Main Story: Chapter 14 The Flower Garden

After the class had ended, the noisy class suddenly became quiet for an instant, and then, a moment later, it became even noisier than before. My line of sight was at my bag in my hand, so I didn’t know what was happening at that time.

“Hey, Lettie.”


I gave her a quick reply as I was stuffing my bag with the study materials. Before I went to the student council room, I need to go to the kitchen first. Anna indirectly told me that I had given some troubles to the chef we were usually talking about, so I needed to thank him.

He was told to make the sweets with a similar taste like my house forcibly. This was just like a villainess! Please understand my feeling for noticing that I had been acting selfishly.

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“Well, Licoris, I am hurrying, so I will go now! —– Uh, wha?!”

I was sure the one who talked with me was Licoris, but now the person who stood in front of me was no other than Theo. How came?

“Good afternoon, Miss Violet.”

“Ye, yes… Good afternoon…?”

As my information processing couldn’t catch up, I followed the flow and greeted him and then came into my own thoughts. This was the first-year classroom. I had been sitting on my seat and just stood up to go home and suddenly in front of me was my childhood friend.

Yes, I didn’t know what kind of situation was it even after confirming it.

Put them aside, so he was the reason why the class was so noisy just now.

“Theophyl-sama, do you need something from me?”

“My class finished earlier so I came here to talk to you. It is about the student council.”

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“Thank you very much…?”

I wonder what was it about the student council.

(Maybe some works are bursting in? But we had finished the documents organizing and cleaning in general.)

Chasing Theo’s back, I was making a simulation of the student council work in my head. 

I dislike the black company where I worked, however, when I moved my hand and started working, it was fun and I couldn’t stop it. I remembered the other workers looked at me like I was so stupid.

I didn’t hate working, but I hate that my time was taken away. That was what I was thinking in my head. While I was doing self-analysis, I couldn’t correspond with Theo who stopped suddenly, so my legs advanced.


It was an obvious thing, but finally, my face slammed into Theo’s back as the result of not able to stop my legs at the right time. Unconsciously, I let out an unladylike voice from my mouth.

“I, I am sorry! Lettie, are you okay?”

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“Yes, I am OkAy…”

“Wait, let me see it.”


I was looking down and rubbing my face, while the panicking Theo was crouching to be in the same line of sight and trying to look at me with his eyes.

“It’s… not red, and there is no scratch. I am glad.”

Specifically, he looked at my forehead that was bumped into him.

Theo’s left hand raised up my fringe, as he was seriously inspecting at me with serious eyes.

He really was worried about me from the bottom of his heart. Now he was smiling at me as he was glad. I felt bad towards this childhood friend of mine but I was really embarrassed by this situation.

“Um… Theophyl-sama… Are you done?”

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Wanted him to let me go, I stared at the blue eyes in front of me. The eyes were opened bigger as he was surprised for a moment and then he retreated in a flash.

“So, sorry! It would be trouble if you got a scar…! No, I don’t think it was a bad thing if you got a scar…!”

“? I got no scar, right?”

“Ye, yes.”

Theo was flustered as he covered his mouth with his hand and I wondered why. I looked at my surroundings and found a place that I had never seen before. It was not far from the corridor. After breaking from the corridor, it was continued by the grass and the stone pavement. There was no student there.

I said that I had never seen it before, but I had seen it once but not in the world. I knew this place well. In that otome game I was always talking about, the heroine was walking around and got lost until she reached this place. And then she met the member of the student council, the prince.


As I lost in my own thoughts I looked around and found Theo there. Beyond his side, there was a flower bed filled with multi-colored blooming hydrangea.


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