Main Story: Chapter 20 The Princess of The Neighboring Country

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Several days had passed since that day, and the tea party sponsored by the queen was next week.

The ladies who enrolled in the same class as mine, which was the A-class, were all suddenly restless.

“Did you hear the news?! The next tea party that is held in the castle, there will be a princess from the neighboring country joining.”

“Ehh?! Why? Don’t tell me… it is something like that?”

“I don’t know. But, she is coming here at this time. There must be a meaning behind it!”

Just before the lesson was starting, Licoris and I were having our pleasant talk, until a loud voice came from the door of the classroom. My attention was drifted to the ladies who just entered the classroom.

When my sight was lined towards them, I wondered if because of it the ladies who were talking just now looked at me as well. Our eyes met.

“U, Um, … Violet-sama. What was said in the news… was it the truth…?”

Maybe she thought because I was the daughter of the prime minister, I should have known about the case, so she awkwardly asked me a question.

On the previous day, the female student who tried to get Lazareth-sensei out of the school was suspended from the school. Since that day, my classmates were taking more distance from me. But this girl tried to ask me a question. She must be really curious about it.

About that dark brown-haired noble lady, Sensei and Theo didn’t tell me the details about it.

The day after the turmoil—means the day when I was waking up very early—I got the information about her suspension from our homeroom teacher together with the other classmates, so I was as surprised as the other students.

“—Yes, I heard such news from my father. It was the truth, and because the princess from the neighboring country came to our country, she will join the tea party that is held several days later.”

I just heard the news when I came back to the mansion on the weekend for the final confirmation of the costume. At that time, Father told me he was surprised as well for their sudden visit. 

There might be a political intent behind the visit, and I didn’t know why but it was decided that I was going to be the chatting partner while she was still in our country.

“…Uhh, I feel even more hopeless.”

“Please get a grip! You still have the chance”

After I replied to the noble ladies, they were all becoming paler and starting to encourage each other as it was an everlasting conversation. I didn’t know the content of their talk but they looked excited so I hoped they would let me mix in.

“Humm. So the princess is going to come. I wonder why so sudden.”

“Yes. I don’t know a lot of details about the neighboring country. I wonder if it is okay.”

I nodded towards Licoris statement because deep inside I was really bothered by that. Welcoming means information is important.

If it was a princess, then she was a visitor at the same level as a state guest.

There was a chance I would speak some rough phrase, and it might have trouble at the Marquis House. I wanted to avoid it as much as possible in order to prevent my brother and sister from getting under the shadow.

Talking about the partner’s hobby or about the sport she likes, using a lot of conversation techniques that I learned in my previous life would help me. I wondered if this tactic would go well.

“About the neighboring country… Their food culture was peculiar. I heard the rumor that in these few years the strange seasoning was popular. I ordered some of the cooking books from their country.”

“I see. Looking at those books might be a good idea.”

(I remember that there is a big library in the academy. I think I can find something there.)

Licoris who spoke happily to me was actually researching their food culture for the sake of her cooking for Aubrey. I could feel the warm feeling from that state, and at the same time, I decided the plan for after school.


After the lesson was over, I gave a message to Anna that I would get back a little bit later than usual and I went to the academy library.

That week, it seems that Al and Theo were busy with their main business (?), and they were not in the academy at that moment and there was no student council activity as well.

This was the first time I stepped into the place, and when I opened the door, I could smell the peculiar smell. It was the smell of papers and ink.

It should be my first time to come into the library, but I had the memory of it.

Since the otome game’s background is the academy, of course, there is a library event there. This place was where the heroine met the son of the prime minister for the first time.

… Hm? The current prime minister is Father, isn’t it? Who is the prime minister in the game?

That question was flashed inside my head, but I continued my purpose for coming to the library and went to the librarian near the entrance to explain about the book I was searching for. I looked over the suitable books in the bookshelf that were pointed out by the librarian.

(The history book of the neighboring country… Maybe I will borrow it. And then, the culture I know… I wonder if there are some recent books.)

As I held two books on my left hand, my sight was skimming the spine covers of the books while moving to the side. 

Different from the present books, each of the books have their luxurious binding, and it is easier to be distracted by the color and the design.

I didn’t find the book that I wanted, and as I moved to the side, I reached the edge.

“Ah, I am sorr…y.”

As I bumped into someone because I was not careful, I apologized instantly and looked up and saw that person.

“…No problem.”

A male student with red brown-haired looked down sharply at me with his rust-colored eyes.


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