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“… Gre-greetings, Sieg-san.”

Somehow, I was able to compose myself and greeted the person who looked down at me expressionless with a made smile.

Even though my inner self is an adult, I am still anxious if I am talking with the person I don’t like.

Usually, there was no way that there were only him and I in a room, since Lazareth-sensei, Al, or Theo would be between us as they were some kind of a mediator. Therefore, I didn’t mind his presence at all.

But this time, it was different.

Realizing the fact that I was actually hated by him for an unknown reason, I bet he too didn’t like being alone with me in this quiet place where nobody was around. 

“I am sorry for the interruption. I was too focused on searching the book. …Then, I will go to the other side.”

I hadn’t seen the bookshelf in front of Sieg, however, I decided to withdraw for a moment and looked at the situation first.

Let’s look at it later, I thought to myself. Intending to go away from there, I said those words as I bowed to Sieg.

“… That book.”


“If you want to know about the neighboring country in a short time, it is better to read this book rather than that thick book… I think.”

Contrary to my expectations, the words I heard from Sieg’s mouth was the advice for the book.

By only glancing at the book I brought, he knew what I was searching for. He is good.

“Thank you very much…?”

Because I was really surprised by the reply, my thanks was in the form of questioning. Well, in this case, it couldn’t be helped. He was using a formal language after all.



Sieg extended his hand to give me the popular-magazine-like booklet and I received it. After that, the conversation was not continued as we were welcomed by a breathless and tense silence.

— What should I do?

It was the chance to deepen our friendship after all, but I was not able to grab the thread end of the conversation.

“By the way… I have been wanting to tell you about something.”

“Ye, yes, what is it?!”

Getting more and more anxious and feeling as there was no place for me there, suddenly and unexpectedly, the one who broke the silence was Sieg.

(I wonder what it is. Am I saying something that is hindering him?)

If he was a little too hostile towards me, there was a possibility that Anna would run berserk, so I hoped he ended it peacefully.

As I thought something like that, I looked up to find the pair of eyes.

And then, unexpectedly, I didn’t find any hostility in those eyes unlike the previous meeting with him.

“When we were in the student council activity, please don’t speak in a formal way with me. You speak informally with the prince and the next duke, but you speak formally with a commoner. That is a perversion.”

“Eh… But, Seig-san is my senior…”

“You are the daughter of the Marquis, so seniority is not a reason, isn’t it? You don’t need to speak formally with me.”

“Uh… Then, I will speak formally with Al and the other as well.”

“No way. If you do that, the one who will be scolded is me.”


It means I need to speak informally towards my senior, am I right? I hadn’t experienced such school life in my past life, so I didn’t know how to do such things.

I wanted to just run away from there. I just wanted to use the magic business word which was “I will try my best.”

However, unfortunately, from the current atmosphere, the person in front of me was likely to reject those words.

After I got the courage, I decided to confront it, so I exhaled the air that I had collected just now slowly and calmed down.

After that, I inhaled the air around me, and at that moment I somehow could smell the lavender.

“Then, if Sieg-san stops using formal language with me, I will do so.”

“Eh… No, that’s-”

“And then, name. I don’t mind whether you use Violet or Rottnel, but please call me by my name. And then, about the tea party, I already got an explanation from you. But you know,  for us noble ladies, the tea party was like a battlefield. Maybe for Sieg-san, tea party sounds useless, however, for us, it was important to follow the trend of the tea, confectionery, and dresses. These look like a hobby for rich people, but for example, there might be the birth of a new trend of confectionery triggered by the tea party. It would become a special product of a territory. This would lead to the better condition of the territory itself.”


(—I talked too much…!)

After I finished talking, I looked at Sieg’s expression and then came to my own senses.

I got into the momentum and went too far. Besides today’s encounter, I let my mouth blabbered out about the things that were inside my head.

The time when he treated a tea party as an ease of situation, I was trying to not let it get into my nerves, but it seems that a small part of myself was triggered by it.

My line of thoughts was just like that before I became an aristocrat myself. Being an aristocrat is the same as living with a lot of constraints and rules, and at the same time, we need to learn a lot of things although there is an uneasy feeling inside. But.

I let my mouth blabbered a long sentence, and sure enough, Sieg’s face looked like he was bothered by it. Even though the atmosphere was becoming better than before, I might have made a big mistake.

“Ah… Umm, of course, if it was compared to your living state, we were blessed with a rich family. However, all of the money comes from maintaining the territory… I really am sorry if I sounded bossy. I said those remarks without enough consideration.”

More than thinking about tea and confectionery, there might be someone who is living in tightness as they don’t know what will happen tomorrow. They must have different kinds of how they look at things.

His silence was the answer to it.

Or maybe he was angry that he couldn’t say anything out of his mouth.

Having an unbearable feeling inside, I again deeply bowed at the Sieg who stayed silent and then went away from the library quickly.


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