Extra 8 [If Story] Duchess Richard Freesia


“— Theophyl, you are not a kid anymore, so please hear this out. There is no other marriage proposal better than this. Which one are you dissatisfied with?”

Freesia was in the salon, drinking her tea elegantly. She changed her expression and threw those words rushingly to her own son, Theophyl.

“All of them. The engagement with her, you said that it was only temporary a long time ago. And then, why suddenly holding the engagement ceremony after I graduate?!”

Theophyl, who usually was obedient towards Freesia, was now exposing his emotion. The employees all never saw him like this before, and the tense atmosphere was drifting in the salon.

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“You are going to do the engagement ceremony sooner or later, so why not hold it earlier. The two of you had been engaged since little, you have enough time. Rather it is later than usual, isn’t it?”

As she was threatening Theophyl, Fressia elegantly put her teacup on the saucer.

“But, I… don’t love Violet.”

Glancing at Theophyl whose face looked suffered as he murmured the sentence, Freesia looked at her back and then instructed the butler to do something. Then, again, he faced Theophyl.

“Isn’t it a normal thing for a marriage between aristocrat? If you understand your position as the heir of the Duke House, you should accept it. Miss Violet is the daughter of the current prime minister, and she is the daughter of the Marquis. Moreover, their side was the one who wanted this relationship. All of the things were balanced already. —-Unlike that foolish woman.”

“! Wha… How…!”

“While having a fiance, what were you doing. Because of that, I was questioned by Marquis Rottnel. What trouble you have made.”

Theophyl’s face was losing its color while he averted his eyes from Freesia. Freesia checked that the butler that had been out since that time was coming back and giving Fressia some kind of letter.

When she took a look at the content, she even pressed Theophyl who couldn’t voice up his thoughts.

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“It seems that you had been going out to the city to meet that girl the other day. Please do it moderately. You two are not fated after all.”

Besides that, there were a lot of things decrypted in the letter.

You can say it was the fruit of a conducted survey towards him.

Even about Theophyl giving the girl a hair ornament as a gift in the city was written with detail.

It was obvious that the feelings he had were towards that girl.

(No you can’t. It is not forgiven…! Because it is necessary, to connect her daughter with my son.)

Although her son wished for the cancellation of the engagement with Violet, and want to make the girl his wife, Freesia couldn’t accept that.

His engagement with Violet, lined by the marriage must be established no matter what.

—-Because, that was her wish.

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“… Why is it? Is status that important?”

While her past memories were flowing in her mind, a nostalgic smile came into her. At that time, Theophyl whose head was dripping spoke with a low voice as he was crawling on the ground.

“Of course. I said it before, your body is not yours, but the Duke House’s.”

(And please make my wish come true.)

Freesia’s blue eyes tried to capture his son who was in front of her while they were focusing nowhere. The refrained maid was spooked by her expression and drank her own saliva. 

“… There is no end if I talk about this with Mother. You are projecting Violet with her mother the late Rose-sama! I will continue this conversation with Father.”

“… It’s a waste. All of the preparation had finished.”


“No matter what you say, I will cover this engagement. You can ask Danna-sama for help, but it will be a worthless effort. If you get even more stubborn, I don’t know what will happen to that girl. Ah, I don’t need to continue that sentence, do I.”

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“… Wh, why, that far.”

“This is ‘my wish’, you know? Theohpyl, please make your mother wish come true, okay?”

As she gave him her bewitching smile, his face was bitter as he just ate a bitter insect. And then, Theophyl quickly went out of the salon.

“… Ne, Rose. Violet’s wish, is your wish, am I right…?”

Facing outside the window, Freesia murmured. Her words were melting in the cold room and then disappeared.





“Oku-sama! It’s the time!!”

Entrusting her body to the good quality white bed, Freesia woke up after hearing the familiar voice of the lady attendant. 

She didn’t notice that her lady attendant was inside the room, and now standing in front of her.

“… Good morning. Am I sleeping too much?”

“Yes, you are! If you don’t prepare yourself from now on, you will be late for your appointment today.”

“Ara? Do I?”

“Yes, you do. You are going to meet Rose-sama in her place, aren’t you?”

After hearing her lady attendant’s words, Freesia was glad it was only a bad dream and her head awakened. 

(Yes, it’s been a long time since I have a tea party with Rose, only the two of us.)

She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep immediately, and when she was sleeping, that bad dream came. 

Now, she almost forgot the contents of the dream, however, the hurt expression on her son’s face was coming into her head.

“…How is, Theophyl?”

“What’s the matter? It seems that he will come back at the weekend. Well, since he entered the new semester, he was getting livelier.”

“Do you think so? As I thought, he is getting livelier.”

“It’s not only Madam, but the other employees also have the same thoughts.”

“Fufu, since he was awkward, His Highness might have one or two steps ahead of him…”

“Madam… Aren’t you Theo-sama’s ally?”

Freesia who had just finished dressing up heard the sigh of her lady attendant.

“Eh~? Of course, I am his ally. But, previously Rose and I made a promise! Those children’s problems are going to be solved by themselves. That’s why we are now watching over their progress together.”

And then, we are going to exchange each other information at the occasional tea party, and of course, having fun.

“Of course, I will be very happy if Violet-chan came to be his bride… But it depends on Theo’s effort! Ah, but I don’t want the prince to take her away, so maybe I will ask Rose what Violet-chan likes, and do some cheating…”

“That’s a good idea.”

Fufufu, as the madam of the Duke House laughing happily like a little girl, the lady attendant was getting pulled unconsciously and laughing as well.


And that’s another if story in Freesia’s POV. How do you think? I myself like reading the if story since I can know what kind of condition is it on the other side. I kinda like angst story so… yeah. *lol*

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