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  • Extra 2 Episode – The Strange Girl – Theo POV

    Violet was a strange girl.

    Ever since the wedding of the servant in Marquis Rottnel’s mansion, she had been acting strangely. Theophyl, the heir of the Duke Richard Family, was puzzled because he didn’t understand why she had suddenly become distant.


    Her mother, Freesia, had a good relationship with the Duke Rottnel Family, and she showed kindness to their only daughter, Violet. The first time he had met her, she was only 7 years old.

    “Today, the young lady of Duke Rottnel Family will be coming as well~ She’s one year younger than Theophyl and I heard she was intelligent. She was doted on by that prime minister, you know.”

    On the morning of the day of the tea party, after finishing his breakfast, Theophyl was listening to Freesia who eagerly gave him a speech.

    However, Theophyl didn’t have the motivation to join the tea party. He was doing it only because it was his obligation. Although he was only 7, he understood how important it was to attend as the heir of Duke Richard Family.

    As he was someone who was eventually going to become the successor of the Duke Richard Family, his tutor and other people would keep an eye on him. Even though he looked immature on the surface, he knew this well. That was why at this tea party, he had the obligation to socialize with the young ladies at the tea party.

    And he was not good at it. He had been taken out to many places since he was little, but he still preferred studying than joining the tea party.

    “… I see.”

    “I have a request for you, Theophyl~ I want to enjoy my tea with Rose privately. While we are having our tea time, could you please take Rose’s daughter for a stroll in the rose garden?”

    Honestly, Theophyl thought it was really troublesome. However, he would not be forgiven by her mother if he replied like that. She looked like she was giving a suggestion, but for Theophyl, it sounded like he was ordered to do so.

    “Yes, Mother. I understand.”

    “I’ll entrust it to you then~! In the meantime, you don’t need to play with the other young ladies. Fufu, I think everyone will be in high spirits today~ After all, Your Highness will also be joining us.”

    What kind of exchange was that? Theophyl knew that the prince of the country would also join the tea party. One of the reasons the tea party was held was to let the aristocrats of the same generation socialize.

    In the middle of that, there was a high possibility that a candidate for future fiancee or aide would be chosen. That was why the people invited to the tea party would gather around either Theophyl or Albert.

    If that was the case, instead of socializing with all the young ladies, it was easier to deal with only one young lady. With this thought in mind, Theophyl nodded at his mother’s words.

    “Nice to meet you. I am the eldest daughter of Marquis Rottnel, Violet.”

    Violet, who was guided to the rose garden, looked straight at Theophyl’s eyes and introduced herself. As she bowed her head, her violet hair swayed with the wind.

    Theophyl looked at the girl intensely as she did the same as well. She was different from the other young ladies in that she did not appraise him and only gave him a stare of simple curiosity.

    Making contact with her amber eyes straight made Theophyl shy so he averted his eyes from her. Then, he did what her mother told him before and guided her to the garden.


    “You know, Lettie’s been acting strange these days.”

    Theophyl was having his red tea in the Duke mansion with his friend cum first prince, Albert, who just said these words. Theophyl who was deep in thought was pulled to reality after hearing this.

    The three of them usually met each other so he must’ve noticed the sudden change in her attitude as well.

    Normally, the three of them would be having their tea party right about now, but Violet rejected the invitation with the excuse that she had some business to attend to.

    She explained that because she had much more tutoring now, she had less free time to spare.

    “Let’s see. She has been strange since her sudden poor physical condition at the wedding. After that, she was sent back to the mansion.”

    “When I arrived at the Marquis Residence, I didn’t see Lettie anywhere. Ah~ I want to see her.”


    “Maybe Theo made her angry? You are usually cold after all.”

    He knew Albert was joking, but he felt it was right on the mark. Moreover, Theophyl seemed to have an idea of what he had done, so he couldn’t argue back.

    He kept a secret from Albert which was that he had given her a gift. He didn’t want to think that it was the reason for her anger, however, that was the only time he had acted unusually and he couldn’t think of any other reasons.

    Did his behavior make Violet hate him? But that time, she looked happy about getting the gift.

    “… We will be getting busy after this, that’s why for the remaining free time we have, I want to meet her.”

    “Yeah, I feel the same.”

    Albert would be the next king, so he needed to study a lot of things. And this applied to Theophyl as well since he would be the next Duke. Things like territorial management and others were piled up to be studied.

    By the time they reach 13 years old, they would have to attend school for two years. Then, Violet who was one year below them would also enter the academy a year after them. In that one year gap, it would be difficult for them to find the time to meet each other.

    As Theophyl paid half-heartedly attention to Albert’s words, his face became more and more perplexed.


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