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  • Chapter 3 Violet and The Tea Party

    “Good morning. … Oh, Miss! Do you need anything?”

    It was a pleasant morning. I was already awake before my personal maid, Sara, came to wake me up. Opening the curtains, I allowed the sunshine to spill into the room and basked under it. It felt really good. After that, I closed my eyes and lifted one of my one leg up in an attempt to balance. It was a simple action, but as soon as I started meditating, I started to wobble and sway. It was difficult to keep my balance.

    “This is what is called core training. I recommend this training to Mother. It’s supposed to make one really healthy.”

    “I see. As expected of Miss. You are really knowledgeable. If Miss really recommends it, there must be no mistake. You’re the angel of this house after all.”

    Sara looked at me with a bright smile but seeing it made me feel slightly guilty. In fact, I didn’t even know much about this core training in detail. However, it was a common keyword that I heard a lot about in my previous life. I watched it being featured on the television and had only given it a few tries.

    “By the way, Miss. Your father is expecting your presence. There is still some time before breakfast, however, do you want to go now?”

    Of course, I nodded in response to her question. Sara then helped me get dressed quickly.

    “I wonder why my hair is so peculiar. Even though I comb it frequently, it never looks as beautiful as Mother’s hair.” 

    My hair that was reflected in the mirror was a light purple color and it was curly everywhere akin to a natural perm. On the other hand, my mother’s hair was beautiful and straight.

    “I’m sure it takes more to Master’s genes. Master also has wavy hair and he is always having trouble setting his hair.”

    Buuu… Seeing me puff out my cheeks with a huff, Sara laughed and told me about it.

    If Father was the same as me, I thought it was okay. What a simpleton I was.

    I knew it was too late to ponder over something like this but was purple hair a normal thing? Considering Mother’s red hair was a common thing, I thought Father’s navy blue hair was also pretty unnatural.

    Besides that, being reincarnated into this world was also strange. The atmosphere here was like that of modern Europe.

    In Japan, purple hair didn’t exist until you dyed your own hair. Was it different at that time?

    “Let’s go, Miss.”

    When Sara spoke to me, I came back to my senses. The girl in the middle of the mirror had half her hair done in a nice updo by Sara.

    “— Excuse me, Master. I have brought the young miss over.”

    “You can come in, Lettie. Ah, I want Sara to hear this too, so please come in you two.”

    Sara and I came into the room heeding Father’s words.

    Father sat in front of the massive desk in his office, dressed in dark blue work clothes, looking even cooler than usual.

    “Good morning, Father.”

    “Good morning, my angel. I’m sorry for calling you before breakfast.”

    After saying this, Father urged us to sit on the chair and then started talking about his business.

     — It seems that there was going to be a tea party hosted at the Duke, and your Mother and I have been invited to that tea party.

    “Rose’s physical condition is getting better and I think I should accept this invitation. For Lettie, this will be your first tea party, right?”

    “Yes. Do you think I can do well?”

    At the very least, I had taken some modest etiquette education. However, since this was still going to be my first time, I had felt very nervous.

    Looking at my anxious face, Father gave me a tender smile.

    “It’s alright. Duchess Richard is an old friend of Rose. There won’t be a lot of people. Moreover, I don’t think there will be any kids who’s smarter than Lettie.”

    “Miss, I think so too!”

    Those words came from my overprotective father, followed by Sara. Yes, for some reason, I felt like I could do it.

    “Can I please trouble Sara to prepare the outfit for the tea party. The seamstress will be coming here in the morning. Will you help me choose it with Rose?”

    “Yes, it would be my honor!”

    And so, the preparations for the upcoming tea party were steadily underway in the Marquis’ household. 


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