Extra 13 [If Story] The First Prince Albert

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The busy footsteps were heard from the corridor. Albert moved his eyes from the documents in front of him to the door.

A moment later, the door was knocked.

After given the entering permission, the castle officer told him his purpose although he was out of breath.

The content of his report was about Sieg- the prince from a neighboring country, Sieghart who was found asleep in a certain room that morning had received intensive care in the special room of the royal castle and he just woke up in the evening.

“… I see. So, Sieg has woken up. Is he in the state to converse?”

“—About that, it seems that he doesn’t remember what was happening yesterday… He is dreamy right now.”

“He doesn’t remember… I understand. I will visit him later after finishing all of these documents. Please tell the servants to fulfill all his needs such as food and other things.”

“Yes. I understand.”

After that civil officer gave him a deep bow and went out, Albert stared at the documents once more.

Of course, all of them are about the current matter.

“What on earth…”

Although he said that, he actually had the intuition who did this. However, to make it clear, he didn’t have the evidence.

—-That morning, Sieghart and Christine Macdoweel were found in a certain room sleeping on the same bed.

It was already a problem for an unmarried man and woman to be found together in that situation, and according to the report, there was a clear trace of an affair between the two.

He didn’t really know the situation when they were found, but he was sure that it was a horrible situation.

He never heard they were lovers.

Even though they were lovers, it was not necessary for them to do such a thing in the school area. 

Moreover, Miss Macdowell’s concern was Theophyl.

It could be assumed that she didn’t have any contact with Sieg who was enrolled in the academy as a commoner.

A mysterious relationship between a prince of a neighboring country and a daughter of a high-aristocrat of this country. Those who knew about this accident had their mouth sealed and he was sure about it. However, about noon, this topic had been scattering inside the academy as a big scandal. 

It would not take too much time before it was known around the country.

Although Sieg was known as a commoner in this academy, Miss Macdowell is different. Her position as an aristocrat would definitely feel on the ground.

Her name was on the top list of the princess and fiance candidate, but the impact from the surroundings was unfathomable.

And about Sieg.

In order to be able to have a free position to study in the academy, he hid his prince status. But since this matter had happened, it backfired.

Because there was no satisfactory escort, this happened to him. No wonder if it was the one to be blamed. 

It was impossible to return to his previous school life. The possibility of returning to the neighboring country was higher.

“How to repair the relationship with the neighboring country, huh…”

As he let the words out from his mouth, he made a deep sigh.

Someone hurt a royal who is the second prince. According to the report, it was pointed out that Sieg was forced to consume some kind of drug.

The future treatment for Miss Macdowell was trusted by the neighboring royal family. Maybe he would take responsibility and married her or maybe he would throw her away. That was not in the range of Albert’s reach anymore.

“… As expected, there is no other choice but to marry the princess of the neighboring country.”

This topic had been raised a long time ago and it seems he needed to make his decision soon. His father, the king, had stabbed this to his mind at noon. It was his obligation as the prince. He understood it.

(Why does nobody blame that woman? There is no evidence at all, and that makes it more suspicious… Although Theo had been suffering all this time…)

As Albert looked through the window and watched the dark sky, he was lost in his thoughts. The appearance of the fiance of his childhood friend Theophyl who had violet hair was coming into his mind, and her laugh was ringing.





Albert sleepily opened his eyes, and the sight of the familiar canopy came inside them.

(Ah I remember, yesterday I returned to the castle.)

Usually, he spent his time in his dorm, however, because of that case, he returned to the castle the previous night since the decision making was going to be made the next day.

Soon, the guest coming from the neighboring country would come as well, and the tea party organized by his mother who is the queen was going to be held this weekend.

He took a glass of infused water beside his bed and drank it.

The smell of the citrus came into his nose, and it made him felt refreshed.

“… Fufu”

As he drank it, he was thinking about his childhood friend who knew well about poisons, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

About her being an expert in poisons and picking locks was still new for him.

(—Every time I am with Lettie, I always get surprised.)

Even he thought that being confined in a locked room with a boy who was drugged was dangerous. But, this lady was giving an antidote to the boy and unlocked the door by herself. He wonders who can imagine that girl.

It was only the prime minister who was able to give such education to that girl. He was the only exception.

And he also got the report that Violet was speaking peacefully with Seig ever since her shadow was entering that room. 

“Well, I need to get prepared as well. For letting Lettie get into such danger, of course, I need to make them regret it.”

He put the empty glass back to the bedside silently and he headed out to start his preparations for the trial.


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