Main Story: Chapter 16 Planned Secret Talk

Theo, who was moving restlessly a moment ago, finally determined and gave a lot of courage to open his mouth and let out a sentence.

“Kni, knights… Do you like them, Lettie?”


“In the old days, you usually said that you prefer someone like the prime minister—Your father. Has it changed?”

“—Eh? Why knight?”

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The topic Theo brought was a sudden one. 

Both of his eyes were looking straight at me and they made me flinched since I was confused at the sudden topic.

‘Kni’ that he said before was actually from ‘knight’?

The only acquaintance I had who was a knight was none other than Aubrey…?

I understood when the topic was about the fiance case I had talked about a long time ago, but I didn’t understand why he suddenly talked about the knight.

“Even until now, my ideal is Father. A person who’s able to do his work, loves his wife deeply. Isn’t it nice? Although it is a political marriage, if my partner has a person he likes, I can’t marry that person.”

“I see.”

Implicitly, I said, ‘Having another woman is out of question’ to find out how he would react, but I didn’t know why he made a happy face from that statement.

In this world, it was not illegal to have a lover after marriage.

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It was often seen in aristocratic society since they had the tendency to have one or more lovers around them. 

There was even a couple who was tied by a political marriage and both of them had their own lover after they got married. 

That is why that situation in the otome game occurred.

However, inside that society, there were also some couples like Father and Mother who lived harmoniously. I was aiming for that kind of relationship.

From Theo’s reaction just now, I didn’t think he had the perfect affirmation for having a lover, and if that Theo was not involved with ‘Violet’, he would have pierced through his pure love.

“If it doesn’t change, then I am glad.”

“Hm? By the way, why does it become a knight suddenly?”

“… I head the rumor that Lettie is closed with a navy knight…”

“Anvil-sama is Licoris’ fiance, you know?”

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Well, it is right that Aubrey is a knight apprentice with navy hair.

At that time, I was caught by Al after all, so there was a possibility that other people saw us spending the time together as well.

After I lined up the words to evade his statement, Theo who got an awkward expression was now even more confused.

“No… The one that I heard is Yulian, Al’s escort knight.”

“Hmmm?? We are far from close. I have never spoken a word to him.”

I even just knew that his name was Yulian. 

How did Al call him? My memory was hazy. 


After Theo said that, I remembered the escort knight he was talking about, but since I didn’t pay much attention to him, I only vaguely remember his uniform. He was wearing a navy ground knight uniform with golden embroidery. —-Ah, that’s why it was ‘Navy knight’.

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I think one of the two people in our conversation was replaced by each other in the rumor. It was a mystery. Wait, it was rumored?

“I am… not able to become a knight, so I will be troubled if the rumor was right.”

If Theo became a knight, then the Duke House would absolutely be in a lot of trouble… Looking at Theo who made a relief expression, I made a strange face. I didn’t get the flow of the conversation.

“Lettie, I am…”


In the middle of Theo’s sentence, a slicing voice of a female student was heard. 

For a moment, I checked my surroundings, and then met my eyes with Theo’s. He, too, made a strange face and shook his head. I could feel that his expressionless face was getting tenser.

(Someone is saying something…)

“… I wonder what it is”

“… The voice comes from there.”

Unconsciously we spoke a little quieter. If that voice could be heard clearly by us, then there was a possibility they could hear our conversation as well.

We didn’t speak that loud, but I didn’t want that conversation to reach other people’s ears.

“There. The curtains are fluttering.”

Chasing Theo’s line of sight, there was one class on the first floor that had its window opened. The curtain inside the room was shaking.

Since the other room’s windows were closed, it was only that room where the voice came from.

The voice was really sharp as the person was being cornered. If something was happening there, it must be trouble.

Theo and I wondered what should we do, what behavior should we take next. It was at that time when both of us took a step.

“Lazareth-sensei, please think about it carefully. It’s not a bad idea, isn’t it?”

That sharp voice was calling the student council’s advisor we knew very well.


Finally, a problem comes forth!! This chapter will be a cliff hanger since the next chapter is another “If Story” *lol* Look forward to next week’s updates!!

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