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  • Extra 10 [If Story] The Lady Attendant of Marquis Rottnel House Anna 2


    “Violet-sama… Something like this, what are you going to use it for…?”

    Gripping the small vial that was requested in her shivering hand, Anna gave it to the violet-haired girl.

    “Fufu, thank you, Anna. Isn’t it obvious?”

    As her master laughed unprecedentedly since she was in a good mood, Anna could feel her spine froze.

    —The thing inside the vial, is poison.

    Plus, it was formulated together with sleeping drugs, numbing medicine, and aphrodisiac. 

    Accepting the request from her master, she hid her identity and purchased it in the slums.

    “Y, you are not going to use it on people, right?”

    That sentence went out off her mouth after she gained enough courage. She knew the answer already, but she couldn’t help but ask.

    “—What are you saying, Anna? Of course.”

    Shaking the small transparent bin, she gave a bewitching smile. Although she was only 13 years old, she didn’t look like she was when she made such an expression.

    “This thing, if it is not used for people, then what should I use it for? Please don’t joke around.”


    Such thin voice Anna let out, disappeared in thin air, and didn’t reach the girl. As expected, it was better to not ask.

    Violet took a glance at Anna whose face was paling and then put the vial on the small chest located next to her bed.

    Watching the movement, Anna was not able to move even an inch. After Violet turned around, she continued to speak.

    “Ah, by the way, Anna. It seems that you met a boy when I was still in school. I am glad you are having fun.”

    “! Si, Sieg-sama is only helping me with the study.”

    “Hum? What are you going to do with the study? You are al—-ways going to be a maid in the Marquis Residence in the future after all. Moreover, isn’t Sieg that annoying boy? Well, maybe a fallen aristocrat like you will be a match with such a commoner.”

    Sieg and Anna met by chance near the library.

    At the time when Violet was absent to take a class, Anna coincidentally passed a small garden near the library when she was doing her duty, and she found a book left on the bench.

    Ever since she left the Baron Family, she didn’t have a lot of chances to look at such a book, so she read it steadily until the owner of the book, Sieg, returned.

    Because she was Violet’s maid, Sieg looked at her with a suspicious expression. But, after having a conversation, she was taught by the talented boy.

    (Why, does Violet-sama know about that…?)

    Ba-dump. Her heart was making a loud noise.

    “… Well, I don’t mind it. After all, you had prepared this nice thing for me. I will use it preciously, okay? You can go back now.”

     That ecstatic expression she had made Anna felt the bottomless horror. After giving her a bow, she went out of the room. She wondered what would happen after this.

    —I hope, there will be nothing happening.

    She knew it was useless, but she still hoped for it.

    As the replacement of a cross, she took her precious hair ornament from her pocket, gripped it, and prayed deeply.

    Three days after that.

    Anna’s prayer was fruitless. The news that in the academy, a red-haired male student and a blonde-haired lady from a high aristocrat family were having a night together was spreading across the country in a blink of an eye. 

    Those two never appeared on the front stage of the country ever again.




    Before dawn, Anna opened her eyes wide as she woke up, and dozed for a while. After that, she got out of her bed and groomed herself.

    There was no way she was able to sleep again.

    Again, she had a strange dream. Maybe because she was asleep when she was simulating many times what she was going to do today, she got such a dream.

    Yesterday, her master, Violet,  was confined. Moreover, in the room where she was trapped, there was a black tea mixed with foreign matter left there, and the person who had drunk the tea, Sieg, was unconscious in the same room and that made Anna angry.

    For an aristocratic lady, a scandal is very deadly. Although nothing happened, if the news that the lady was spending a night with a boy was heard by society, she would be being pointed on the back for the scandal as long as she lived. 

    She even could never get married in her whole life. The scandal would have such a big impact.

    The black tea was mixed with aphrodisiac, so the motive of the mastermind was clear. Such a plan, there was no other purpose but to get rid of Violet.

    “Violet-sama, I wonder if she was asleep.”

    The same Violet tasted the poisoned black tea, opened the locked door, and went back to the dorm. Although she was trained as well in the Marquis Residence, she was horrified.

    As soon as she came back, she begged Anna for herbal tea. After sipping it, Violet said, “I can’t drink other than the tea Anna brewed,” and then gave Anna a playful smile that made any servant feel blessed.

    “Okay, let’s prepare delicious tea this morning!”

    And like that, she forgot the dream and then went out of the room.


    And there is another if story from Anna. Her personality in the present world and the game world is quite different *hmm* I wonder if it is because of Violet. Please look forward for the next chapters (hope I can update 3 chapters next week :”)) Stay safe everyone!

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