Main Story: Chapter 24 Marquis Familly’s Idea 2

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“… Are you a little bit calmer now?”

I talked towards Sieg who was perching on the bed as he looked down.

Thanks to the problem I got involved in, the awkwardness I felt when I entered the library had already gone.

Of course. This was not the time to think about that.

Sieg himself was acting awkward as he received the medicine, although, in the current situation, I was still held captive.

The situation itself was not normal. A pair of a boy and a girl were kept in a room and the girl gave medicine to the boy. Moreover, the door was locked from outside. But from those details, now I knew what they wanted to accomplish.

“Yes… It is a lot better now.”

“! I see. I am glad.”

By only licking the tea, the efficacy was as strong as that. Therefore, I believed the ‘black tea’ that was mixed with something was made quite strong. Two gulps, no, only by drinking one gulp, a person would suffer quite a lot.

“Let me confirm one more time.”

“—ugh, what are you…?”

I closed my distance with Sieg and then touched his forehead. Next, I took his left hand to time his pulse. At a moment, Sieg looked at me suspiciously but I decided to ignore it. Now, I was the one who was still in good condition, so I was stronger.

“… No fever, it seems. Your hand is still hot but your pulse is getting calmer. I wonder why your face is still red, but maybe it is because your body is tired. Now, we only need to get out of here and put you in the infirmary so you can rest well.”

“You said to get out from here, but the door is locked, isn’t it?”

“Um, Sieg-san.”


“Is it normal for a noble lady to master ‘picking’…?”

“It is, not normal, of course. Even a commoner doesn’t master that.”

“… Of course, it is not normal… Right.”

Sure enough, this specialty is also unusual.

I rearranged my hair, made it half-up, and then took a pin so that I can use it for picking the lock. Without waiting any longer, I did the picking without hesitation since the size of the keyhole of the door was the type that was easy to pick. I couldn’t open the door if the door was locked with a padlock outside, but I already checked it before, and there was none.

『Noble lady is the easy target for kidnapping and imprisonment. That is why! If you are able to master unlocking the key, the possibility to run away from the criminal when the person is not on guard will increase.』

The one who said those sentences was my teacher Ema-sensei. Really, who the hell are you? I remember my cute little brother said, “I want to try it too!”, and then both of us practiced our picking as the metal sounds echoed throughout the whole mansion. 

If I am not mistaken, because of that practice, Father and Mother’s bedroom is now locked by 3 keys, and Glen said that it is hard to open it. Dear little brother, that door absolutely should not be opened.

I didn’t know what Father aimed for as he gave me these kinds of education. But, since it was useful right now, I let it aside.

“Fu, Kuku, Ahahaha.”


I thought he was silent because he was recollecting his thoughts, but suddenly he let out his laughter.

Because of the sudden laughter I heard, I was surprised and unconsciously stared at him. I only had ever seen his angry face, so I felt strange right now.

(Eh… Don’t tell me there is another strange medicine put inside it?!”)

Or maybe, it was the side effect of the antidote. As I thought in a hurry, I saw Sieg got out of the bed and kneeled on the floor after finishing his laugh. It was the appearance of Sieg who lowered his head towards me.

“—Violet Rottnel, daughter of the Marquis.”

As Sieg looked up, his rust-colored eyes were straightly looking at me. Different from the smile he just showed before, but it was not the chill glare he always gave me. Now, he was just seriously looking at me.

“Please accept my apology for my rudeness towards you all this time. I should not just swallow other people’s words, before even looking at it myself. I am really stupid.”

“… Sieg-san? Maybe your condition worsens than before?”

Telling him to lie down, I saw he was looking at me and he was stunned by my reply for a moment before his body started to tremble and his mouth let out another laugh.

“Fu, hahaha! I hope I had a serious talk with you earlier. But, actually, I already had the intuition. You work hard for the student council and you never complain although you are a noble lady. At first, I thought you entered by connection, but it was from your ability it seems.”

“Haa… I see…?”

“About the tea party too, it was me who started the fight, but you sincerely answer it. The territory ruled by your father, I bet it was a wonderful place.”

“Uhm, Sieg-san. What are you…?”



“If I drop the formality, you promised to do the same, didn’t you? I decide to not call you by name since there will be two people who are going to be noisy. But, call me Sieg.”

“Si, Sieg?”

He cheerfully laughed when I said his name. That time, I was not able to follow the change of Sieg’s expression and I was confused. Was it really not the side effect of the medicine?

I couldn’t follow the change of the topic of conversation and the atmosphere, but I noticed that his face color was getting better than minutes ago. He now was able to stand up and stretch his body.

Maybe his body was able to digest the medicine quickly, so I was glad that his condition was getting better.

The previous theory about “Who the hell are you?” was sealed for the moment.

“Umm… But I think I am the one who is supposed to apologize. I believe you are only getting involved with my trouble, and you were drugged by someone because of it.”

“No, I was drugged because I let down my cautiousness. Moreover, if it was not me but another guy, it will be even more troublesome. You should be glad for the current situation.”

Sieg let out a big sigh.

“Then, Princess. —Will you give me a hand for the aftermath of this trouble?”

I nodded as the answer to the question.


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