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  • Chapter 46.1 Little Wife Number 123333333 (1)

    “Diarrhea?” Mu Chongyan immediately put down his chopsticks, “Why did you suddenly have diarrhea? Does it still hurt right now?”

    “It doesn’t hurt anymore…”

    “Are you sure it really doesn’t hurt anymore?” Mu Chongyan stared at Bai Rong and anxiously asked, “Do you want to see a doctor? I can take you to find Ma…”

    Just as the words came out of his mouth, Mu Chongyan suddenly realized that something was amiss. A little star pet’s diarrhea must mean there was something wrong with his program, so the person they should go see wasn’t a doctor but a programmer, right…?

    “It really doesn’t hurt anymore…” Bai Rong buried his face in his small bowl, his voice sounding muffled, “It’s not a problem anymore, let’s eat quickly…eat quickly…”

    Sigh, how could one ask so many questions about diarrhea. Even though he was a man and a tough man at that, he could still feel embarrassed. 

    It makes it seem that his body was really weak…

    “…Then let me know if it starts to hurt again.” Mu Chongyan frowned. Thinking of the possibility that the programmer might have to dismantle the little star pet, his mood suddenly took a turn for the worse. It was better for him to observe the little star pet’s situation for a few more days and if the pain was really untolerable for him, then he had no other choice.

    After the both of them finished their breakfasts harboring mixed feelings, Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong back to the crystal glass case.

    “I’m going to the academy for a while. Since I’ve already been absent for a day and half, I’m afraid it would’ve already alerted those people’s attention.”

    “But…” Bai Rong scrunched and hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger, saying, “Wouldn’t those people come looking to give you trouble or test you…”

    “That would work better for me. If they expose themselves first, it would be easier for us to investigate who the forces behind them are.” Mu Chongyan squeezed Bai Rong’s little hand, and said, “Be good, and don’t worry.”

    “But…but I’m afraid you will fall into danger…”

    “I won’t because I still have Dai Suo, Walter and the others…” Mu Chongyan touched Bai Rong’s face gently and deliberately jested: “Don’t frown anymore, you look like a little old man…“

    “…..” Bai Rong gave Mu Chongyan a helpless look, and sighed deeply on the inside, “Alright…”

    His wife always maintained such a magnanimous character, it really made him worry a lot as his husband… 

    After Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong returned to the bedroom and turned the optical computer on..

    After logging into the virtual city, Bai Rong swiftly produced the remaining three custom spell cards, before shipping them away.

    In the future, he was only going to focus on making cards for his wife, never accepting any customized spell cards orders ever again!

    But… in order to make money, he usually had to make a few virtual spell cards and sell them. In that case, he would just have to wait for those people to fight over for it.  

    As soon as the spell card was sent, Bai Rong received the remaining amount of the money from the customers, and immediately withdrew all the money from his seller’s account to his personal account. He then proceeded to buy a large amount of spell card materials again.

    After receiving the spell card materials, Bai Rong stored all the materials into the spatial button before leaving the virtual city.

    He had only read less than one tenth of the spell card data Mu Chongyan had given him so he had to work harder.

    On the other side, just as Mu Chongyan entered the mech battlefield of the academy, several people surrounded him.

    “Oh, isn’t this Grand Mech Warrior Mu Chongyan?” The leader of the group, who had a slightly shorter height and a pale face, walked over, his bloodless lips hooked up into a smirk as he chuckled sinisterly, “I haven’t seen Mech Warrior Mu Chongyan for a long time. What a surprise to find you here today. Did you finally have time to spare?”

    Mu Chongyan cast him an indifferent glance and realized that this man was one of Princess Fenya’s famous suitors, Duke Gao’er’s third son, Gao’er Junior. However, he usually never dared to provoke him. Did he actually take the wrong medicine today? How’d he finally summon the courage to approach him?

    As if something had suddenly struck him, the look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed slightly.

    Seeing Mu Chongyan actually ignore him, Gao’er Junior immediately felt that he had lost face. Angrily pointing at Mu Chongyan’s nose, he bellowed, “Mu Chongyan, if you’re angry about something, let’s take this to the battlefield if you dare!” 

    Little Gao’er’s outburst attracted a lot of people to come over and watch, especially once they discovered that the one he was blocking was actually Mu Chongyan. The news immediately spread like a snowball, from 10 rolls to 100 hundred rolls, it didn’t take too long for nearly a hundred people to gather outside. 

    There were even people who posted this news on the forum, inciting more and more people to rush over here to see the farce. 

    After all, three years ago, Mu Chongyan, who had just entered the academy, defeated the most renowned senior of the Shengya Military Academy (an S-class mecha fighter), as such, no one would dare challenge Mu Chongyan so arrogantly. Now, even though Gao’er Junior was only of A-level aptitude, it still made for a rare sight that cannot be missed.

    Seeing more and more people gathering, Gao’er Junior’s confidence promptly deflated slightly, however, thinking of the words and promises the mysterious person who contacted him said, he gritted his teeth fiercely and spat on the ground. 

    Fuck, for the sake of marrying Fenya and improving his aptitude, he’ll take a gamble! 

    In any case, the academy’s battlefield did not permit inflicting heavy injuries on students!

