Extra 5 [If Story] The Lady Attendant of Marquis Rottnel House Anna


“What did you say? Theo-sama went to the city to buy a present for a woman?!”

Violet who was in the middle of her meal in her luxury dorm room raised her voice after her lady attendant telling the news. The cutleries she used during the meal were slammed to the table. She glared at the maid, Anna.

Anna gave up as she was afraid of her, but she was too late.

“Who is that woman?! How dare she approach Theo-sama!”

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“I, I am sorry. I only heard the rumor from the other maids, so I do not know the details of it…”

“You are really useless. It is your job to find more information, isn’t it?”


There were some dishes lined up in front of Violet. A moment later, the plate with the soup on it was flown to Anna’s face who stood near her. After the plate hit Anna and made a dull sound, it dropped in the carpet and made a lingering sound as it spun several times, and finally stopped moving.

The soup that was still warm was sticking on Anna’s maid uniform disgustingly. The black stained on the luxury carpet was getting wider. 

—Ah, I wonder if I can take out the stain.

That was what Anna was thinking about while looking at the carpet with hollow eyes.

“Haa, because of you, I am not in the mood! I will rest now!”

“— Then, I will prepare for the bath…”

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“I will ask the other maid to do it. You have to clean this mess!”

Violet left the room and Anna was the only one who was in the room after that. After the sound of the roughly closed-door heard, the room became silent and Anna sat there with her wet clothes still on her.

Ho… She exhaled her breath since she was able to rest for a bit.

— I am tired of this life.

Although she got a fine salary, she couldn’t continue this job. That was she thought, but her current circumstances didn’t forgive it.

She was pointed by the Marquis to be Violet’s lady attendant. She followed her to the academy but her behavior was the same while they were still in Marquis House mansion.

Moreover, she knew that Violet’s beloved person, Theophyl Richard was in the same academy and she knew the attitude she always made. Her tantrum was getting even worse.

Anna’s job in the day time was to gather information about the son of the Duke and then gave the report to her master, Violet. However, it was far separated from her original job, so she was sick of it.

Maybe because she did that job half-heartedly, recently Theophyl knew when Anna was following him and he was worried about her.  

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As Anna looking at the plate on the stained carpet, she could feel that her heart was slowly stained as well and the stain spread widely.


The first time Anna came to the Marquis House as an apprentice was when she was 12. She was the third daughter of the Baron House and an aristocrat only on the name. However, to compensate for the bad corp of their territory, her father who was the lord of the territory sold out their own assets and it was the result of their efforts. Anna loved her father and her mother who supported him. Her brother and sister were also her pride. So, she decided to go to work to help her family.

— I was wondering why I was employed by the Marquis House. And now I know the answer.

Usually, it was a strange thing for the high-level aristocrat to employ a maid who was a low-level aristocrat. However, after she experienced the work, she knew the answer.

It was because of the arrogance behavior of the only daughter of the Marquis, Violet. Everyone had their full hands on her. Her father was busy working and rarely went back to the mansion, but to show his love to her, he granted whatever she wished for.

“She didn’t stop me from falling when I was tripped.”

“When she tied my hair, she pulled it out.”

“I didn’t like the dress she prepared.”

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Only because of those reasons there were a lot of lady attendants and maids who discontinued their job. 

“Please be careful, Anna. When you come in touch with Miss, you have to pay close attention.”

“Yes, Sara-san.”

After dinner, she and Sara were lining up to wash the dishes. The lady called Sara was once Violet’s maid and she was downgraded as the cutlery maid because she let Violet got injured. She had been working in the kitchen since then.

It had been almost 4 years Anna working here, and she took the job that was not in touch with Violet as much as possible. 

However, one day, her life was changed.

“Anna, next month you will follow Miss to the academy as her lady attendant to support her.”

“Eh, why me? Head Maid, I have never worked as a lady attendant–”

“It was already decided. … I am sorry, Anna. The Miss said that she wanted the lady attendant whose age was close to her. The lady attendant before, Cattleya, had been dismissed the other day.”


Anna couldn’t talk back to the Head Maid whose face color was pale and looked tired. She was the one who took control of the maid changes. She could easily imagine the Head Maid’s fatigue in both body and mental was stacking.

Violet was 13 years old. Anna was 16 years old. Surely, based on the work history and her age, Anna was the most qualified among the maids.

“… Yes, I understand.”

“I’m so sorry.” The Head Maid apologized once more, and Anna replied to her with a weak smile.

And then, in the academy, Anna spent her days doing what Violet told her, like the chess piece.





“… Ah!”

Anna who just awoken by the nightmare opened her eyes. It was not a hot day, however, her back was sweating. Moreover, her heart was beating strongly that it was hurt to breathe.

She didn’t really remember the content of the dream, but Anna sure that it was a really bad dream.

“… Violet-sama…?”

The girl she saw in her dream was not her believed master. It seemed that the image of that girl came into her head, and Anna shook her head to chase away the afterimage.

“What time is it… Ah, it’s already this late.”

It was still earlier than the time she usually awake, but there was no more time to sleep. A bit of light came from the window and Anna looked at it for a moment. Then, an idea floated in his head. 

“Violet-sama said that she would eat her lunch together with Licoris-sama. … Since I wake up earlier, I better asked Jeffrey to bake her some madeleines.”

A good idea from her. She thought that as long it made Violet happy, she was happy as well.

Previously, the chef, Jeffrey said that at this time he was usually preparing some foods in the kitchen. He must be in the kitchen right now.

Anna forgot all details of the bad dream that she just had and started preparing to go out. She headed to the kitchen from the corridor that was still dim.


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