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    By Anna’s guide, I walked towards the kitchen. When we reached some kind of a back door, I encountered someone I didn’t expect to meet there.

    “Theophyl-sama. I have brought Violet-sama here.”

    It seems that Anna knew the whole plan from the start. She was now bowing and saying those things in a calm manner as always, and then she moved to the side.

    “Good mor…. Wha-wha-”

    “I am glad you’re okay…!”

    I was planning to greet Theo who I hadn’t met for quite some time, but it didn’t run well.

    Suddenly, my hand was being pulled, and then I lost my balance which almost made me fell down, but I was drawn to Theo’s chest.

    Just like that, I was now in both Theo’s arms. He hugged me firmly as he was checking my existence.

    “Did you get any injury? It seems nothing happened according to the report but Sieg really didn’t do anything to you, right? I heard you licked the poison, is your physical condition okay?”

    From the question Theo threw rapidly towards me, I could feel the urgency from his voice color and at the moment I understood that I had made him worry.

    However, I was still being hugged by him and I didn’t feel I could answer his questions in this situation.

    “I’m sorry for disturbing you, Theophyl-sama. If you hug her like that, she can’t answer your questions. Moreover, Theophyl-sama touched Miss too much.”

    In the middle of my struggle, Anna helped me with those words. Theo who noticed the condition quickly let me go and gave me some room.

    “So, sorry about that.”

    “Ye, yes. Um, I am okay.”

    As both of us looked down, we exchanged some words inconsistently.

    Uhh, it was the first time I was hugged by a male, so I was shy…!

    Hm? I don’t have the memory of being hugged even in my past life it seems. Maybe the last time I was hugged was when I was still a child by Father… Eh…? Although I was actually an adult…?

    I was getting unnecessary damage from that simple fact. Suddenly, I could hear Anna clear her throat deliberately.

    “—Theophyl-sama, please rest assured. I have checked it when Miss was taking a bath. There is not even a single scratch on Violet-sama’s silk-like white skin.”

    “! Wa, wait, Anna!”

    “Plus, it seems that Sieg-sama has a quite strong constitution towards poison… Now, let’s move on.”

    Anna who suddenly switched the gear was moving forward to the back door. I, who felt an overwhelming awkwardness, caught her up in a hurry.

    While Theo who followed me from the back, had his ears all red but there was no way I could notice it.

    Watching Anna’s back, I was taking a deep breath several times to get back my senses until we found chef Jeffry who had taken good care of me, though it was also part of the plan. Then, we went inside the kitchen that was established in the cafeteria.

    After giving my thanks to Jeffry, we went through the kitchen and reached the cafeteria. But I wonder why we reached the area special for aristocrats. Moreover, the seat was exclusively for royalty.

    In this academy, the seats in the cafeteria were separated into areas.

    On the first floor where we can find the atrium, there was a space that can be used for general students. If you climb the central staircase, there is a space on the second floor that is exclusively used by the aristocrats. And an open space half a floor up from the second floor is the space special for the royalty.

    It was the first time I stepped into this place, and now I was having my breakfast with Theo in front of me.

    Usually, it only took 10 minutes for me to finish my breakfast in the dorm. However, now in front of me, various types of foods were lined up on the table and somehow it made me dizzy.

    (After thinking about it, I just remember that Theo is also royalty.)

    Duke Richard is the little brother of the current king. Therefore, of course, Theo is a royalty lineage. I tended to forget it when I casually talked to them, but both Al and Theo’s status is royalty.

    “… You are not eating?”

    Due to being lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t notice that my hands were stopping and Theo was staring at me.

    “Ah, yes, thank you for the food. I am a little bit worried about His Highness and the others…”

    As I said, I missed my line of sight outside the window.

    “They will be fine. They have Sieg there, and a knight as well.”

    “But… Theophyl-sama as well, you are all busy with public affairs, aren’t you? I let all of you involved in this problem…”

    “No, Lettie. It is the opposite. We are the ones who got you involved in this problem. I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to explain the details and let you in the dark.”

    He was frowning as he said, and the muscles on the back of his hand were emerging as he gripped the fork on his hand strongly. I noticed his fist was shivering and from that, I could see his anger.

    “Being in here like this, also has its own meaning.”

    “Yes. To bait out the participants who were involved with that lady. —Anna, please hide Lettie for a moment.”


    In the middle of our conversation, Theo quickly gave Anna his instructions. Anna pulled quite a big wagon and then she stood behind me. Since my back was facing towards the side of the stairs, I couldn’t confirm it, but it seems that the students coming up from the guest seats on the first floor were not able to see my appearance.

    “I want you to stay in this position for a while.”

    Hearing Theo’s words, I replied to him without letting out my voice by nodding.

    “Christine-sama, did you hear the news?! About that annoying Lady Rottnel!”

    “Yes, about that! What an unbelievable story. I definitely want to hear the details.”

    “As expected, she has made trouble.”

    What I heard from downstairs through the atrium was the wicked voices of the ladies that were not appropriate in the morning.


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