this world who were doing their best to be engaged with someone. 

But, surely, everyone who looked from aside would think that I had a really great chance to be engaged since I was close with those two.

(Originally, I wanted to put some distance with Theo and the other…)

My effort on the education in order to avoid being engaged was becoming the reason why I should join the student council. I didn’t expect it.

(If I knew about it, I didn’t need to put a lot of effort on that test! No, no.. I have been studying a lot. It would be a waste if I didn’t do the test seriously. But, but. I give a lot of effort on my studying to avoid the engagement…?)

Since a while ago, my cognition was looping.

However, actually, when I heard about the student council, I was a bit excited about it. In my previous life, I was a normal student and I didn’t think that becoming a student council member was my calling. Plus, when I was an employee of the Black Company, I was an introvert who was always working and working. What a sad life.

I liked those monotonous detailed works, such as preparing documents and stapling them.

Yes, I was. As I thought about it, I raised my gaze.

Well, there was no confirmation that being a member of the student council would lead to the engagement route. I just needed to work hard.

“Now I wonder. Was the original ‘Violet’ was one of the student council members? The villainess of the game became one because of the power of her family, but, maybe she was following her mother’s step?”

After all, she was engaged through her family status. Getting into the student council was a small thing.

“I don’t know if I am following the original scenario or I am not.”

I went out of the classroom while thinking blurry. It seemed that I did not have a choice but to join the student council, so I pushed forward and focused on the work.


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