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After having some food in the office with Father, we immediately headed to where Daisy Reynolds was taken. 

When we were having a meal just now, Father explained the content of the arbitrage that was held in the morning.

The current Marquis Macdowell had his title being deprived and was given life imprisonment as his punishment for the assassination attempt of the royal family. Similar punishment was given to the involved Count Houses and Viscount Reynolds.

All of them said the same things as their protests. “I was tricked.” “It’s a conspiracy.” “I never intended to harm the prince of the neighboring country!” 

Finally, Marquis Macdowell was furious and spilled the beans as he said, “The one I aimed was the daughter of Marquis Rottnel! This is a false charge!!!” When Father heard this statement, he added his imprisonment…

In conclusion, their true aim was my scandal, and they really didn’t plan to harm the prince. However, the truth that they made Sieg drank the drug could not be covered.

Each of their territories was returned, and in the future, there would be a selection for the future lords. To put it simply, it was their downfall. 

Miss Christine and the other ladies are going to be sent to different monasteries as their punishment. Although she didn’t take part in this plan, her father’s sin was too heavy, so His Majesty gave his judgment. 

While the other ladies accepted the decision with pale faces, only Daisy Reynolds still resisted.

『Only her judgment that has not been decided… It was not the atmosphere to send her to the monastery. Moreover, according to the conversation, she was the organizer of this plan.』

As he was lowering his eyebrow, His Majesty who stayed laid back in the room said to me.

And now, I was guided to the room inside the castle where the lady was brought to. Since Father denied me going to prison, this proposal was suggested.

“Are you okay?”

The one who asked me was Theo who was accompanying me to the room. According to Father’s statement, it seems that Miss Reynolds also frequently said Theo’s name as well.

“Yes, I am okay… Theophyl-sama, is Miss Reynolds your acquaintance?”

“… No. I had only met her at Lazareth-sensei’s case. At that time, it was really strange since she was acting familiar with me. … Lettie, don’t push yourself, okay?”

His usual beautiful fluffy milk-tea colored hair was waving as he shook his head.

When we reached the targeted room, he reminded me and I replied to it with a smile.

“—As I said! I am the chosen one in this world! Al-sama, please believe me. My existence is absolutely necessary!”

At the same time when we entered the room, the appearance of Miss Reynolds—Daisy—who was sitting on the chair and had both of her hands assembled in front of her head with teary eyes was entering my sight. 

In front of her was Al. He was making an apathetic face that I had never seen that expression from him before.

“Well, I believe “the chosen one” is definitely not you.”

“Wha…! About you being the prince of the neighboring country, I believe it is a lie, isn’t it?! There is no such scenario! You are just a commoner.”

After Sieg said that, her personality turned one hundred eighty degrees from before as she now let out a furious voice. I didn’t know the reason, but it looks like she still didn’t accept the truth that Sieg is the prince of the neighboring country.

“Hmm, it’s so strange… If you understand the conversation until the end, it is definitely not you…”

Ignoring her abusive language, Sieg took a peek towards me.

And following his lead, she and Al also changed their line of sight towards me. I didn’t understand his statement at all so I tilted my head.

『The chosen one 』『understand the conversation』

For a moment, I thought it was about the otome game, but I changed my mind. Inside the otome game that I know, there is no story about the school life of the villainess’ mother.

The only thing that I know is that the villainess’ mother is just a small role. More than that, I only watch the bonus video.

“Ugh. The one who had the same eye color as the heroine’s mother is me, so I am the protagonist of this era! If I am not, then there is no meaning for being reincarnated…! Moreover, I only doing what Violet had done before! Why was she not blamed, while I need to experience this…? That’s strange!”

As she disturbed her brown locks, her pretty appearance was now gone and replaced by her insanity as she started to screamed.

“The same eye color?”

It is not the hair color?

I made that question in my head but I didn’t notice I let it out from my mouth. I quickly hold my mouth, but it seems that Daisy heard it.

“—Yes, it is! It was written that the heroine got her sky blue eyes from her mother! It is not your yellow eyes… Your child is that Verbena. Yes, I am sure of it… Both you and your daughter are the villainesses after all!”

Her muttering caught my attention, and my legs gave up. The sky blue eyes she had that was glittering before was now looked stagnant without any light.

(The hint for searching the heroine’s mother is not the hair, but the eyes…?)

“Lettie, stand behind me.”

Her distraught was abnormal and Theo judged it was dangerous, so he moved to my front. 

Daisy now able to face Theo straightly, and her distorted appearance just now was transfigured into the sweet one.

“… Theo-sama…! I will become your salvation. It’s okay. I have all of this knowledge after all. I will help you stand so that you will not be tricked by Violet.”

“… What are you talking about?”

“After all, we are loving each other. But that annoying girl there cut of our fate, you know?! Such fate, let me help you change it.”

“It’s a pointless conversation. Loving each other? What kind of joke is that? The other day, when you tricked Lazareth-sensei, it was our first meeting isn’t it?”

“It’s impossible… Theo-sama… Am I not in his route? Then, Al-sama?”

She muttered by herself and then turned her head to look at Al.

The words that Daisy issued just now were all wandering inside my head.

(Daisy is reincarnated, and she knows about the villainess’ mother, Violet(me) and all of the things she had done before in detail?)

The story that is not explained in the game might exist like the bonus video by other kinds of media, and I don’t know about that…

My heart was ringing like bells, and it was at that time.

“…Haa. I now vaguely understand. Daisy Reynolds, you didn’t read part 2, did you?”

After hearing those words coming from Sieg, my eyes widen.

(Eh? Part 2? What is he talking about? I don’t even know about part 1!)

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