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Hydrangea is a cute flower and I like it very much. At first, I didn’t believe that these colorful petals were actually the flowers. It was when I was still in my past life though.

There were hydrangeas in my mansion’s garden. When the rainy season came, the raindrops that had fallen from the sky upon the hydrangeas, made them shine so brightly. I love them in that kind of state.

I couldn’t compare the hydrangeas here with the ones in the general household of the Japanese countryside, both by the scale and the type, however, the hydrangeas in the flower bed somehow made me feel nostalgic.

Maybe it was because of the scene in the otome game.

If that is the case, I felt like now I was in a nostalgic holy land.

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Since in the game, the heroine got lost first to get into this place, I didn’t know where it was in the academy.

“Theo, thank you!”

While Theo was chasing me to the flower bed, I turned around and gave him my gratitude.

Just as I thought, Theo who was walking slowly was now making a face like a pigeon getting hit by a peashooter. After he stopped for a moment, he loosened up and gave me a broad smile.

“I am glad you like it. You really liked it since you were little, that flower.”

I remembered some hydrangeas were grown in the flower bed inside Theo’s house as well. When the season came, I liked watching them.

(–He…remembers it…)

“This place, it was originally an empty space and there was nothing here. After the academy entrance, there was maintenance done for this place. A lot of things happened, now only the student council members are allowed to come here.”

“A lot of things?”

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“… Yeah, a lot of things.”

When he said ‘a lot of things’, his eyes became dead, so I decided to not ask deeply about it. I presume there were a lot of things that I didn’t know happened. Maybe.

Even so, he even built a flower bed in the academy. His love for flowers was really thorough. The flowers Theo chose for the flower bed were usually blooming when I came to play with him.

After a long thought, this was the first time I spoke casually with Theo ever since that day.

I always thought that all of them will be connected if I give a lot of effort for engagement avoidance. However, I felt like there was nothing happening.

Looking at Miss Macdowell and my classmates, I now noticed that the education I took in the castle was not the general education that was commonly studied. 

There was no way Father gave me such education for no reason, so I believed that there was a meaning behind it.

(Now I wonder. The education I took in the mansion was the general one, right…?)

The longer I thought about it, the more I doubted that part as well. The employees in my house were all acting calmly towards it so I didn’t get any strange feelings about my education. Maybe, that one too…?

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“Yes, finally I can speak with Lettie slowly.”


When I was worriedly thinking about those things, I was surprised when Theo said the same words in my head just now.

“I absolutely want you to see this. … I know you don’t want to get a lot of attention. I am sorry for forcing you and dragging you here.”

“N-no, don’t mind it. Thank you. According to my friend, I already get a lot of attention because of my title and others, so it will not change just because of that. You said it was about the student council after all.”

“… Are you, um, kni, …”


“Kni, kni… No, nothing. Please forget it.”

“Eh? Now I am curious.”

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I naturally replied to his words as he repeated it like a broken radio.

(The time when we are careful when speaking is like a lie.)

At that time, Theo and I were still children. If I didn’t remember the otome game, I would not think too much and might selfishly get engaged with him. However, now I was able to express my feelings well.

For most of the aristocrats, they are not able to resist their parent’s decision, but Theo’s house is different. For both of our family, the partner candidates from the aristocracy were abundant, so there would be no force to engage with someone we disliked. Firstly, my father would never forgive that.

As a result of my action towards the engagement, I might have changed the misery scenario from my life.

(The rest is… when Theo gets trouble with the heroine’s mother’s status, I will help him to find the solution. … Ah, I see.)

If Theo doesn’t marry Violet (Me), the future full of misery will not come.

Either she was the blonde girl Aubrey found in the city or Miss Macdowell or maybe another girl beside them, I acted sincerely towards the partner Theo chose.

I wanted to know more about the girl in the city, so I might ask Anna to go secretly.

As I lost in my thoughts, Theo’s ears were red while he was looking at me and opening his mouth like he wanted to say something. But a moment later he closed it and averted his face. He did these several times. I wondered why.


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