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It was the time for the judgment of those who were involved with this matter.

I can say that since I was not going to the audience room where His Majesty would give his judgment. While they were doing it, I was waiting in Father’s office room.

And yes, that day’s judgment was not about my confinement.

The condemnation that was going to be given this time was regarding the sins of harming the second prince of the neighboring country.

『Lettie, listen to me. In this matter, our angel is not involved at all… Understand?』

Yesterday night, after I processed the meaning of those words and the nice smile that Father gave me, I nodded obediently.

I was not in that room when the situation happened. That’s what he meant.

『However, that doesn’t mean I will forgive them, okay? They will be given the punishment for setting my angel to such a hideous trap, so you don’t need to worry about it.』

『Yes, Father. Um… Because of the education that Father had given to me, I was able to come back here. Thank you very much.』


Father who was impressed with my words hugged me tightly. And no long after that, I was pampered by Mother, and then my brother and sister patted my head, while the employees were all trembled with anger.

“What a beautiful blue sky…”

As I was being a little bit absent-minded, I remembered the things that happened yesterday and looked at the sky.

It was June and the season was supposed to be rainy. However, this is not Japan. There was nothing such a long rain, and there was only calm days continuing.

It had been three months after the entrance ceremony, however, a lot of hectic situations happened around me and I was surprised every day.

(I didn’t expect that Sieg is the prince of the neighboring country and the brother of the princess who is coming tomorrow…)

The fact that I just knew yesterday was a shocking one.

Moreover, it seems that Sieg falsified his age, and he was actually one year older than Al and the other. Thinking about the strengthening of Al’s security on his academy entrance, he might be using that timing to enter the academy as well.

So, that’s why he had a magazine from the neighboring country. Letting aside his initial attitude towards me which I was still curious about, now I knew the reason for his excellent grade.

『…Princess. When my little sister Lily comes, can I have some of your time to have a conversation only with the three of us?』

On the way home, when I was just wanted to go out of the room, Sieg said that to me with a rugged face. Theo and the other had left the room before us.

I felt a bit uncomfortable when he called me Princess while he himself is a prince, but I decided to let it aside. When I started to speak formally to him, he said that ‘You didn’t keep your promise!’ so I obeyed him.

『The three of us? Who?』

『—Ah, I am a little bit sorry for those two guys. However, this time, they should not disturb us and this is nonnegotiable.』

(The Princess… I have never met her before, so I wonder what is she wanted to talk about? Though, the truth is I want to ask about the green tea as well.)

After a while, I was lost in my thought as I was watching the clouds floating in the sky. I shook my head slightly when I remembered the laughing self of mine that came up in the dream, and then I moved to the sofa and sat down slowly.

“Lettie, sorry for making you wait for me.”

“Father! …And, Your Majesty…?”

“Hello, Violet-chan. It’s been a long time. I am glad you are fine~!”

When Father entered the room, the King of this country appeared behind him and I stood up from the sofa. I quickly made a deep bow and when I lift up my face, the smile that was loved by all people was floating from His Majesty as he waved his hand towards me.

“What a hardship you experienced. I have done my responsibility and judged them so you don’t need to worry! They will never appear in front of Violet-chan any more.”

Now, I wonder what kind of judgment that had been given to them. Of course, I was aware that the sin of hurting a royal family was a heavy one, but the smile His Majesty gave me together with his thumb was dazzling. Moreover, Father who watched His Majesty gave him a suspicious look.

“… Why did you follow me here?”

“Ehh~ Is it wrong to check on my cute daughter?”

“She is not your daughter. Not in the future nor for eternity.”

Father and His Majesty were throwing words to each other without changing their expression.

Yes, they must be… good friends. I am sure.

“Just give me a little time. I want to ask Violet-chan to cooperate with us a little bit.”

“… I oppose it. To visit such woman, my angel will get dirty.”

“Yes, but we might know something from it. Since she strangely speaks up Violet-chan’s name frequently.”

After listening through their conversation, it seems that His Majesty requested me to visit the lady who was captured in the underground of the castle–Daisy Reynold–once.

In the middle of His Majesty’s words, as Father kept making a sour face from the beginning until the end, I understood that at the time of the judgment, she looked a little bit insane and it was affecting the atmosphere, and finally, he got the permission for Violet to have an audition with her.

Sieg, Theo, and Al were going to accompany her together with some escorts as well.

“I am sorry, Violet-chan. That lady was saying strange things non stop. Something like “Violet Rottnel was not condemned like this, but why am I?!” or “This is my world.” Of course, you don’t need to worry about the safeness of her body.”

—This is my world.

After I felt the possibility of that from His Majesty’s words, I accepted his offer.

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