Extra 7 Episode – A Disturbing Letter – ??? POV


“— Excuse me. You got a letter.”

After she heard the knocking sound of the door, the girl who was writing something on the table raised her head, listening to the familiar voice of her lady attendant.

The girl stood up and then headed to the source of the sound. She opened the door, welcoming the lady attendant.

“Thank you. … Ah, this is…”

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Receiving the letter politely delivered by the lady attendant, she confirmed the sender of the letter and stared at the name engraved there.

“Then, excuse me.”


After confirming her lady attendant following her order, she went back to her table and opened the seal of the envelope under her lamp. There was a sheet of letters inside it.

“Ah, Brother, what a short letter. You didn’t even write any greetings.”

It was just like Brother, she thought. She giggled as she looked at the content of the letter. The letter was on the point that she didn’t take any time to finish reading all of it.

However, she got quite an impact from that short letter. She opened her eyes widely and read it again and again.

There was a possibility that it was a false letter, however, looking at the handwriting and the sign, there was not mistaken that they were her brother’s. Moreover, the paper used for the letter was a special one and other people couldn’t just prepare such goods. Therefore, the content of the letter was unmistakenly the truth.

“ “Prince Albert had a feeling for someone. Just give up on him.” …What are you saying?! It was absurd!”

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Because of the strength of her grip, the letter was wrinkled. She didn’t mind it at all and gave more strength to it.

“And that person is Violet Rottnel the Daughter of the Marquis?! What is the meaning of this?!”

After reading that part, inside her head, there was an appearance of a little girl with long purple hair.

(Al-sama has feelings for her? Huh, why??)

Finally, the letter couldn’t endure the strength anymore and ripped a little bit. Hearing the sound of it made the girl came back from her thoughts and put the letter on the table.

And then, because she felt dizzy, she covered her eyes with her right hand and made a position like she used an elbow cane.

(… It is absurd, no matter how hard I think about it.)

“The one who is going to be Al-sama’s wife, is me…”

Because she was alone in the room, her mumble was resonated clearly. In that letter, there were other unexpected contents written on it.

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“From the information that you gave me, other than the hair color doesn’t fit at all.”

“Miss Rottnel doesn’t have a fiance.”

Thanks for the information that was given by the letter, her dizziness now became a headache. She supposed to be his wife in the future without doing any effort, but now the situation was different.

“I need to do something…”

Under the glittering light of the lamp, her eyes showed her determination, lighting up the burning red color.


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