Extra 11 Episode – A Certain Aristrocrat Lady

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“… It seems she has come.”

The unsuitable sound of footsteps in the morning library was heard as he murmured in front of the door.

The sound suddenly stopped echoing when the person reached a door and then opened the door with a key.


Although the content of what the person was saying was unknown, she was clearly letting out a high-pitched voice. 

He used the voice as a signal to those who refrained in this room.

As he moved his sight to the edge of the room, he could see a pair of man and woman, who wore the librarian clothes and had blue faces, were already captivated. 

“You can’t escape, you know? Your sins are heavy after all. I don’t know for whom this trap is made for, but it’s okay. We will know it soon.”

The appearance of the smiling prince was as beautiful as usual. However, inside that calm appearance, his emotion was filled with silent anger that even the knight in the surroundings could feel the cold atmosphere coming from him. 

A certain aristocrat lady—The daughter of Viscount, Daisy Reynolds was walking in a hurry in the library as her deep brown locks swung around.

The scandal that she took a lot of effort to make had been found out and was being processed in secret. She didn’t want her effort to be a waste just like that.

The library in the morning was quiet and she could not feel the sign of people there. However, the entrance door was opened so she was able to get in.

Well, she had the key in her pocket, so if the door was locked, she was able to open it easily.

While suppressing her feeling of deviation, she ran on the stairs.

There was nothing abnormal on this floor.

It seems that no one had found them.

“Fufu. It is not in the scenario, but I want you to be gone from now on.”

When she reached a certain door, she murmured.

She pulled out the other key from her pocket to open the locked door.

And then she only needed to scream the situation that she saw in her own eyes. What a simple task.

“Kyaa! What is going on here?!”

After she opened the door, she got a glance at the red and purple hair at the bed located in the corner of the room and then dropped the book she brought as she screamed.

— And that’s the final touch.

And then, at the time when she lifted the corner of her lips and smiled secretly.

“Is there something funny there? —Daisy Reynolds. It’s still early in the morning to come to this kind of place.”

The low voice of a boy came from her back.

Because of the sudden voice, she was surprised. When she looked back, she found a male student with red-brown hair was folding his arm as he looked down at her.

“Ha….? Why are you here?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Don’t play dumb! You should have been in this room since yesterday!! Why are you outside… Where is that girl?!”

Distraught by Sieg’s sudden appearance she quickly crawled on the bed. She clearly saw it just now. The purple hair. The hair of that girl…!

“It’s no use for hiding! …?!”

She took out the blanket just like she wanted to tear it, but no one was there.

There were only some cushions that were lined up to look like someone was there and the red and purple wig.

She still could not believe what happened in front of her eyes as she blinked several times without thinking about anything. Her appearance was telling that she didn’t understand what happened there.

“Who do you mean by “that girl”?”

“… Are you the one who let her go? Although you are just a supporting character… ugh.”

“Maybe. So, the one who gave the instruction to lock me up is you.”

“Of course, you are just the addition! Where did Violet Rottnel go?!!!!!”

The girl was now half-crazed and she tried to grab Sieg.

For Sieg, the girl was no longer seemed sane. Well, that person was originally not normal since she was the mastermind of this plan.

“Capture that person for the crime of blasphemy, attempted poisoning, and imprisonment of the royal family.”

As the dignified voice resonated inside the room, Daisy’s hand was on the verge of touching Sieg when the knight was running inside and quickly twisted Daisy’s arms.

“It is a waste of effort to only end you up with a suspension after the incident with Lazareth-sensei. Here you are again. If I knew it would end up like this, I should have just punished you severely.”

“Eh…? Al-sama…?”

“I don’t like it when you call me by my nickname. Maybe I should just add the blasphemy towards me to your crimes.”

As he smiled widely, the first prince Albert was entering the room.

Surprised by the sudden appearance of the prince, Albert sighed when he saw Daisy dyed her cheek in that twisted situation.

“A, Al-sama, I don’t know anything about this.”

“… I listened to all of the statements you said. It’s no use to fix it now.”

“N, No, you’re wrong. I was accused by that commoner…ugh!”

As she said those words, Daisy turned her head and glared at Sieg.

On the other hand, Sieg only made a shrug towards that statement. Looking at Albert, he smiled as if he was amazed by her statement.

“… I see. You insult the royal family. I will add it up to your crimes. I wonder if you can get out of prison.”

From Daisy’s eyes, he knew she wanted to ask why, so Albert continued his statement.

“Isn’t it natural? After all, the person who you had poisoned, confined, and insulted is the second prince of the neighboring country, Prince Sieghart. Your sins are very heavy, you know?”

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