Main Story: Chapter 11 The Navy Knight 2

Both Licoris and I turned our head to the source of the sound and we found the navy haired knight apprentice there. Aubrey was walking towards us.

When he noticed that we were looking at him, he gave a refreshing smile.

I moved from the current seat which was next to Licoris. Of course, the one who should sit next to Licoris was Aubrey. When she noticed I changed the seat, she was surprised but because Aubrey almost reached our table, she couldn’t say anything.

“Aubrey-sama, good afternoon.”

“Miss Violet, sorry for the intrusion.”

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The one who was intruding was me, I wanted to say. But I kept that inside my heart. When Aubrey arrived, after greeting me he naturally sat beside Licoris.

When we just entered the academy, at first we called each other by family name. But since we were often interacting with each other, the three of us, including Licoris, were calling each other by name. The trigger was when Licoris said, “It is difficult to communicate every time we use the family name, so let’s just call each other by the first name.” 

“So, let’s eat!”

After Licoris said those words, we began to enjoy our lunch.


“I brought some sweets as well. It’s my thanks for Licoris’ lunch.”

We were chatting pleasantly after finishing the lunch from Licoris, and I took my parcel. Inside it was the madeleines with the same taste of the Duke House. Yesterday after school, I told Anna that tomorrow I would be treated lunch by Licoris. This morning when I went out of the dorm, Anna gave me the parcel. She said it was for souvenirs. The madeleines were still warm. It was freshly grilled and the sweet scent was floating in the air. I took the madeleines out as I was overwhelmed by the chef who made this and worked overtime. 

“Uwah! It looks delicious. But we don’t have the tea right now.”

“I will take it.”

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“Not, I will take it.”

“No, if I let Violet take the tea, I am scared when everybody knows about it. If I let Aubrey take it, Father will be angry if he knows it. So, I will take it!”

After she said that, Licorice quickly stood up and ran away.

“… Are you going to tell her father that she was running with all her might although she was a noble lady?”

“… If he hears it he will definitely be mad.”

As Licoris back was getting smaller and smaller, Aubrey and I looked at each other. As usual, Licoris was bad at the behavior to be a proper lady. I thought it was amazing that she was able to cook by herself, however in the society of aristocrat, the noble ladies were usually not cooking by herself, and she was a little different from the common noble lady. I had an affinity for that part of her.

“Is Licoris good at cooking ever since a long time ago?”

“No, she made a lot of things since little, but sometimes she burnt things or made the food to salty. But now she has improved a lot and made the taste I like… 

— Miss Violet, please don’t make that face.”

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“Eh? What kind of face?”

“… If you are not aware of it then it’s okay.”

He noticed that he naturally talked fondly about Licoris and stopped his words in the middle. Now his face was red as he was lit by a fire. 

I pretended I didn’t notice it, but he found out when I started to smirk and gave him warm eyes.

“By the way, Aubrey-sama, just from your range of knowledge, I want to ask you about something.”

Changing the topic, I used this chance to asked Aubrey. Of course, about the heroine’s mother searching. That person was neither in my class nor in the student council. I had never met her in school as well.

If I made a big scale searching and the person I was searching for was actually a commoner, I would get trouble, so I silently searched for her. I felt bad for talking about another woman with Aubrey if Licoris was present, so this is the best opportunity to ask him.

“About what? I will answer if it is in the range of my knowledge.”

“Thank you very much. Have you ever seen a blonde woman in school? You don’t have to know her very well, just in the degree that you have seen her.”

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“Blonde… The one that comes out of my head is only the lady of the Marquis Macdowell.”

As I thought, but I strangely felt a little disappointed. Aubrey noticed my feeling and felt sorry as he dropped his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry. I dislike the social circle. I think Miss Violet know more detail about it than me.”

“No, thank you.”

As a knight apprentice of the knight affiliation, Aubrey had a big network, but it seemed my guess was wrong. Now, I was thinking whether actually that girl was in the academy or not. If I was not mistaken, she has rumored a beautiful girl. I felt bad to Aubrey for asking this question since he was not opened to the social circle.

Right before silence fell between us, Aubrey said, “By the way,” as he was just remembering something.

“… It is not in the academy. My senior in the knight affiliation said that he found a blonde-haired girl in the town.”

“! Aubrey-sama, please tell me more details about it!”

Hearing Aubrey’s remark made me stood up from the seat and leaned my body forward. Isn’t it very powerful information? I felt I wanted to stand up and listened to the next phrase he was going to say with a high expectation.

“— Lettie. Why are you in this place?”

However, mainly because of this voice, I missed my opportunity to get the answer from Aubrey.


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