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“Lettie, when will you go to the castle next time?”

The tense air just now was misting away and replaced by the calm atmosphere as Al was acting as usual. Sometimes, he showed his adult side even more than I who was an adult on the inside because he knew his position as a member of the royal family.

(It must be difficult because he is going to be the king of the country.)

The current king had 2 children. Al was the child of the king’s righteous queen, while the princess was the child of the concubine. If there was another boy, there was a possibility that the battle for the throne would be held. However, now the situation was there was only one son, so Al eventually would be the crown prince and in the future, he would be the king of the country. That was already a final decision. Moreover, the relationship between the queen and the concubine was good and I heard from Father that there was no remarkable trouble happening right now.

Other people also thought that Al was going to be the successor and that was why they tried to get in touch with him. Since he was a child, he grew in that kind of environment, so no matter good or bad was it, he was rubbed by the adult society and grew up.

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That time when I still didn’t remember the otome game, I played with Al and Theo innocently. I hopped at that time, the moment we played together became a break from his life.

“… Lettie?”

“Ah, yes. I think… I am invited to the tea party held by the queen, so I think the next time I will go to the castle is at that time.”

It seemed that the tea party was going to be a big scale to gather the noble ladies, and the invitation was given quite sometimes ago to the Duke House. Father and Mother were very excited as they said that I need a new dress. That time when I went back to the mansion, the two of them plus a dressmaker had been waiting for me.

For the noble ladies who hadn’t had their debut party, the tea party was the only way to socialize. And this time, the tea party was sponsored by the queen herself. Looking by its scale, the tea party was going to be a battlefield of the ladies.

Since I was lost in my own thoughts, I gave a late reply to Al. At least I was able to answer the question, barely.

“Ah, yes, I think Mother said something like that previously.”

“The tea party sponsored by the queen, somehow it sounds amazing. Are you going to attend as well, Al?”

“… Probably. I haven’t been told about it, but I think I will show my face for a moment.”

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I was tilting my neck as the response to the evasive answer Al gave to me. Was he worried about something?


His supple fingers were touching my right hand and then wrapping my fingertips gently. I didn’t notice that his hands were now bigger than mine.

“—That day, can you give me a little of your time?”

“…Sure. There is no problem.”

“I am glad. It’s a promise then. Or maybe you can skip Mother’s tea party in the middle.”

“Eh! No, I can’t do that.”

“Eh—I wonder.”

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Al was laughing while replied to me with those words.

As I was wondering why he still took my right hand, there was a knocking sound coming from the door.


The voice was coming over the door and it was probably Al’s escort knight I saw previously. Although he was in the academy, because of his position, Al must be protected by an escort and I knew that. However, I didn’t know his name. Probably, when we were gathering in the student council room, he was always guarding in front of the door.

“…Too bad. It seems we don’t have more time.”

After Al said those words, I looked at the clock in the room. Like what he said, it seemed that the afternoon break was almost over. Counting the time taken to walk from here to the classroom, if we didn’t go now, we would be late.

Al stood up from the sofa casually as he still holding my right hand, and then he kneeled on the floor. Because of that, his line of sight became lower than mine who was perching on the sofa. 

“Wa, wait, Al?”

(Now I am looking down at the prince, what will happen to me?)

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Although I was forced to be in the position, Al was staring at me who flinced by the sudden situation. I didn’t know he could make such a bewitching face as he was smiling at me.

“Lettie, don’t break that promise, okay?”


After saying that, Al kissed my fingertips lightly. As I made a strange voice from my mouth, he played innocent and then stood up. “If you don’t go now, you will be late for the class,” he said and then pulled me to make me stand up. Then, finally, he let go of my right hand.


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