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    Looking at Daisy’s state, my works in this ‘investigation’ was done. Meanwhile, Al and Sieg stayed in the room to find out more details.

    “I’m sorry, Lettie. I actually didn’t want you to come to this place. But thanks to you, we can hear new words from her.”

    That was what Al said to me when he sent us out of the room. Since he was royalty, he needed to investigate until the end because it was related to the sins towards the royalty of another country. It seems he was the one who led the investigation of this case.

    I could saw the tired line on his face. I wondered if he would be okay.

    And when I asked him, he showed his gentle smile.

    “It will end soon, so you don’t need to worry. It looks like Sieg is able to grasp her words. Then… Theo. Please take care of Lettie.”

    “Yes. I will leave the rest to you.”

    In the middle of their conversation, my head was filled with what Sieg said before.

    Part 2, that means there is also part 1. Daisy said something about ‘not being written’, so maybe it was a book.

    (Maybe… The otome game was novelized?!)

    I haven’t read it. I only played the game to take a break from my works, and then I would sleep like a rock. Moreover, I had never received any information that it was going to be novelized. Oh no.

    And it seems that Sieg knew the contents of it.

    I wondered if he also being reincarnated. Well, I had met Daisy who also a reincarnated person, so it would be not strange if there were some more. Maybe that’s why he was being cautious with me because he knew that I was supposed to be the villainess in this story.

    Wait, are boys also playing otome games? Well, there are no such restrictions though. Yes, yes… Uh?

    “Now, let’s go back to the prime minister’s office. ….What’s the matter?”

    “No, Nothing! Let’s go!”

    Apologizing to Theo who invited me, I put away my thought about Sieg being a reincarnated person in the corner of my head, and then quickly ran to Theo’s side and lined up with him.

    “Lettie, welcome back. Theo-kun too, welcome.”

    “I am back…?”

    When I arrived at my house, Mother welcomed me with her smile.

    “Long time no see~ Violet-chan! Look at you. You’ve become a good older sister-”

    And the one who lined up with her was Theo’s mother Freesia-sama. 

    When I unconsciously looked up to meet Theo’s eye, he also looked at me, and then he shook his head.

    — It seems that Theo didn’t know as well.

    At the time when we went back to Father’s office, he was in the middle of receiving detailed information about the audition with Daisy from the civil officer. I could see the blue line on his forehead and dark aura exuded from his body as he didn’t try to hide it at all. But when he noticed my appearance, he gave me a calm smile.

    『…Lettie, it seems that I should have stopped you from going. I still need to speak to His Majesty, so I will be late to go home. Duke Richard’s son, could you send Lettie home?』

    『Ye, yes.』

    As Theo was also being pressured by the atmosphere around Father, he gave his acknowledgment, and then we went back to Marquis Rottnel mansion.

    When we reached our destination, Mother and Freesia-sama were in the middle of their tea party.

    “Is it run well? Violet-chan. There is a lot of delicious sweets here, so come here~ This is the chocolate that is trending right now! I really want to eat it with Rose so I quickly went here.”

    Showing her child-like smile, Freesia-sama put the chocolate inside my mouth. For a moment, I thought I will be choked by it, but fortunately, the chocolate melted in my mouth as the rich sweetness was spreading. 

    If I was choked here, it would be a catastrophe, wouldn’t it, Freesia-sama!

    “Mother! Look what you have done. What kind of Duchess thrust sweets onto a lady’s mouth like that?”

    When my head was still blank, Theo stood in front of me and scolded Freesia-sama. Freesia-sama who didn’t care about Theo’s words said, “Ufufu~ I can’t help it~” and smiled.

    Mother who sat next to her also smiled brightly.

    Theo and I, and also our mothers.

    When I was surrounded by this gentle atmosphere, I became calm as well.

    Because a lot of things were happening recently, I was more tired than usual.

    (I feel like I go back to that time.)

    Ten years ago when I still had not remembered the game.


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