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  • Chapter 7 Violet and Her Friends 2

    After I finished my words, both of them spouted the red tea they had just drank, and then coughed to let the remaining liquid out of their lungs. Ah, it seemed that my timing was bad. I’m sorry.

    “How rare of you to bring this topic up, Lettie.”

    Al, who was quick to regain his composure, put his teacup on the saucer in a graceful manner like a prince.

    It’s true that when the three of us were gathered together, we tend to spend most of our time talking about flowers, food, and the latest interesting things that have happened recently.

    … Wait. Am I really an adult on the inside? Was I interacting too much with children so that my mental age was decreasing?

    “Umm… In the previous girls’ gathering, I mean the tea party where the girls were gathered, they brought up the topic about you two, and asked me if I could ask the two of you about it.”

    Feeling uneasy about my own mental age, I told them about the mission that the girls had imposed on me. No matter what kind of world it is, hunting down information in woman networking will never die.

    But these days, I started wondering if this was really in the early modern western world. After all, the hair and eye colors I’ve seen were all too colorful.

    After listening to my story, Al and Theo looked at each other and then nodded. Theo gave me a very deep sigh.

    “… Then, how about you, Lettie. It is not strange at all if this topic had been asked to you before.”

    I could relate to what Theo had said. In this world, for any woman aristocrat, marriage had a serious meaning. That was why whenever the girls had a gathering, this topic would always be brought up. It was not unusual for someone of our age to have a fiance.

    “I plan to marry a man like Father, so now is not the time for me to think about it. I am different from the two of you two since I don’t need to be the successor of my family, so I don’t need to be impatient about it.”

    The other day, I told the same thing to Father, and he responded back in one breath, “I won’t let anyone get engaged or marry my cute angel!” and later on, he was scolded by Mother.

    I’m sorry Father.

    I opposed having an engagement with a 10-year-old-kid, and let me use this as an excuse.

    Fortunately, Father was not willing to let me get engaged, so this was the best defense I could have.

    However, it was not that I didn’t have any desire to get married. Rather, I would only seriously consider it when I grow older.

    Since Mother was getting better and better, 3 years ago, she gave birth to my lovely little brother. The Marquis Rottnel was originally of high aristocratic status and now that we have been blessed with a successor, there was not a problem if I didn’t work hard.

    “… Then, we will not think about it too for now, won’t we Theo?”

    “Yes. This conversation is over.”

    “Eh?! If you two don’t have any fiancees, the engagement situation in this world will be distorted!”

    “What’s that…”

    “Theo, you’ll lose if you reply to it.”

    In the end, I couldn’t get much out of them, which meant that I had nothing to report at the girls’ gathering. At this rate, there would be no aristocrat sons with fiancees in our generation.

    Oh, I wondered if this was really fine.


    After enjoying the tea, Al said that he had some business to attend to so he went back to the castle with his escort. Usually, I could feel kindness and meekness coming from him, but at times like this, I remembered that he was actually a prince.

    Sometimes, I fear that I would be punished for being disrespectful.

    “… Is it true, what you had said just now?”

    “My previous statement?”

    “You said that you want to marry someone like Marquis Rottnel.”

    It was only the two of us, so we decided to walk and observe the garden while waiting for our mothers to finish chatting.

    Theo suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked straight at me.

    “Ah… Um, yes, yes I am. That’s right.”

    I didn’t fully lie about my previous remark. I thought that a person like my father, who could do his work perfectly but still know the importance of family, would be a nice person.

    “… I see.”


    I too stopped walking to answer his question. After hearing my answer, Theo nodded, wearing a mysterious expression on his face.


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