Chapter 2 Violet and Her Mother

“Father, good morning.”

“Good morning, Violet. You’re as cute as always.”

“You’re as gorgeous as always too, Father.”

Three years had flown since the memory of my past life came back to me and I had turned 6 years old. At first, my father, servants and tutors were all surprised to see that I had suddenly become more understanding and less selfish.

Of course, they were. After all, the girl that looked like a 3-year-old kid was actually an adult on the inside. Besides, it was a normal and cute thing for a 3-year-old to act selfishly.

Now, Father doted on me even more. He would often say out loud that his daughter is an angel and the servants would follow his lead, nodding their heads in agreement.

Since that accident, the day when I fell in the garden was revered as the day when an angel had fallen. Sara had also been promoted as my personal attendant. Moreover…

“Mo, Mother.”

“Fufufu. Good morning, Lettie. You look great today. Good morning to you too, Master.”

“Good morning, Rose. Is it okay for you to wake up?”

“Yes. Thanks to Lettie, my condition is getting better. Do you mind if I join you for breakfast?”

“Of course. Lettie, come sit down.”

Mother had been bedridden in her room due to illness and because of it, I rarely saw her. However, these days, her condition was getting better to the point where she could spend most of the day awake..

Her skinny and slender body had become soft and feminine, and her cheeks were plump and rose pink. Her beautiful red hair swaying in a flowing manner, shone brightly, thanks to a proper diet.

Even though she was sickly, at the end of the day, it was all because she didn’t eat enough food and lacked exercise which resulted in the weakening of her immune system, and this made her more prone to serious colds, making her sink deeper into a repetitive downward spiral. As such, if she were to catch a cold, there was a possibility that it could lead to her death. The doctor who came for Mother’s medical examination, talked to Father regarding her illness and I overheard them say that this could not go on any longer and that she had to improve her constitution. 

At first, I was shocked to have discovered what Mother has been eating for her meals. In order to reduce the amount she ate, her meals only consisted of 2 or 3 pieces of bread, and a small amount of soup. If this continued, there was no way she was going to be able to build an immunity against diseases.

I had been watching enough health programs in modern Japan to know that. As such, I used my 3-year-old innocence as a weapon to take Mother outside for a little walk when the weather was nice, and thought to make some food that could be easily digested.

“I want to make food that can make Mother smile,” I said. The cooks looked at me with tearful eyes and helped me make the food. And of course, Mother as well, began to eat more and more when I said that I helped the cooks make her food. And though she started out slow,  her physical strength had gradually gotten better than before.

“The meal tastes delicious whenever we eat it together, doesn’t it, Father, Mother?”

“Yes. The atmosphere inside the mansion is a lot brighter too since Lettie and Rose smile a lot.”

“And I have become more healthy thanks to Lettie’s effort. You are really like an angel.”

The three of us looked at each other and laughed. The servants who were also watching over us, all smiled in unison as well. The Rottnel family was at peace again that day.


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