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  • Chapter 8 Violet Remembers 2

    … Finally, that day came.

    Those things that were strange for me, like pieces of a puzzle, slowly combined and formed an answer.

    (… What a surprise.)

    As I remembered all of the things, my head spun and nausea overwhelmed me. And the first thing I thought of as soon as I woke up was that.


    “Sara, congratulations!”

    That day was a day of great celebration because my personal attendance, Sara, was getting married.

    The bride, Sara, was changing her clothes in the waiting room and when I called out to her, she turned around and saw me.

    “Wha- Miss?!!”

    A pure white wedding dress wrapped around Sara’s body made her look beautiful, thousands more beautiful than the usual Sara. A wedding dress was a wonderful thing that brought out the charm of the bride up to 120%. The luxurious laces and drapes that were scattered all over added to its divinity.

    “Sara, you cry too much. You will ruin your beautiful makeup. Let your husband see his wonderful bride.”

    “Hu… That small Miss has now grown up and become a wonderful lady. Thinking about it makes me… Hiks…”

    “No, no, isn’t that what I’m supposed to say when I get married? Today, you are the protagonist, so come on. After fixing your makeup, let’s go.”

    “Yes. Hu…”

    I scolded Sara who continued to cry with glee as the other maid helped salvage her makeup. As I predicted, her eye makeup was ruined a bit and the maid who was in charge of the makeup complained jokingly to her.

    The last time I’ve seen Sara cry like this ever since I gained my memory of the past life was when I was three years old. It had been a long time since then, so I felt deeply moved. Seven years ago, Sara was 15 years old. Now that she was 22 years old, she grew up into a good adult.

    I let the servants continue the remaining preparation and left the place.

    When I went out of the room and walked towards the entrance of our mansion, there, I saw the face I knew all too well.

    “Theo! Good morning. You’re early.”

    “Yeah. I had to run some errands.”

    Today’s wedding was going to be held inside the garden of Marquis Rottnel’s mansion, in a garden party style.

    Since the groom of this wedding was one of our servants, which was one of the chefs, in order to repay all of Sara’s effort for taking care of me, I was the one who planned it.

    After all, I was 26 in my past life and I had been invited to many wedding parties of my friends. Although I had never been a bride, I had an abundance of imagination.

    Sara, who was originally only going to take her vows at the church in town, was reticent at first, but my enthusiasm got the better of her and she eventually agreed. 

    The attendees were going to be my family and the servants. Freesia-sama, Mother’s friend who heard the news, also came with her son, Theo.

    However, there was still a lot of time before the attendees were to gather and it seemed that Freesia-sama had not arrived as well, but Theo was already in our mansion. He said he had some stuff to do. I wondered what it was.

    “… Lettie, do you have some time now? Are there any remaining preparations?”

    “No, there isn’t. It’s okay since my perfect servants will take care of everything!”

    “Well then–”

    Theo invited me to follow him so we walked together to the garden which was in the other direction of the wedding party.


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