Main Story: Chapter 12 Promise

I was walking, following the person whose back was in front of me. 

I followed his lead as we exited the courtyard, and as we were walking in the school corridor, I didn’t notice we had reached the familiar door.

“—Yuri, please tell the others to leave.”


The person who walked from my back, wearing a navy knight uniform was called Yuri. He didn’t wear the school uniform but the knight uniform, therefore he was not the student of the academy.

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Of course, he was not a student. He was an escort knight after all.

“Lettie, I want to talk with you for a moment, is it okay?”

I didn’t notice my hand was pulled from the source of the voice because I was thinking by myself while staring at the navy knight.

—–As usual, the prince with his beautiful smile was standing there.

“Umm, Al? Why do you sit beside me?”

“Eh? Of course, it is because the seat beside you is empty.”

“… Are you angry about something?”

“Nope. Am I looked like I am angry?”

I was urged to sit on the sofa of the reception space that was installed in the student council room. However, it was unexpected that Al was sitting next to me and that was the reason why we had that kind of dialog.

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The prince who had his beautiful smile on his face as always was a bit not in the mood. The air around me was a little bit tense.

Was I doing something that made him angry?

“Al, that madeleines was in exchange for making the lunch. The madeleines for Al will be brought by Anna later at the student council time, so you don’t have to worry!”


 Eh? Was I wrong? The smile that was frozen on his face was now gone. Now, he looked like he was amazed and tired by me at the same time as he shut his mouth.

Al who was at that state for a moment was sighing and put his body in the backrest on the sofa.

“… Lettie, what are you talking with that student just now? If I am not mistaken, he is the son of the Earl. He is your classmate, isn’t it?”

“You’re as amazing as usual! I don’t expect you to remember my classmates. You are good at remembering the aristocrat names after all~ I envy you.”

“Un. And then?”

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“Um… Small talk, I think?”

At that time, the things I was talking with Aubrey was only his love story with Licoris and the eye witness of the blonde-haired girl. I didn’t think we were talking about any confidential information. To say, I didn’t want this person to know about the blonde-haired girl.

“… I see. I am surprised because I didn’t know you like that kind of person. I am sorry for intruding you two just now.”

Al woke his body up, “My body suddenly moved,” he said as he showed his lonely smile.

“Eh?… Ah!”

From the words ‘the two of you’, I realized that there was something wrong with the statement. After I was thinking for a second, I realized something.

“Until the middle, there was Licoris there as well, but she was gone for a bit at that time. Do you know her? She is my friend, and Aubrey-sama is her fiance. You can say I was the one who intrudes their lunch.”

As I was explaining to him, Al’s jade eyes were straightly capturing me. It had been a long time since we were talking alone like this and it made me a bit nervous. Al made a tense expression and it might be one of the reasons too.

“Licoris… Is she General Graves’s? I see. I remember he excitedly laughed and said that his daughter was engaged with the son of Earl Anvil.”

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“Yes, it’s her. After that, Licoris must have returned and now they were having tea together. Well, as a result, it turned out to be good.”

“Ah… I see.”

Looking at my childhood friend in front of me looked relieved somewhat and finally smiled gently made my heart calm as well. 


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