Main Story: Chapter 25 Referee

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It was the day after Violet and the boy was locked in a room, in the morning.

A lady was wandering inside her private dorm room as she could not control her impatience.

(… Why is there no one who makes a fuss about it…?!)

If an aristocratic lady didn’t come back to her dorm room before late night, there must be at least one person who was talking about it.

Moreover, she was not a normal aristocrat lady. Currently, she was at the highest level in the academy.

She was born a high-aristocrat lady, the daughter of the current Prime Minister, and she was not engaged with anyone and was close with the prince, who, according to people’s talk, was going to get a fiance soon.

Violet Rottnel.

Just thinking about the appearance of the girl with the violet hair made her disgusted.

Why was she in that position? That place was supposed to be mine.

She heard that the plan to lock her up in a room had been successful.

According to the report, there was no eye witness in the surroundings and the boy who had been in the room before had consumed the aphrodisiac.

She didn’t mind who was the boy as long as they were able to assault Violet. Since Sieg was also a nuisance, she used him for this plan to kill two birds with one stone. With this plan, she could get rid of the two of them.

With that situation where they were spending a night together, no, spending some hours together, there must be something happening.

(Ah… Maybe.)

She suddenly stopped her legs, and something came to her mind.

(Of course, there is no other explanation. If they begin an extensive search for the “missing lady”, it will be connected to a scandal. So, they do the processing silently.)

If that was the case.

“Why don’t I myself find the two of them by “chance”? Fufu.”

It didn’t matter what had happened in the closed room where a pair of a boy and a girl was locked. As long as she revealed the truth that they were together a whole night, it was enough.

The person would have a hideous idea and told the one who found them that she was suddenly being pushed inside the room where there was only a boy inside. So, she must have called for help.

There would be a person who heard her calling and tried to help her. If that person had looked at the situation by his or her own eyes, that was enough.

However, if the witness was rounded up by the Marquis people?

Of course, her strategy would be turned into nothing.

The preparation to let out the scandal was finished. The remaining thing to find was the honest witness who found the scene.

Then, why not herself being that witness?

As she thought such an idea, the corners of her mouth were rising and then went out from her room.

There was no mistake, her legs were heading to the library.

“—- Lady Rottnel. The target has made a move. It is expected that she is heading to the library.”

The one who was hiding in a blind spot outside of the dorm when the target went out and not reporting back to me was the prince escort knight, Yulian.

“Is she…?”

Without emitting any voice, Yulian nodded towards my question. If only I was not agitated, I might have known it earlier.

“Well then, let’s go. I will refrain from the back. Please do according to the plan and move to the destination with the maid.”

“But, is it okay for you to be here? Is Al not going to be in danger?”

“There is another knight as well, so it is okay. Moreover, for not being able to protect you is more dangerous for the country.”

“That’s… I don’t understand at all.”

I didn’t understand what Yulian was talking about, and then I looked at Anna who was standing back.

She gave me a powerful look, and subsequently moved her glance to Yulian. And then, towards him, she said, “It looks like you are a person who understands the situation.”

“Then Violet-sama. Let’s go—Let’s meet again at the confluence point.”

Anna started to walk in front of me, so I followed her back and moved my legs.

Those legs were heading to the exact opposite of the previous lady. They were now heading to the academy kitchen.


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