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    Taking into account that Du Han was coming back soon with the fact that penetrating the secret program of the S-level gene bank was a hundred times more difficult than that of the A-level. Even if Du Han was the one who took charge, it would still take him at least a few days. As such, Mu Chongyan withdrew the order to allow his hacker group to continue breaking into the program.

    The abilities of other hackers couldn’t ever come close to Du Han’s level, and it would only spell doom if one of them were to have inadvertently left a trace of their doing behind.

    Mu Chongyan turned his optical computer off. Then, grabbing a towel, he went for a shower in the bathroom.

    At this moment, inside the crystal glass case, Bai Rong was frowning, staring motionlessly at the words on the screen in front of him.

    Her Majesty the Queen became seriously ill twenty years ago and was practically on the verge of her death. Moreover, despite going through all kinds of doctors, she saw no hope of being rescued?!

    His Majesty the King had waited 20 years that his heart had turned into ashes and he gradually became absorbed in working tirelessly. He dealt with government and military affairs all day long, and he would handle all the significant and trifling matters himself just to relieve the pain…

    Having never thought that such a major event would happen to the royal family, Bai Rong quickly browsed the royal family section of the star net forum and clicked open a very old thread.

    Series of old posts slowly unfolded one after another and Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide before ultimately being dyed with a faint red color…

    Her Majesty the Queen was actually a man with a gentle smile, but he was not as feeble as he looked. His fighting prowess was exceptionally valiant and he was once the top mecha fighter in the Sheng Ya Star Region.


    But because of the first Star Region War that happened 50 years ago, His Majesty the Queen suffered an incurable serious injury, and his aptitude dropped from SS+ to a C-level that could not even drive a mech. Then he soon said goodbye to his fighting career and switched careers to become a teacher in the Shengya Military Academy. However, not long after becoming a teacher, he was kidnapped by His Majesty the King who had been chasing him from behind all this while (and was only a Crown Prince at that time), and eventually got married for love…

    In fact, the story was considered complete by this point. After all, everyone had become much more open about marriage in the interstellar era. Medical technology was also extremely advanced. Any homosexuals were able to use their cells in the hospital to cultivate their own child. However, six months before His Majesty the Queen gave birth to the Third Princess, he became seriously ill and it didn’t take a turn for the better after the princess was born, instead, it became even worse, until the royal family admitted….that His Majesty the Queen had become a living dead from sickness…

    Looking at the picture of the king with red eyes and clenched fists bearing the public announcement twenty years ago, Bai Rong stretched out a small hand and rubbed his eyes.

    The king and the queen were a pair of pitiful husbands, and the young elder princess, second prince and third princess who had lost their father at such a young age were also very pitiful…

    No wonder the current king was working hard like a madman, perhaps it was because once he stopped, he would immediately feel pain…

    Bai Rong sniffled his reddish little nose, and decided that he was going to train his body well, and he also needed to urge Mu Chongyan to exercise so that the two could stay together for a long time…

    After browsing the Starnet news for a while, Bai Rong found an article talking about himself on the hot searches that had climbed up to sixth place and immediately clicked in to take a look before switching off the optical computer.

    It was almost twelve o’clock, so he should probably wash up and head to bed. He couldn’t sleep so late in the future because if he didn’t take proper care of his body, the one who would be suffering in the future would be he and his wife…

    The next day, Bai Rong got up as soon as the alarm rang as usual.

    After having breakfast with Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong held his little hand that had been kissed thrice, and returned to his crystal case with a blushing face.

    He didn’t know what was going on with Mu Chongyan. He had suddenly become so enthusiastic, kissing him many times at once that he simply almost couldn’t….withstand it…

    He didn’t know which little minx had taught him how to do that and wondered whether he himself should also learn some countermeasures for it… hmm…

    Wrinkling his little face, a glint ultimately swept across the depths of Bai Rong’s eyes and he quickly darted towards his bedroom and turned on his optical computer, logging into the star net.

    Then, he posted a message——”Offering ten thousand virtual star coins for any kind of books, scriptures, and videos available on love.”

    After publishing this message, Bai Rongle giddily curved his eyes and logged out the star net to open the spell card information.

    For tough guys, daily learning was an absolute essential!

    After studying intensively for four hours, Bai Rong felt a little hungry, so he went to the living room and took a loaf of bread and nutrient dose. After eating, he studied for a while again, before shutting off the materials and starting to follow the training program Mu Chongyan had given him.

    In just two days, he would have finished his training days and would then be able to start learning how to drive a mech!

    At the thought of driving a huge and powerful mech in the battlefield and shaking the world, Bai Rong clenched his small fist, his blood boiling in excitement.

    This was simply too tough, too domineering, too awe-inspiring, and too awesome!

    It simply couldn’t suit him any better!!!

    Bai Rong thought, his little face revealing a silly smile as he became more spirited in carrying out his training.

