Chapter 5 Violet and The Beautiful Boy 2

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We silently kept walking inside the maze-like rose garden and when I turned my head around secretly. I completely could not see the place Mother and Freesia-sama were from here.

The beautiful boy in front of me didn’t look at me even once. Since I had nobody but him to rely on, I tried my best to keep following him.

As we kept walking, the rich fragrance of the roses around us dispersed in the wind. Ah… I wanted to take my time and look at them closely. The roses were so beautiful it was a shame to walk by so quickly without stopping.

“E-Excuse me, Theophyl-sama.”

I spoke with shortness of breath, and the beautiful boy in front of me finally stopped walking, turned around, and looked at me with a disgusted expressionless face.

“… What?”

“Are we not going to see the roses?”

“We need to walk a little more.”

Turning on my own heel, we continued walking.

Okay, so we needed more walking, huh. Since I don’t know the way back I’ll just continue to follow you wherever you go!



At the end of the rose garden, there was a small flower bed. Various types of blue colored flowers were in full bloom, and they all looked very cute. Somehow, this flower bed area had a different atmosphere from other areas of the garden. It had an image of simplicity that the others didn’t have.

There were many kinds of flowers and all of them were carefully tended to. I felt nostalgic looking at the flower bed because it was as lovely as my mother’s flower garden. There weren’t only large flowers, there were also small wildflowers planted, and this might be where the atmosphere of simplicity came from.

“Theophyl-sama, this place is really beautiful.”

When I said this with a happy smile, for some reason, Theophyl-sama looked completely stunned. What’s the matter, beautiful boy?

“… So Violet-sama likes this kind of flower too?”

“Eh? Um… I like all kinds of flowers. I like both the small flowers like these and roses as well.”

“… I see.”


Theophyl-sama revealed a smile as he somewhat relaxed his body. A beautiful boy’s smile was too dazzling for my eyes.

“Umm. Theophyl-sama.”

“… Theo is fine.”

“Ah… Then, Theo-sama. This place is your favourite place, isn’t it? Is it really okay for you to show it to me?”

I thought we would only walk around the rose garden to kill some time there.

“I felt that Violet-sama was not the same as the other daughters. It seems that my guess was correct.”

“Eh? How am I not the same? Which part are you referring to?”

It was obvious that I was panicking since I thought that he felt there was something wrong with me as a daughter of a noble, and I inadvertently ended up speaking with an informal tone. Before we left the manor, Father and the others praised me for being a fine lady. Was that only sweet talk coming from my overprotective father?

I started to twirl my dress to inspect it, touched and patted my hair, and compared with the other girls that I remembered in the tea party. I didn’t think I looked that much different from them.


As I thought about this frantically, another voice suddenly rang out in the garden where only Theophyl-sama and I were present.  Surprised by the voice, I started looking around and saw that behind Theophyl-sama, someone was coming towards us.

“It’s okay. It is not your outfit that Theo was talking about.”

The one who spoke was a boy with golden hair swaying above his shoulders and straight eyes. He had a hand over his mouth as he was still laughing a bit. There was no mistake that this boy was another beautiful boy. However, he had a different appeal from Theophyl-sama’s neat impression, his atmosphere more neutral.

If he wore a dress, I bet I would’ve mistaken him as a beautiful girl.

… Umm. So, who was this beautiful boy number 2?

Since no suspicious people were able to enter this area, I had assumed that he was one of the invited guests. However, looking at his appearance and his outfit embellished with a lot of decorations, I guessed that he was a person of high status.


“Al, why are you here?”

“Going through the front door was troublesome, so I asked permission to come from the back. Isn’t it the usual thing?”

“Today, most of the guests are waiting for you. You’re the one who is supposed to accompany them.”

“That goes for you too, Theo. There must be many children waiting for you as well.”

Theophyl-sama was the legitimate son of the Duke yet he spoke to him quite frankly so there could only be a limited number of options that pertained to his identity.

Theophyl-sama called him Al just now. That meant that this person was…

“Ah, I haven’t introduced myself, have I? I’m Albert. Please call me Al.”

“… Violet-sama. Just calling him Your Highness is enough.”

The two of them stopped arguing and said this to me, who had been left behind in the conversation.

Albert. Your Highness.

Just as I thought. He was the eldest son of the King, Albert-sama. I had never met him before, but I had recognized the name from my studies of the royal family.

For the time being, I did the courtesy that I had learned and greeted him.

Although we had never even met before, it felt as though I had deja vu, as if we had met somewhere at some point.

However, this mystery wouldn’t be resolved until 4 years later. It happened in spring when I was 10 years old.


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