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After having an all-nighter to finish reading the book, I went to the library the next day to return it.

Ever since running away from him, I hadn’t faced Sieg at all. If it was not because of the student council, we didn’t really have the opportunity to meet each other. I am sorry if I was a bit childish, but although I was an adult, I couldn’t just ignore the awkwardness between us. I was glad that there was no student council activity for the moment.

However, the book I borrowed from him was really helpful.

All of them were the information that I couldn’t get from a history book, such as the recent popularity of the foods and culture. Just as Licoris had said, their foods were really interesting. 

I had never eaten it before so I could only imagine it, but if I took the explanation in the booklet as a reference, I remembered my living in Japan.

After all, there was an udon-like dish and green tea-like drinks there.

“It was a noodle thicker than pasta that has a smooth texture and the crunch.”

“Differs from black tea, it is an emerald tea that has the gentle sweet fragrance and the bitter aftertaste.”

(I am curious… Well, since I will meet her, I will use it as the topic for the conversation with the princess.)

Moreover, I wanted to try eating it.

If possible, I wanted to borrow the newly published items before and after this booklet. As I felt so, I quicken my legs that moved towards the library.


I was just going to return the book I borrowed the other day to the librarian in the receptionist, but I got an unexpected reply.

“This book does not belong to our library. I can receive the other two books. Did the librarian yesterday didn’t say anything about it?”

“Ah… No, nothing in particular.”

I said so, but honestly, because I was finishing the procedure with the librarian in a hurry, I didn’t remember my interaction with her.

“It’s strange… I always tell them to do the explanation for the users.”

“No, it is because I was not paying attention to the librarian! Are the librarians changed every day?”

“…Not every day, but we do the rolling.”

It was the first time I used the library, so I didn’t really remember the face. Today was the female librarian, but yesterday it was a male.

(Now, what should I do…)

If this book was not in the library book collection, that means it is Sieg’s personal belonging. I needed to return it back to him.

After that incident, I felt bad to visit his classroom. There would be troublesome rumors if I visited him while our grade and status were different.

“Excuse me…”

Looking at me who was standing in front of the reception counter, the female librarian with glasses raised her voice moderately.

“Ah, I am sorry. I am disturbing your work if I stay here.”

“No, you don’t. I just… want to talk more.”


“Yes. It looks like you are interested in the book about the neighboring country. I can guide you to the other booklets about it.”

“Is it okay?! … Ah, but.”

(It is possible that Sieg is coming here as well.)

But I couldn’t just procrastinate since I will be disturbed by it, so maybe it was better to return it quickly.

Maybe because my line of sight was dropped to the book, the librarian smiled at me as she knew what I was thinking about

“—It is okay. The room I will guide you to is in a separate room. If that person comes, I will speak to you and guide you to the room.”

“I see. …Then, please guide me.”

The librarian stood up and turned around. I chose her as I looked at her back.

Passing through a hole with an abundant collection of books, we climbed the stairs and went even further.

From the atmosphere, it wasn’t like a place where you can find books, but the librarian walked without hesitation. Rather, I felt she walked even faster.

(Huh, by the way… Am I saying from whom I borrow this book…?)

I am stopping after the sudden discomfort, while the librarian stopped in front of a certain door and at the same time turned around to face me.

“We have arrived.”

“Umm, are there any books inside the room?”

“Yes, there are. We can’t put all the bookshelves there, so we arranged them here.”

“I see… I am sorry for guiding me here, but can I return here after finishing the books downstairs? The books near the hole must be newer after all. I’ll go back.”

After hearing those words, the woman who was smiling gently at me now got rid of her expression. And then, my doubt was convicted. It seems that I was caught into a troublesome thing.

“You can’t. Violet-sama. Because you are going to spend a night here.”

Near the expressionless woman, there was something reflecting light.

“Fufu, it’s okay. As long as you stay quiet in this room, the other things will go smoothly.”


(Stay quiet, huh…)

Gripping a cutlery-like thing on her hands with her face full of ecstasy, she encouraged me to go into the room. I gave up my rebellion and entered the room after checking my surroundings.


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