    After three and a half hours had passed, Bai Rong had finished his training. He wiped the sweat from his small forehead very proudly, and fell onto the bed.

    Phew…Even though tough guys were valiant, they could also get tired…

    After resting in bed for a while, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes, turning around on his belly and spreading his arms out like a pancake. He then slowly sat up, and turned on the optical computer, logging into the virtual city.

    Sigh, the resting time was so short. Moreover, he still had many tasks to do…

    As soon as he logged in, Bai Rong received an important message.

    ——”Dear Spell Card Master, Congratulations! You have advanced to the next round. The next round will be the semi-finals, cutting down fifty participants to the top ten. The competition will be held on November 11th at 9 o’clock in the morning. The venue will be located in the Central City’s Virtual Spell Card Union (Headquarters) Building, your competition number is…”

    He had advanced!

    The corners of Bai Rong’s lips twitched slightly. Although this was within his expectation, he still couldn’t help but jump for joy when he read the notice.

    Moreover, the day before the semi-finals was his 19th birthday! This was really a good sign, and it definitely meant that he could advance to the finals!!

    Bai Rong hummed happily as he shut his wristwatch and left the room.

    The room opposite to his was wide open, and there inside laid a spacious console which had a set of advanced virtual card making equipment stacked on top of it.

    Bai Rong slapped his head. He had almost forgotten what he told Mu Chongyan yesterday. However, Mu Chongyan moved very quickly, having actually prepared all the equipment at once.

    Walking into the opposite room, Bai Rong found three huge silver boxes next to the console. Opening it for a look, he found that they were full of advanced spell card materials.

    Mu Chongyan was really the best…

    Bai Rong found three intermediate spell card materials from one of the boxes, and placed them on the console in an orderly manner, preparing to make several intermediate spell cards.

    But before he picked up the tools for handling the materials, he received another important message.

    ——”Dear Spell Card Master: Greetings. Congratulations on your promotion to becoming an S-level Spell Card Master!”

    Bai Rong’s eyes grew into the shape of saucers, S-level spell card master?!

    Why did he suddenly advance levels?!!!

    Staring repeatedly at the “Spell Card Master Level: S Grade” that he kept refreshing on the personal information page, Bai Rong was convinced that he was not hallucinating nor had he gone dizzy.

    However, he still couldn’t completely believe it.

    Because he clearly hadn’t made any cards just now.

    After thinking about it for a long time but unable to find a single clue, Bai Rong boarded the virtual star network and was about to ask, but unexpectedly found himself bombarded with overwhelming news as soon as he entered.

    “@ToughGuy2333333, Master, are you the newly promoted S-level Spell Card Master?”

    “My God, suddenly advancing into an S-level Spell Card Master without any noise, how damn mystical. I guessed it right!!! @ToughGuy2333333”

    “That can’t be right. The spell card data sold by @ToughGuy2333333 were still a couple points off from the level of an S-level Spell Card Master. I think it’s probably one of the people who participated in the spell card competition yesterday. After all, the notice of S-level spell card masters don’t follow those of lower levels which come automatically within half an hour, instead, it usually takes a day. Calculating the time it took for this notice to appear, it only matches the time of yesterday’s competition!”


    Ehhhh?!! He didn’t know it took 1 day for an S-level certification notice to come? Bai Rong’s eyes lit up as he suddenly became enlightened.

    Revealing soft dimples on his cheeks, Bai Rong continued scrolling the comments, reading them with joy.

    “I also don’t think it’s @ToughGuy2333333, I’m guessing that this newly promoted S-level master should be among the few spell card masters praised by Master Timothy!!!”

    “I agree with the above user, I’m guessing that it’s Berg or Yuan Hu!”

    “I disagree with both of the above users. Who knows if @ToughGuy2333333 was one of the people who were praised?”

    “That’s impossible. There were only eight people who were praised. Five of them have had their virtual starnet ids made public while only three remained undisclosed. One was the newly promoted genius Dai Ya who is only twenty years old, and he had already advanced to A grade a year ago. It’s definitely impossible for him to have reached S grade at the speed of light. The other was a gray-haired old man, who I heard was called “Hitchet”. This spell card master is already over 130 years old, and had just been promoted to A grade three years ago. It is even more impossible for him to have broken through S Grade so quickly. There was another slovenly looking uncle. The kind that looked impossible to please with dark circles under his eyes, not looking the least bit like a Master at all…”

    “Hahaha, the above user has such a poisonous mouth…”


    An impossible to please uncle?!!!!

    Impossible to please?!!!!


    Bai Rong’s face immediately turned red with anger, ire and shame mixing in his eyes as he smacked a hand on the virtual screen!

    This person actually dared to call him that, was he blind?!!

    Bai Rong gritted his teeth, his small face flushing red. He stared intently at the person’s id, as if to poke the person behind the id out of his cave.

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