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    Mother and Freesia-sama suggested us to join their tea party. However, I didn’t want to disturb their time, so I refused politely.

    Having a tea party might be fun, but I needed the time to organize my head.

    Freesia-sama looked disappointed, but then Theo saved me as he said, “Please don’t be unreasonable.” Because of him, I was able to take a stroll in the garden of Marquis Rottnel Residence now.

    Together with Theo.

    At first, Theo was going to go back to Duke Richard Residence, however, Freesia-sama said that they were going to go back together, so she stopped him. That led to this situation.

    As I walked silently in the garden, I remembered about Daisy.

    She believed that she was the mother of the heroine and took an action.

    Not only her insane belief, but the method she used also was not to be praised, and in reality, it destroyed her.

    Moreover, borrowing what she said previously, she used the same method that Violet had used.

    She must be referring to part 1 that she had been talking about. But I wonder if there was an explanation about the method.

    Inside the game, the developer only gave the information that Violet had done a lot of bad things using her parent’s power, but there were no detailed contents of her doings. However, I vaguely thought that Violet might have done bad things extensively since she was bullying the heroine.

     I let out a sight unconsciously.

    The memory of the previous life.

    For those who didn’t understand it, Daisy’s words and deeds would have been caught differently. Well, although they understand, her madness itself was really scary.


    “Are you okay? You looked a little bit tired. Do you want to go to your room?”

    After I let out a long breath, my legs stopped. Theo noticed it and also stopped walking as he asked whether I was fine. He looked down and met my eyes.

    The pair of blue eyes of his looked gentle. It was nothing like the one that the ruthless man in the bonus video had.

    —There are some differences to some degree, but if I put it like we are trapped in this story, I am the same as her.

    “No, I am okay. Thank you for worrying.”

    “Really? You just had that meeting. There was a time when you don’t notice that your body is tired. Don’t push yourself.”

    “Yes~ … Somehow, Theo is like my mother.”

    As I said, I giggled. Theo made an unsatisfied face and then looked away. After he turned around, he started to walk again.

    Thanks to his long legs, he walked really fast that I could not catch him if I walked normally.

    Moreover, because I was just having an audience in the castle, I was still wearing my dress and heels.

    It was actually very easy.

    I am Violet.

    But I am not the Violet in the game.

    That’s why.

    “Theo! Look! Let me show you the mysterious lady education that I received!”

    And this Theo is not the same as that Theo.

    As well as Al, Anna, and Sieg. Maybe all of them were written in that story, but they all different people.

    “Ha…? Wait, Lettie, I can see your legs if you pulled the hem of your dress…! I understand, so stop!”

    After I took the hem of my dress, I started to dash with my high heels, although it was denied by Theo who just turned around.

    The heavy equipment — I untangled them so that I could dash well since it was a lot easier although I wore such a decorated dress. That was what I thought.

    I just remembered that in this world, showing your legs was inappropriate. Therefore, I let go of the hem of my dress.

    “Ah, I am sorry for letting your eye get dirty. … How is it? I am fast, right? I have a lot of training you know.”

    After I smiled elegantly, I made a smug face and told him so.

    When I just entered the academy, I reflected on my exhausted appearance as I couldn’t catch Theo who walked so fast. So, I secretly trained at the weekends.

    “You are really… Lettie is always gone beyond my expectations. About poison, and also about lockpicking.”

    “After all, I thought that it was a normal education that the ladies have. Plus, Father and all people in the mansion didn’t say anything about it.”

    It is my personality in my previous life. If you are going to do it, do it with all of your strength. Though I am reflecting on my overworking behavior.

    “… I bet you don’t notice this as well, so I will tell you. Ever since we were playing tags, it was not normal at all.”

    “Eh… Ah, that’s true…”

    “Hahaha, why did you just notice it now?”

    Hearing Theo’s laughing voice made me reminiscing of the days when we little.

    I had made a strange distance between us, but I was really happy that we could still laugh together like this.

    That hair ornament that I had put away, I was thinking to wear it again next time. That was what I thought that day.

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