Main Story: Chapter 3 Classmate

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After the entrance ceremony ended, all new students moved to their allocated classes.

I was assigned to Class A. After all, I had studied a lot for this. I believed that I was assigned to this class not because of my family status but because of my ability.

The moment I went inside the classroom, I felt that the atmosphere was changed. The class was still noisy, but there were some students who stole some glances at me, and they were of course girls.

(Ah- As I thought, they saw us previously…)

Put the unengaged status aside, it was obvious that I would get cold eyes from the girls if suddenly the two beautiful boys with high status talked friendly to me. And I had learned that in my previous life.

But at least I would be protected by my title as the lady of the Marquis Rottnel House to some degree.

“Violet! I see you were greeted by those two already. I hope you see the others’ expressions.”

There was a lady who patted my shoulder lightly as she suddenly talked to me. I thought she pitied me a bit so she spoke with a small voice so only I could hear her. However, the orange-haired lady shook her hair and laughed happily.

“… Licoris. You saw it too?”

“Well, of course, not only me but all of the students could see it since you were talking friendly in the middle of the auditorium.”

“We, well of course.”

Ah, as I thought. It was the right move to withdraw as soon as possible. I was helped by Al who read the situation immediately and I thanked him for that.

“Put that thing aside, I was also assigned in Class A, miraculously. From now on, please treat me well, Violet.”

“Yes. I am glad I was in the same class as you. How about your fiance?”

“Ah, that person. Of course, he was in the same class. I can’t accept he got better grades than me although he mostly only practicing! I can’t believe it.”

I believed people rarely saw a lady calling her fiance not by his name but ‘him’1She uses ‘aitsu あいつ’ which is very informal.. This lady named Licoris was the lady of Count Graves House, and as you can see, she had a cheerful personality.

I met her many times in the tea party for young ladies, and that time, we by chance sat next to each other. The other ladies were talking about Al and Theo, but I knew she was not interested in that topic. Because I was curious about it, I took the initiative to talk with her, and since then we got along well.

Moreover, she already engaged. The partner was her childhood friend who since little she was competing with. She said that she wanted to be a tomboy who was able to do horse riding and fencing.

She also said that the reason why she didn’t talk too much in the tea party was that she would expose those things unconsciously, and most of the topics she would throw were mostly not interesting. Licoris at the tea party when there were a lot of people were still, but when she was with me she spoke a lot.

“Ah, speaking of the devil.”

After Licoris said that, I could see someone came in from the entrance. He was a tall citrus-haired boy. Because of the uniform, his body build was emphasized.

His name was Aubrey Anvil. He was the son of the Count and also a knight-to-be.

Noticing our line of sight, Aubrey moved straightly where Licoris was.

“Yo, Licoris. I didn’t expect we would be classmates. I thought you were assigned to Class B.”

“Ugh, being told that by you makes me irritated! This is a fact.”


We were inside the classroom, but although they were engaged and pretended to have a peaceful conversation, in my ears it sounded like this. Hmm, maybe a married couple? Their reactions were perfectly matched with each other after all.

Licoris’ orange hair and Aubrey’s facial features and body.

If I matched the two of them, oh what a surprise. Twenty years from now when the setting of the otome game started, there was one capture target that came into my mind. He was a knight, the son of the Count.

(I didn’t know there is this kind of pattern…)

The first time I looked at the two of them stood side by side, I got the same impact when I got my memories back.

“– Anvil-sama, greetings. From now on, please take care of me.”

“Yes, Miss Rottnel. Please take care of this tomboy as well. I hope she has half of Miss Rottnel’s gratitude.”

“I can’t believe those words came from your mouth. Don’t only do your training and start to learn how to socialize with Your Highness and the others.”


Listening to their good tempo conversations like speech bubbles, my academy life had begun.


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