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  • Extra 1 [If Story] Marquis Rottnel, Brium

    “Prime minister! Please quickly go back to the mansion!”

    The prime minister who was in the middle of his work in the castle was disturbed by a man who suddenly barged inside Brium Rottnel’s office.

    The man who came into the office was a knight who had served in the castle. He was out of breath, indicating that he was in dire straits. Feeling the tension from the man, Brium figured out something after looking at him and his heart also started beating faster.

    —-Please make it on time!

    “That’s all for today’s work. I am going back to the mansion.”

    He told the assistant beside him before he quickly went out of the room. Outside the main doors of the castle, there were some familiar faces that seemed to have come from the family of the Marquis. They had brought over two horses, waiting for him. 

    “… Master, please hurry!”

    Once the servants spotted the figure of Brium, they prompted him to get on the horse. It was not a carriage, but a horse, indicating that the situation was quite bad. All the servants’ also had pale faces.

    Brium who already got on the horse quickly went back to the mansion while praying along the way.



    He reached the soundless mansion and went to his wife’s bedroom. When he opened the door of the room, his wife, Rose, laid on the bed with a pale face. She was surrounded by their daughter, Violet, the doctor, and the lady attendants.

    Every one of them had painful expressions, and Violet was crying silently.

    “… Da… danna-sama..?”


    “I… I am… sorry. I can’t… fulfill… my promise.”

    “It’s okay, please don’t speak.”

    As Brium got closer to Rose, she took his hand and gave him a weak smile.

    “I am glad, I met you… Please take care of Lettie…”

    “Rose, Rose!”

    Keeping her smile, Rose closed her eyes, and since then never opened them again.




    “-sama, Danna-sama1Danna-sama : This is how a wife calls her husband. In the chapter before, I use the word ‘Master’, but I changed it to this word from now on.. Brium-sama.”


    Feeling someone shaking his body, Brium opened his eyes and in front of him stood his beloved wife with her bright red hair.

    Just now, he had seen his wife die. The intense scene was stuck in his head, causing Brium to become befuddled.

    “You were grunting a lot just now. Were you having a nightmare?”

    The smiling face she showed was different from the pale face he had seen in his dream just then. This time, it was glossier and plump.

    He reached out his hand fearfully and touched her cheek.

    — It was warm.

     His wife was definitely alive. He was relieved.

    “You’re strange, Danna-sama,” Rose said as she laughed silently.

    7 years ago, Rose was bedridden due to her illness. Originally, her body was weak from the start. After she gave birth to Violet, her condition kept getting worse and when Violet was 3 years old, she could not go out of her room.

    She consumed the medicine prescribed by the doctor, however, she still didn’t show any signs that she was recovering.

    It was strange if he thought about it now. She was in such good health these days that she had even given birth to their second child.

    “Do you want to drink something? I will prepare some infused water.”

    “Yes, please. I am a little bit thirsty.”

    It was a really scary dream. For Brium, losing Rose was tantamount to losing everything.

    “Here it is, Danna-sama.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Fufu. I wonder what kind of nightmare you had? Maybe Violet was going to be a bride? After all, Sara’s wedding was lovely.”

    Looking at Rose who was having fun, Brium ambiguously smiled at her.

    “I hope Lettie will become a lovely bride in the future and live happily like me.”


    “Danna-sama, no matter what, you need to send Violet to become a bride, you know. We made each other a promise when she was born after all.”

    After giving birth to Violet, Rose said this. “Let’s give this girl a happy marriage too. And then, let’s watch over her together.”

    (Yes, that’s why I… I let Violet have the marriage that she wanted. I used all of my rights and power to let that happen because I thought that was the only way to keep that promise…)


    “!! No, it’s nothing.”

    Brium almost fell into a trance that seemed to be in sync with himself in the dream and was mulling over it. However, Rose’s words snapped him back to his senses as he brought the fruit water to his mouth again.

    (What a strange dream. I know it was a dream but it felt very lifelike. If Rose’s condition did not improve, perhaps, that dream would’ve become a reality.)

    “It’s okay, Danna-sama. Even if Lettie is not here, I will always be next to you. I won’t make you worry anymore.”

    “… This.. that same Lettie said that she didn’t want to get married.”

    “Oh, Lettie. If that is the case, then let’s live happily together, just the three of us.”

    “Huu… Yes, of course.”

    (It’s okay. That dream isn’t real.)

    Brium finally woke up from the dream and lived the happy life in front of him.


    That is the end of Brium’s POV. It seems that he had a dream of the original story. After this, there is Theo’s POV!

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