Chapter 4 Violet and The Beautiful Boy

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“Mother, are you sure that this isn’t a large gathering of people?”

Today was the day of the tea party. I had just arrived at Duke Richard’s estate, wearing the creamy white dress that Mother and Sara had chosen for me.

The garden we were guided to was wide and there were a lot more invited guests than I was expecting.

Originally, I was expecting to see a home party for the size of three families so I was surprised to see the true size of the party.

Of course, it was going to be huge. The Duke family’s status was second only to the Royal family and the highest among the aristocrats after all. And since the tea party was being sponsored by the Duke Family…There was no surprise that the scale was going to be this big.

Now that I’ve reached this point, I began to feel nervous.

“Yes, it is, Lettie. I heard they only invite the closest families to this tea party. Oh… If I am not mistaken, today is…”


As always, I listened to the words Mother spoke surrounded by a fluffy atmosphere when suddenly a beautiful golden-haired woman wearing a refreshing blue dress approached us.

She was approaching us with a big smile, so I had assumed that she was a friend of Mother.

“Thank you for inviting us today. I came with my daughter, Violet. Lettie, this is Duchess Richard, the organizer of today’s tea party.”

Imitating Mother’s manner, I pinched both sides of my skirt and gave her a bow.

“My name is Violet Rottnel. Thank you for inviting me to the party.”

So, this is Duchess Richard. When I raised my head, I could see the Duchess smiling and nodding at me.

“Is this the angel that has softened Rose’s husband? She is certainly very cute. And Rose, too, is finally able to go out without any problems now,  aren’t you?”

“Yes, Freesia. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“Of course I would be! From now on, let’s have many more tea parties in the future, alright?”

The Duchess, whose name was Freesia, was as beautiful as a flower whenever she smiled. One could tell that she had a really close relationship with Mother.

“Let’s have a chat again later,” said Freesia-sama as she left us and the servants of the Duke family ushered us to our seats.

Since she was the organizer of this party, she looked very busy.

Around the table where Mother and I sat, there were about 10 different girls around the same age as I was, and all of them were dressed up beautifully. However, they all looked anxious. Perhaps, they were equally as nervous as I was.

The tea party began and Mother and I introduced ourselves together as we greeted the others.

And just like that, we spent our time leisurely until one of the servants approached Mother and told her something. I followed suit when my mother stood up and together, we followed the servant as he guided us somewhere.


“Rose, Violet-chan. Welcome”

Once we reached the rose field somewhere in the vast garden, we were welcomed by the sight Freesia-sama welcomed us. Apart from four chairs, a table, and Freesia-sama sitting there…..

There was a boy sitting there as well.

“Let me introduce him. This is Theophyl. He is one year older than Violet-chan. Theo, this is Marquess Rottnel and her daughter.”

Freesia-sama said as the boy with milk-tea brown hair in front of me stood up.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Theophyl Richard.“

Looking at him as he bowed, I hurriedly greeted him as well. He was only 7 years old, but he had a well-groomed face. He had the same blue eyes as Freesia-sama and they were currently looking straight at me.

Yes. There was no mistake that he was going to grow up to become an ikemen1Ikemen: A handsome boy in the future. Unfortunately, he didn’t smile or laugh, only appearing emotionless.

As I made this conclusion in my own head, his gaze felt as though it had turned sharp before he shifted his face away. Hm? How should I say this… It felt like I was being scowled at.

“Well then, Theo, as I said before, please guide Violet-chan around the rose garden while Rose and I have our tea here.”


I quickly flicked my head to look at Mother who only lowered her eyebrows and smiled tenderly at me. While next to her, Freesia-sama was giving me a big smile.

….That was the sign that meant that I couldn’t refuse.

When I turned my face to the boy again, after being glanced at with a troubled expression, he walked with his back towards me.

I knew he wanted me to follow him. Fine, I get it!



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