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After the riot in the morning, we went out of the cafeteria and headed to the student council room. According to Theo’s words, we are supposed to meet Al and the others there.

“I wonder how is the situation on the other side.” (T/N: Al’s side)

“We are talking about Al here. There must be no omission.”

“You are right. Rather, I am worried about the lady’s condition.”

“… I think he will not go all out towards a lady.”

“……. I wonder about that. If it is about Rottnel Family, the prince is like another person.”


In front of me, the escort knight, Yulian, and Theo were exchanging words with each other.

Since they were lowing their volumes, I couldn’t hear the contents of the conversation. However, they were making rugged faces, so I believe they were talking about something difficult.

Yesterday evening, I was really curious about what happened after I escaped successfully and what will happen to the ladies just now… Especially about Miss Christine Macdowell.

“Violet-sama. After showing your face in the student council room, you are to return back to the Marquis Estate. It was the message from Master.”

Anna who walked together with me reported with the usual expressionless face. The killing intent coming from her previously was all gone now and I was glad.

“From Father?”

“Yes. Although it was an attempt, Miss was served a poisoned tea, so this news must have reached the royal palace. Prince Albert said that for several days you are going to take a rest from school.

“… You really know a lot.”

“I am Violet-sama’s intelligence after all!”

“No, no. You are my maid…”

As I looked straight at Anna’s pale blue eyes, I unconsciously correcting her statement.

Indeed, she was secretly collecting information, moreover, she is the best in Marquis Estate if it is about poison.

I heard that recently she was taking a weapon handling course from Ema-sensei at the weekends.

Since she is the daughter of a Baron, she might be able to enter the academy if only the situation allowing her. Usually, she made an expressionless face, but sometimes she smiled broadly as well and those smiles were so cute. It is the age for the girl to bloom after all.

“No, I am your maid cum intelligence cum escort! I will protect you from any villain!”

—-Well, as long as she is happy, I am not protesting.

Despite my worries, watching the maid full of the sense of mission made me felt at ease.

“I am counting on you, Anna.”

After I said that, she showed me her smile I just illustrated before.

“In this case, it seems that Marquis Macdowell was involved.”

When we reached the student council room, Al who arrived first told me so.

Theo and I sat on the chair side by side while Yulian and Anna refrained from the back.

I felt something strange when I saw Sieg sat side by side with Al, but I was more curious about the previous statement.

“Miss Christine’s father?”

“Yes. … It seems that he wanted to make his daughter the princess, and eventually make her the queen. But before that, Lettie’s existence is a hindrance. Moreover, he is on bad terms with Rottnel Family, so if all of the plans run smoothly, together with the House, the power of the Rottnel Family will collapse.”

And after saying that, Al made a sigh.

If her daughter became the queen and the mother of the next king, his source of aristocratic power would become solid.

In our country, there are three Marquis Families.

Rottnel House, Macdowell House, and the home of the current Queen Sonia, Jarie House. In those three Marquis Houses, maybe he wanted to be number one.

“… However, it seems that Miss Christine is not involved. Well, I know her personality, so I know she was not a person who does bad things from the shade. Lettie knows that as well, right? The families of her friends are in the same political faction as Macdowell House. They must be told by their fathers to do so.”

As I listened to the statement given by Al as he made a bitter smile, in my head, there was the appearance of Christine who was full of resolution that I had seen in the morning at that place.

That time when she bumped into me in the corridor, and even before that when I met her at a tea party, she gave me harsh words. 

— Yes. She is the only person who always says things directly towards me.

She was an oppressive lady with high pride. However, the pride of an aristocrat is what made her a noble person.

“Then…… What will happen to Miss Christine?”

There was a silent moment after I asked the question.

However, that silence expressed that the next report that was going to be said was bad news for her.

“— Including Miss Christine, the decision towards those who were involved are going to be made tomorrow by His Majesty. The day after tomorrow, Sieg’s sister is arriving after all. This case is to be processed before that, of course.”

As he said that, Al moved his eyes towards Sieg.

Whether he got the message or not, Sieg was looking away from Al. Following his line of sight, there was nothing but the clear sky outside the window.

(Sieg’s sister? Who is it?)

Looking at the timing, maybe she was going to transfer here? But what is her connection with this matter? 

While I was still could not connect the relationship between Sieg’s sister and this case, Theo who looked at my state said, “Sieg, how long are you going to hide it from Lettie? Please considerably tell her.”


Poor Lettie didn’t have any clue who is Sieg *lol*

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