Chapter 1 Violet Remembers

That day, I was running around in the large garden. One of the maids had a blue face as she tried to stop me. However, that didn’t matter since it was my usual whims and selfishness.

This was my castle and I was the princess of it. Because I was still a child back then, I lived a luxurious life.

At that time, I had tripped over and fell on the grass of the garden. The rain had just stopped falling at that time, so the grass was still wet. My legs and hands were short, as such, I would often stumble over. Having accidentally fallen on the back of my head, I began to lose consciousness.

In my daze, I could hear the maids calling out my name in panic, but my eyelids had felt heavy, and without going against it, I closed my eyes.



A line of light came into my sight and it gradually grew. 

I could hear someone’s ringing out. Violet. They called out. It sounded like my name. However, I still couldn’t feel anything, my body refused to listen to me. 

Barely a moment later, my eyes fluttered open and the situation of the room entered into view, there were a lot of servants surrounding my bed.

“Call Master!!”


The servants’ panic voices echoed throughout the room.

“I’m so glad… I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t opened your eyes…”

Next to where my head stood Sara who was crying. She was my caretaker who always played with me. I think she was also the one who tried to chase me before. Come to think of it, she’s been keeping up with a lot of my selfishness lately. I feel like I’ve made her put up with a lot. It looked like she had been crying for a long time since her eyes were red and puffy.

“Please don’t cry, Sara. After all, it was my fault. I was the one who started running away, right?”

“Mi– Miss…?”

“I will explain everything to Father myself. I would be angry if you were fired because of this matter, so don’t worry.”


Seeing that a 3-year-old had suddenly spoken so fluently, all the servants including Sara froze from shock. My father who had rushed here after getting the news, was also frozen in place at the entrance, gasping for breath.

In this person’s mind — my mind — the memories of my previous life and this current life was mixing together, little by little.

Yes, due to the shock after falling to the ground, I remembered that I was a Japanese in my previous life.

Let’s see.. I am called Violet, the only daughter of a Marquis family. I am three years old, doted on by my father and had become a bit more selfish recently. Today, too, I was skipping my study time and dashed to the garden all by myself.

There was a lot of clamor going on in the room, so I closed my eyes to sort out the situation.

And, in my previous life… If I was not wrong, I was 26 years old. I was employed in a Petite Black company1Black company: also referred to as black corporation or black business in English, is a Japanese term for an exploitative sweatshop-type employment system, in Japan black companies are not necessarily associated with the clothing industry, but more often with office work. -Wikipedia and because I usually worked overtime, I didn’t have enough time to have a good night’s sleep. I was tired with my life being filled only with work, so to relieve my stress, I bought an otome game that I had been interested in and played it every night. And because of that, my lack of sleep got even worse.

–Ah… I see…

The image of a night scene where a road was illuminated by outside light floated into my mind. Just when I thought that the view had turned dark, I was suddenly enveloped by a dazzling light and that was where my memory ended. That was the road I passed by every day after working overtime. As expected, my physical strength was at its limit. I staggered at the side of the road and if I was not mistaken, a car going at a high speed was coming into my sight and…

“Le, Lettie… Are you okay?”           

Father called my nickname with a quivering voice. I’m sure that as the Prime Minister, he must’ve been in charge of duties at the castle today but had come in a hurry when he heard about my accident. After having understood the situation, I opened my eyes and gave him a smile.

“Father, I’m sorry for making you worried. I’m okay.”         

Father looked to be the same age as I did before I died in my previous life.  Or perhaps  I was older than him. His dark blue hair flowed down his back and his cool eyes were very good looking. It was vey nice to know that such a man was going to be my father.

“Soon, the doctor will come to check on your condition, Lettie. For now, sleep tight.”

Though Father must’ve been shocked by the way I speak, he still gently patted my head. Under such warmth and having a toddler’s constitution, sleepiness slowly took over me.

Uwaa… I felt blessed since I was able to sleep on my bed even though it was still early noon… I couldn’t resist the drowsiness that was coming onto me, so I closed my eyes and let myself depart towards the dream world.

And this is how Violet Rottnel, the only daughter of the Marquis who appeared to be a three-year-old girl but was an adult on the inside, was born into this world.


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