    “Take it to the battlefield?” As though he did not notice the crowd that had gathered, Mu Chongyan expressionlessly looked at Gao’er Junior and coldly asked, “Are you sure about that?”

    Hearing Mu Chongyan’s cold and imposing inquiry, Gao’er Junior reflexively shrank his neck and immediately wanted to retreat, however, when his arm had bumped into the person next to him, his head suddenly sobered up, and his retreating feet hurriedly came to a halt.

    That mysterious man was so powerful, and knew a lot of things, so the information that he had given mustn’t be far from the truth. Mu Chongyan must not have recovered from the heavy injury he had received last time and that was why he was pretending to be calm to scare him! 

    Gao’er Junior stretched his neck and narrowed his eyes at Mu Chongyan: “Yeah, what’s wrong? Don’t you dare?”

    “Why don’t I compete with you instead?” Dai Suo suddenly walked over and stopped at Mu Chongyan’s side, coldly saying, “If you can beat me then you can challenge Mu Chongyan, otherwise, you can’t even withstand 10 of Mu Chongyan’s strikes.”

    “Don’t worry about it, Dai Suo.” Walter also squeezed out from the crowd and smiled, “I should be enough for him. If he can’t beat me, he can’t even take 1 of Mu Chongyan’s strikes…” 

    “No, I’ll be the one to compete with him!” Seeing Dai Suo and Walter interject in their conversation, Gao’er Junior felt that the mysterious man’s words were much more believable than before. Assuming that Mu Choongyan must’ve certainly hurt his aptitude from his previous injuries, he immediately recovered all confidence and shouted, “This old daddy wants to compete with Mu Chongyan, how dare you two interfere, I order you to scram!” 

    “How dare we?” Walter stepped forward, tilting his head as he looked at Little Gao’er, and said with a smile, “Of course we dare too, after all, you’re even more inferior to my grandson…”

    “Walter, are you fucking looking to die!!” Little Gao’er’s face immediately flushed red, his wizened face appearing like a braised chicken head, and he was about to swing his fist to give him a punch.

    “Boss.” The person next to Gao’er Junior suddenly grabbed his arm, “Boss, don’t be too hasty and lose sight of the goal. We’re here to challenge Mu Chongyan today.”

    Gao’er Junior looked at the person pulling him and realized that this person was a small attendant who had followed him half a year ago. His family background was not good but his aptitude was high. However, he usually shut himself indoors and had no sense of existence that he had almost forgotten about this person.

    “Dross, if I recall correctly, don’t you have an A+ aptitude?” Gao’er Junior looked at the little follower.

    “En.” Dross nodded quickly, his pale face looking a little overcautious.

    “Then why don’t you go and compete with Walter?” Gao’er Junior shot a side glance at Walter. “Walter also has an A+ aptitude. You better beat him to the ground.”

    “If you want to beat this grandfather til he kneels on the ground then you better think again!” Walter immediately sent a glare and rolled his sleeves up, preparing to go over but was held back by Mu Chongyan, “Don’t fight him.”

    Mu Chongyan looked coldly at the man standing next to Gao’er Junior, who had a tall yet bent figure, appearing weak and fragile. He didn’t look like a person with an A+ aptitude.  

    However, in the interstellar age, people with high aptitudes would be sought after and cultivated. Even if their family background wasn’t good, they could still receive a large amount of relief money, and even if the people of the interstellar people jeered at their backgrounds, if their aptitudes were trash, they wouldn’t jeer at the people who had better aptitudes than them despite having a poor background. How could there be such a highly qualified yet gutless person… 

    Mu Chongyan looked at Dross who had his head down, his eyes sweeping towards Dross’s lowered eyes……

    “I’ll fight you.” Mu Chongyan stepped forward and looked at Gao’er Junior’s face, his expression remaining unchanged as he said, “However, before I fight you, I want to fight with him.”

    Based on the speed of the virus outbreak, his aptitude should have been reduced to an A Class today. Reserving his strength to find someone of A+ level wasn’t really a difficult matter.

    But the most important thing was that there was something he wanted to verify…

    Gao’er Junior rolled his eyes. However, on the inside, he thought that it was probably better for Dross to test out Mu Chongyan. Otherwise, if what the mysterious man had said was wrong, he would have had a miserable end…

    “Alright.” Gao’er Junior patted Dross on the shoulder, “Go, I will lend you an S-class mech and three S-class spell cards to use, fight well!”

    “Understood.” Dross lowered his head.

    Mu Chongyan’s expression remained unchanged. He walked through the crowd to the center of the mech battlefield and gently pressed the spatial button on his neck.

    And an S-class white mech appeared on the battlefield instantly.

    …In a short period of time, the auditorium outside the mech battlefield accommodated tens of thousands of people and was already filled to the brim yet there were still countless of people trying to squeeze in until someone finally opened a live broadcast video and dumped the link on the star network. 

    The live broadcast room immediately hit the top of the searches and millions of people instantly flooded the room.

    Mu Chongyan carefully checked the three spell card slots in the mech before inserting an S-level energy card, an A-level defense card, and an S-level air bullet card.

    With his brows locked in a scrunch as he took several glances at the S-Class air bullet card, Mu Chongyan’s eyes narrowed slightly and he took the air bullet card out, replacing it with an A-level thunder bullet card.

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