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Hearing someone calling my name, I couldn’t help but react to it.

As the cafeteria was quite deserted, the conversation of those ladies was a bit unnatural. No matter how you heard it, the atmosphere was not like they were talking between themselves.

—It is like, they purposely speak loudly so the other can hear them.

“It seems that she is not satisfied enough with her closeness with Prince Albert and Theophyl-sama, and now she gets friendly with another male.”

“I also heard about it! The other day, she also had tea together with the navy knight.”

“That is not the only thing. …It seems she also gets deeply involved with the commoner who is also a student council member! They are having secret meetings regularly, you know.”

“Uwah…! It is like anybody is okay for her. I am also suspicious of Lazareth-sensei. How terrifying~”

“This is only between ourselves, but actually I heard that she was spending a night with that commoner…”

“What a scandal~”

They were talking with a happy tone as if they didn’t know fear. 

Rather than hearing their conversation, I was afraid of Anna who was standing behind me when she muttered, “This knife cut splendidly,” with her unusual low voice.

It seems that the structure of the atrium made so that the voice from below is easy to be heard by those who sit on the upper floor, so it could be overheard.

“… All of you need to stop. It was inappropriate for you to raise your voice in this place. Why do all of you despise the daughter of the Marquis so much only by speculation?”

“Chri, Christine-sama… It is not that we are speculating…”

Unexpectedly, the one who scolded those ladies who made a ruckus was no one else but Miss Christine Macdowell. 

(Oh? I thought I was hated by her.)

As I was having that question in my head, I tilted my head. My eyes met Theo who was looking straight at me.

“—It seems it’s time. Let’s go, Lettie.”

Theo who started to stand up was in front of me while handing his right hand.

I accepted his hand and stood up as well to give him my confirmation. As he was escorting me, we started to walk to the stairs and headed towards the first floor.

People who were standing on the way were avoiding us like a wave.

I noticed that we got the whole attention of the people in the cafeteria. I got the urge to look down, but I tried my best to walk and look ahead.


“It looks like all of you are having fun with your conversation.”

The time when we reached that group of ladies, Theo said so.

The ladies who were just having fun with their conversation were now had pale faces after some moments.

“The, Theophyl-sama… Why.”

“Miss Rottnel…?!”

“—Good morning, Theophyl-sama… Miss Rottnel.”

Unlike the other ladies who were in dismay, Miss Macdowell didn’t have any change of expression and greeted us. The other three who had blue faces were keeping up their appearance as they did the same thing but shivering.

“The voice was so loud that it reached our seat. Miss Macdowell, it seems that your friends get the hobby to speak rumors.”

“! I am really sorry.”

In this tense air, there was a blaming cold tone coming from Theo, Miss Macdowell’s attitude that worth praising, the other ladies who were not able to look up and still bowing, and the surroundings who were watching the situation.

“I don’t know what are you talking about. As you can see, I was just having my breakfast on the upper floor with Miss Violet.”

I gave a meaningful look towards Theo as I nodded.

The words were directed from the previous talk of the ladies about “Spending a night with the commoner.”

In the room where I was confined, there was Sieg. Their statement matched our condition yesterday which makes it suspicious.

I also curious about the part about the navy knight, but even I noticed it.

—At least one of the ladies in here knew about what happened yesterday. Maybe all of them, maybe only some of them, but we can’t judge now.

“Yes, this is the first time I am using the cafeteria. The foods here are all delicious. Are all of you always having your breakfast here?”

Pretending to be as calm as possible, I gave a smile.

“… No. These people said that they would like to have breakfast here, so I accompanied them.”

After Miss Macdowell said so, those behind her had their shoulder shaking. It is like she didn’t know anything, while the entourage seems to be involved.

Theo quietly raised his right hand.

“—Take those people away.”

Using those words as the signal, some people with knight uniforms came out and they took away those three people somewhere.

The cafeteria became noisy because of the sudden happening. Of course. The aristocrat ladies were taken by the knights after all. They must know that it was not a trivial thing just by watching it.


As we were now the center of attention, we stayed silent for a while.

The one who broke the silence was Miss Macdowell, with her blonde vertical roll hair waving on her back.

“It is true that I am not involved, but I also have a crime. Please take me as well. Those ladies… probably made such moves because of my father.”

Correcting her posture, she looked dignified as she spoke those statements. Somehow, her appearance also looked refreshing.

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