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    Three years had passed since the day I made my resolve.

    “Lettie, that uniform suits you very well. You look so cute.”

    “Ane-sama1Ane-sama: Big sister, cute!”

    I wore the uniform for the academy where I’ll be attending tomorrow. I had just turned 13 last February. The idea of a month or a year, and the starting month of the school which was in April, was similar to that in Japan.

    Looking at my appearance, those who were complimenting me were my gentle and beautiful mother, and my gorgeous brother with his red hair like Mother’s, Glen.


    “Onee-tama, pwetti!”23-year-old babble, Romaji: “Onee-tama, chirei!”

    The somewhat lisp girl was my 3-year-old sister, Sainelia. The blue-haired girl, the same shade as Father’s hair.

    Yes, the Marquis Rottnel Family had gained another girl in the family.

    “Finally! It’s happening tomorrow… I will miss you, Lettie.”

    “I will miss you too.”

    “Nee-tama, noo…”

    Certainly, this world looked similar to the early modern period of Europe, but the truth was, this was an otome game made in Japan.

    I could feel small bits of Japanese culture here. 

    I wondered whether the noble sons were wearing this uniform and whether they had experienced the dormitory life as well.

    Well, these were just some useless thoughts I had. As I almost commented on those things, I remembered the otome game I played in my previous life. In the academy, there were a lot of the students who searched for their future husbands, and a similar culture was applied in Mother’s generation as well.

    Two years of academy life. And when I reached 15 years old, there would be an evening party for our social debut. After the evening debut party, each student would be sent out to the social circle as an adult.

    I wonder if it was because this was a Japanese otome game, the minimum age of marriage was the same, which was 16 years old.

    The point was that 15-year-old children were treated as adults and 20-year-old unmarried young ladies were said to be late by society.

    When I learned about this in my previous life, the unmarried and 26-year-old me wanted to cry. I pitied those women.

    It seemed that Mother too, was married when she was 17 years old.

    “Mother, you have become more healthy these days.”

    As I said that to Mother, I patted my sister’s head since she looked ready to cry. After the sobbing was stopped, she gave me a soft smile.

    “Yes, it was all thanks to Lettie. The previous me would never think that she was blessed with these cute children.”

    Mother was 31 years old. But, she looked beautiful as always and no one would expect that she already had three children.

    Comparing her with her previous self, the skinny and pale face woman, she looked like a completely different person.

    “Lettie is really knowledgeable, aren’t you?”

    “Yes! After all, I studied a lot in the castle. I had a lot of chances to ask the people in the castle and gained some knowledge from them.”

    “As expected of Lettie.”

    I couldn’t say the truth to Mother.

    The knowledge about how to spend the postpartum period to condition the body after childbirth was what my friend, Yot-chan, had told me.

    That friend of mine was the same age as me and she already had 2 children. So, she knew how dreadful it was. I didn’t expect I would use the knowledge for other people when I had not experienced it yet myself. But still, I wanted to thank Yot-chan since because of it, Mother had become much more beautiful and healthy now.

    I found it only logical that Mother’s physical condition dropped abruptly because she had just given birth to me.

    In Japan, there was a talk about “having a bad recovery after childbirth”, because pregnancy caused a lot of burden to a woman’s body. Yot-chan said that childbirth was really troublesome.

    “Ane-sama, will you come back on the holiday?”

    The same amber eyes were sparkling and glaring at me.

    “Yes, of course, Glenn! Let’s talk a lot!”

    “Onii-sama, unfair! Lia too, Lia too!”

    “Oh dear, Lettie is so popular.”

    Surrounded by the laughter of my family, the servants watched us with their gentle smiles.

    Experiencing this myself sometimes made me think. Why did the Violet in the game who lived in this warm atmosphere turn that distorted?

    There was only a limited amount of information about her since the protagonist was the heroine, but I couldn’t portray her with her younger brother and sister. If I was not mistaken there was only an adopted little brother whose role was to be the successor.

    (Um-… I don’t know… Maybe it changes little by little from the original story?)

    In these 3 years, there was no conversation about finding a fiance. Instead, the number of my home tutors was increasing, and several times a week, I studied under the teachers in the castle.

    Thanks to my new routine, I didn’t feel anxious at all about studying in the academy starting tomorrow.

    (Sure, sure, come here, my academy life. There might be some progress I had gone through all of these troubles.)

    If I go to the academy, I would meet a lot of noble sons and daughters, and some commoners as well. Moreover, there would be Al and Theo since they were my seniors who attended the same academy.

    — I could feel there something was about to happen in the future.


    Aww I love her little bro and sis <3 I hope they pop out more in the further story.

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