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    Finally, the day had come. Today was the academy entrance ceremony.

    It was similar to the video of the game. While looking around the castle-like building, I felt like I was entering the battlefield.

    “— Then Miss, I will go arrange the room now. Let’s meet again later.”

    “Yes, please.”

    After I gave the confirmation, my new lady attendant since last year, Anna, went to the dormitory with the other student’s maids.

    For these two years, it was compulsory to live in the dormitory. However, according to the status of the aristocrat, the room assigned to the students had different levels. Since I was the daughter of Marquis, I got a room for one person and my lady attendant was also given one special room.

    There was a lot of baggage necessary for the new academy life, so I went with a servant on my first day.

    I was an ordinary Japanese woman in my previous life, so I actually wanted to enjoy the dormitory life with a room for 2 people, however, my status didn’t forgive that.

    Well, if I got a roommate, she would definitely be careful at her attitude towards me, so I chose to accept the current situation.

    On this three years pause, my previous attendant, Sara who had been married, was having a child, so she couldn’t go with me.

    Sara wanted to stay by my side, however, because her child was still too small, she gave up while crying. Remembering about the small baby, my friend Yot-chan said that the memories of childhood were priceless so I wanted her to take care of her family first before work.

    When my thoughts were flying, I didn’t notice that now I was standing in front of the entrance of the large auditorium when the ceremony was held. The big opened door and the refreshing stained glass, and the buzz of the freshmen.

    It was the same scenery I saw from the heroine’s point of view in the opening of the game. As the familiar view was flowing into my line of sight, my eyes were flickering.

    — As I thought, this was the world of the game, I reconfirmed.

    I wondered if the scenes of the heroine and the target captures would happen here. Well, it would happen in the next 20 years though. 

    We were still 13 years old, why should I think about my child who was still not born to this world (temporary)… Still, since my inner self was an adult, I couldn’t control my way of thinking.

    “… Lettie!”

    My consciousness came back to reality when someone called my name. I turned my face to the voice and was stunned.

    The soft milk tea hair and transparent blue eyes. There was my childhood friend who got manlier than the last time I saw him a year ago

    “… The… o… Maybe…?”

    “Why a question mark? Congratulations on your entry to the academy, Lettie… It’s been a long time.”

    Yes, it has been a long time since I saw my childhood friend. It was because I always made reasons to not join our usual personal tea party and only join the official one with the noble daughters.

    From the message I got from Mother, whenever Freesia-sama came to our mansion, she was not accompanied by Theo anymore. Well, in other words, it had been a long time since our encounter that I was surprised by her growth.

    He had been enrolled in the academy since 1 year ago and lived in the dormitory, so we had no opportunity to meet each other.

    “Umm… uh… Lettie, you’ve become more beautiful.”

    “Tha, thank you. Theo, too, you’ve become bigger than before.”

    My unfriendly childhood friend had grown to be able to say such social etiquette with a smile. As expected for the student who would be graduating this year.

    I wondered if he had met ‘that person’. If he had, then I didn’t have to worry about it from now on.

    “Theo, I was surprised when you suddenly disappeared… Hi, Lettie! Congratulations on your academy entry. That uniform suits you well.”

    While I was lost in my thoughts, a beautiful blonde boy suddenly appeared beside Theo.

    Needless to say, it was the first Prince Albert-sama who had grown since then.

    Theo and Al. The appearance of the two of them made the surrounding ladies came near us. I could hear some of them screaming excitedly and some of them were talking about me. I returned to that situation. I was in a dangerous state at that time.

    “Thank you very much, Your Highness. It was an honor to be complimented by you. Theophyl-sama too, thank you for taking care of me.”


    “I will let my father know about the two of you. Well then, please excuse me.”

    I let my part that was similar to Father emphasized and gave them a smile. Our relationship was only the extension of our parent’s acquaintance. I had to make such an impression on the surroundings.

    It was nostalgic to see the two of them and I almost responded to them like usual. I needed to be careful, especially in these 2 years.

    I stole a glance at Al. I knew it was the only way but he gave me a bitter smile.

    “… Yes. Please give my greetings to the prime minister, Violet-sama.”

    “You too, Al…!”

    “There, Theo. We need to go now. The one who will give the greetings in the entrance ceremony is the president of the student council and the vice-president, me and you.”

    I could see that Theo still had something to say but Al pulled him from there and turned back. After looking at the situation, I felt relieved and stroked my chest. 


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