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    After I was forced to enter the room and the door was closed, I heard a metal sound from the back, and I realized that the door was locked.

    (One night… does it mean tomorrow there will be someone who will open the door?)

    Naturally, I would not find any books about the neighboring county in this small tasteless room.

    There was a round table and two chairs there, a nice bookshelf, and a simple bed… Wait.

    I observed the room where I was locked in carefully and stopped at the bulge on the simple bed.

    If I looked at it carefully the bulge that was covered by the bedding was moving.

    No, there was someone sleeping there.

    Does it mean, this was a set with one night?

    I got near the bed slowly, and then took a peek at the person there.


    The one who was sleeping with a suffering face was the red brown-haired male–Sieg himself.

    —Why is Sieg-san in here?

    Since he was closing his eyes, I knew that he was sleeping, but there were wrinkles between his eyes, followed by his rough breathing and sweats. Why was he abandoned in this place in this situation?

    Once again, I turned around and observed the room.

    Beside the bookshelf, there was a small window, and on the round table that I had found earlier, there was a teapot left there.

    『Lettie, if you are got caught in a problem, the most important thing is to be calm. Observe your surroundings and find the clue.』

    Sigh. The words that Father told me when I was little resurrected.

    It seems that the education I received in the Marquis House was to help me survive in the aristocratic society. 

    I am glad it was not useless.

    (Firstly, I need to confirm Sieg-san’s current situation.)

    Putting my palm on his forehead, I checked whether he had a fever or not. His cheek was faintly colored but it seemed that he didn’t have a fever. 

    Maybe the feeling of my hand was comfortable that his wrinkles between the eyes were undone. Now he looked calmer.

    (He looks like he’s in pain. First, I need to undo the neck button… Hmm, and the pulse…)

    I undid the top two buttons of his uniform and then took his hand.

    His hand was hot, moreover, his pulse was fast. It was not a normal situation, it seems.

    “…ugh, who!?”

    I finished checking his pulse, and then, Sieg-san who had opened his eyes looked cautious as he brushed off my hand. Maybe it was still hazy because his eyes were not focusing. His breathing looked painful and rough.

    “Sieg-san, are you awake?”

    “…Haa, haa, …Eh? Princess(1)?” 

    1. Here, Sieg said “姫さん” which means Princess.

    As he heard my voice, his rust-colored eyes were opened wide and he made a surprised face. I wonder if the princess means me.

    “Wh… why, are you here…? Ugh, haa.”

    His expression showed that he was in agony, but he still woke his upper body to sit.

    The seat was rushing on his forehead, so I took out a handkerchief from my pocket and wiped it.

    I wonder if it was because his body was tired, but Sieg stayed still and let me do it.

    “I will explain the details later. More importantly, now I need to ask you this. Sieg-san… Did you put something from here in your mouth?”

    I asked since I didn’t believe that it was just merely a bad physical condition. The pulse, shortness of breath, and the unnatural sleep just now. The fact that Sieg was in this place was strange by itself, and it was added by the truth that I too was locked in this room.

    “… Yes. There, the woman librarian gave me that black tea, and I drank it. It strangely tasted sweet… Don’t tell me, that’s…? Then, that woman…”

    “The black tea, you say…”

    I walked away from Sieg and headed towards the table.

    Next to the teapot, there was an empty cup left there. It didn’t like that it had been used, so I bet that the cup that Sieg used had been removed somewhere.

    “Oi, what are you doing…?!”

    Ignoring the question thrown by Sieg, I opened the lid of the teapot that contained the suspicious black tea. 

    It had the usual depth color of black tea. I plunged my index finger into the pot and then licked it with my tongue. Just as he said, the smell of sweetness that was similar to vanilla exited my nostrils. And finally, I felt a little bit numb.

    I could finally say it for sure that it had been contaminated with other things.

    Sleeping pills, numbing medicine, and a somewhat amount of aphrodisiac were mixed with the tea.

    “A, are you okay…?”

    “Eh? Poison testing black tea and drinking it is a basic thing for a lady. Moreover, if I am trained a little, a little poison will not affect me, you know?”

    “… I don’t know what kind of education you received, Princess. But I know that it was not a basic thing for a lady.”

    “… How about always having an antidote with me…?”

    As I took out the detoxification pills that Anna always told me to bring in the inner pocket, I asked that question. Sieg’s eyes were loosening up and then he shook his head.

    I handed over Sieg the pills and said, “Please chew the pills first before swallowing.” He followed my instructions without saying anything.

    It was impossible to fully recover in a moment, but the medicine that was specially blended by Anna was a good first aid and he could get a little bit better.

    I actually noticed vaguely that the education I received in the Marquis House was not general education. Remembering the servants who gave me the quizzes not only about good tea but also dominant poisons on a bright day, I had distant eyes.


    And that’s all for this week *hiks* I will have final exams soon, so I might be updating 2 chapters next week as well. *dogeza* Stay safe, everyone!!

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