Extra 6 Episode – The Adults’ Scheme – Brium POV

“— I thought you still are not going to do the selection for the princess candidates.”

It was in a room somewhere inside the castle. The floor was paved by the glossy deep red, and the wall had a melting texture, made of white marble. That wall was decorated with some beautiful decorations, which were several refreshing bordered paintings. Looking at the other side, there was a shelf made by profound woods and a lot amount of books were packed there.

In the middle of the room, there was stonework positioned in front of the office desks where a man was sitting as he did his work. As he gave the documents, the prime minister, Brium Rottnel said that.

“Yes—. After all, Sonia was really excited about it. Though, I still think there is no need to do that now…”

The one who smiled as the thing was not important at all was the king of the country. Sonia was his queen. He said it like he got nothing to do with it, but there was no way he was not involved in this big-scale tea party.

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Looking at him with doubted eyes, Brium summarized the documents that he had been signed and put it on the other table.

“Of course your daughter, Violet, is joining, right?”

“… Of course she is. We can’t just reject the official invitation with the king seal on it without any reason.”

“Ahaha, that is what you said, but I know you had been rejecting everything about the other things.”

“… About what, I wonder?”

For the big-scale tea party held by the queen this time, the invitations were given to a lot of young noble ladies. Of course, the parents who had a daughter would know what does it means.

Everyone should have some speculations about ‘The Fiance Selection for The First Prince Albert’ that had not been held before. The noble ladies must have noticed that on that day, there would be a battle between them to show their appeal to the queen. 

(I think… Lettie doesn’t notice it. Of course, she isn’t. She is an angel after all.)

In order to dress up his cute angel, he and his wife, Rose, called a tailor to renewed her dress. Violet herself only made a puzzled expression throughout the measuring. 

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Since Violet never ordered dresses, jewelry, and other luxurious things more than what she needed, this was the perfect opportunity to dress her up, so they unconsciously put a lot of effort into it.

There were two or three dresses and jewelry ordered although they were not for the tea party. But there was not a problem.

“… If Al and your Violet is married, Brium is going to be my relative. I will feel a little depressed~”

“Violet is not going to marry anyone, so you don’t need to worry that we will become relatives.”

“You still say that! You are really stubborn, even since the old days.”

“Yes, I am. I had said it previously, right? I don’t want to let my daughter had a marriage that she was unwilling to. ——Although the partner had the royal blood.”

“”If the king pressured it, I will stagnate the political affairs of the country and exiled from the country with my family,” you said? I am really afraid you really do that because you really can do it if you wanted to.”

“Of course I can.”

Brium and the King were originally classmates. That was the reason why he could speak about Brium’s personality and ability casually.

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Originally, if the royal family wanted Violet as their son’s fiance, Marquis Rottnel was not able to refuse the decision. Therefore, before they could do that, Brium would do what he could. Of course, all of it was for his beloved daughter’s request. Moreover, his wife hoped for her daughter’s happiness as well. To protect his promises, he was willing to use his authority as a prime minister.

After the declaration of nit having a fiance by Violet, Bruim had been demolishing all the marriage proposals from other families. 

He had the same attitude to the king who was in front of him now. “Hey, hey. Al and Violet are really close, right? I might give a marriage proposal to your house—,” said the king that day. Brium sent him a death glare that made him froze, and after that Brium increased his workload that was stacked high. Brium then said those lines to him.

“As usual his filial love…” mumbled the king. Brium heard him but pretended he didn’t hear those words.

 “Then… It all depends on Al’s effort. It is okay if Violet is into it too, right? I think Sonia understands it as well, so I promise you I won’t force it on her.”

“I am really thankful if you do that.”

“But, be careful. Her current position is dangerous. She is close with both my son and my brother’s son, so most of the noble ladies in this country think that she is a nuisance. … There might be some of them who want to kick her down from that position.”

The softness of his voice just now was kept out and now the king had a serious expression. Brium looked at him with a similar expression.

The king’s brother he was talking about was the current Duke Richard. Although he was already separated from the royal family, being betrothed by the son of the Duke was going to be more significant.

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His daughter Violet had formed a friendly relationship with Prince Albert and the son of the Duke a long time ago, but she had never shown any special affection towards them. On the other hand, she declared that she didn’t want to be engaged and Brium was surprised. 

It was because her ideal was he himself.

“… Of course, I can’t refuse your request, Lettie. What a troublesome daughter you are”

“You said so, but you are smiling, you know.”

In Brium’s head, there was his lovely daughter saying ‘I want to marry Father!’, and he nodded his head to himself. The king gave him a suspicious look.

There would be the time she decided to get married. Since she was little, he gave her various kinds of education in order to be prepared for that moment. Violet herself didn’t realize it, but actually, Brium gave her the same level of education given to the queen.

By letting her commute to the castle, he wanted her to be adapt herself to the royal family. Of course, it was effective as the bad insect repellent.

(Lettie, even if you want to be the queen, I know you can do it. But you don’t need to be one if you don’t want to be.)

Just live the way you like.

As prime minister Brium thinking about it, he stacked a mountain of documents on the king’s desk.


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