Main Story: Chapter 17 About The Dream

Theo and I were standing in front of the room where the curtain was shaking.

We couldn’t see the situation inside the room, but judging by the conversation, there were Lazareth-sensei and a female student inside the room.

“The student council officer was chosen according to their excellent grade and the recommendation. I don’t plan to bend from the rules.”

“Wha, is that rule really take place in this selection? I bet Violet Rottnel was chosen because of her connection, wasn’t she?! And about her excellent grade, she must have done something to get that grade!”

“What are you talking about… Her excellent grade is genuine. Moreover, unlike her image from the rumor, she is a wonderful and intelligent girl. At that age, she is able to grasp on the paperwork, and it must be the fruits from the Marquis House education.”

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Unlike Lazareth-sensei whose intonation was indifferent throughout the conversation, the lady’s voice was getting louder and rougher.

Their conversation was leaking and it reached our ears.

Since it was the skill that I obtained in my past life, I felt like I was being overestimated. However, I obediently received the compliment.

(… Does the lady not notice that the window is opened? Her voice is leaking outside the room… Besides, what is ‘this’ rumor about me?)

Fortunately, according to Theo, nobody was allowed to enter the garden except the officials. However, the fact is that we heard the conversation means that her setting was flawless.

— Moreover, both of us were the people concerned in that conversation. It might be the worst condition for her that we heard this conversation.

“Well then, Sensei. Please recommend me to enter the student council. As I said before, as a consideration, I promise you for high status in this academy!”

“I’ll say it once again, I refuse to do so. If I do such fraud, it will be against my own faith. If you desire to enter the student council, please do it according to the rules by your own ability.”

“~~Ugh. You are only the third son of the poor Viscount House, but you dare to give me an opinion?!”

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As we eavesdropped on the heated-up conversation, Theo who was next to me stood up. When I looked up at him, his expression was gone from his face, staring at the room with the shaking curtain with sharp eyes.

“…We need a plan. Lettie, lend me your ear.”

Noticing at my line of sight, Theo lowered his volume and whispered to me.

 I replied to him by nodding my head, and then Theo told me the next behavior we were going to take next to my ear. It tickled.


After Theo was gone, I stayed in the garden and focused my attention on the progress of the situation inside that room.

Theo guessed the bad atmosphere from their conversation. He was heading to the room where we guessed where they were by returning back to the academic building. 

If the situation was getting worse when Theo hadn’t reached the room, it was my turn. That’s why I was planning the timing.

The two of them were quarreling for a while, and then now it looked like it calmed down. Maybe before Theo went, they already got the solution.

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Though, this quarrel was only one-sided by the lady, since Sensei was calmly playing along with her and sometimes didn’t answer her.

(… I wonder if it has finished. If the lady goes out of the room after this, it will be better.)

When I thought my role was done, I stroked my chest…

“… Sigh. I thought it would go peacefully. There is no other way. It is your fault, Sensei. It’s because you do such a mean thing like don’t let me enter the student council.”

“Wha, what are you doing?!”

After I heard the familiar lines said by the lady, I could hear the sound of the rustling clothes and Sensei’s panicking voice. 

I didn’t know what was happening inside, but it seemed bad.

As I thought so, I extended my hand to the curtain from the outside in an instant.

“— Stop right there.”

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At the same moment when I opened the curtain, the door from the back was opened.

Before my appearance from outside the window, Lazareth-sensei and the lady was surprised by the sudden visitor and turned their head towards the door. And there was Theo entering the room while twisting a stranger servant’s arms.

“The, Theophyl-sama…!”

The lady let out a restless voice and walked towards him.

I took a peek at Sensei, and I didn’t know the reason why but he too looked at me and our eyes met. 

He gently smiled at me and he obviously looked really relieved.


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