Chapter 40.2 So Delicate (2)

Raising his head and blinking his watery eyes, Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan who was watching him intently and whispered with a red face. “You-..Let’s go and eat now.” 

“Alright…..” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head and laughed. “Fortunately, I bought some dishes from Di Zhi. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to make it up to you.” 

“You don’t need to apologize.” Bai Rong felt even more embarrassed, and reached out a small hand to pat Mu Chongyan. “You don’t need to compensate me, I didn’t even get angry…” 

“Good…” Mu Chongyan looked at the well-behaved and shy little star pet and secretly sighed, feeling that his heart was going to melt.

The two people stickily ate their meal, and after the meal, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong to the sofa and pressed open his optical computer to show him. “When you were playing on your optical computer, did you notice this icon?” 

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Bai Rong looked at the silver icon that Mu Chongyan was pointing to and nodded. “I noticed it, but I haven’t used it.”

“This is a communication tool.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head and said: “I’ll take you back so you could fetch your optical computer. Then, I’ll help you register for an account so that after we become friends, we can then keep in contact.”  

Mu Chongyan thought for a long time while eating, and felt that it was still better to have a way of contacting the little star pet. However, he doubted the safety of other communication tools and after contemplating it, he had decided to use the communication tool developed by v67.

Fortunately, after he purchased this optical computer, he felt that the pre-installed security measures of the optical computer were low, so he took it to v67 to ask Du Han to change the system. Du Han had misunderstood, thinking that he was recruiting another new member and installed the communication tool v67 had developed. 

“Okay!” Bai Rong’s eyes shone brightly, and he stood up immediately, holding onto Mu Chongyan’s finger, “Go, let’s get the optical computer”

After returning to the crystal glass case, Bai Rong first shut off all the open windows and cleaned the search history before moving the optical computer to the door of the villa.  

Mu Chongyan picked up the optical computer with his left hand, and picked up the little star pet with his right, returning to the sofa and sitting down.

Turning on the optical computer, Mu Chongyan clicked the silver dark icon open and quickly made a registration. Just when Bai Rong was thinking of what name sounded the most domineering to register as, Mu Chongyan had already finished. 

Bai Rong, who sat on Mu Chongyan’s arms, lifted his head for a look and immediately leaped up in anger! 

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“How can you register me as Little Sweet Cake?!!”

This name was too unimpressive, it was simply an insult to his tough guy reputation!

Did Mu Chongyan wait for an opportunity to take this revenge because he knew of his identity as his wife?!!

This must definitely be the case!!!

“What’s wrong, doesn’t it sound good?” Seeing the obedient little star pet suddenly bursting in anger, Mu Chongyan felt it a little funny yet also felt a little guilty.

Because he had done it without realization…

After all, in his heart, Little Sweet Cake was synonymous with his little star pet…

“Change it! Change it to… Big Red Crayfish!!!” Bai Rong waved his hands, making threatening gestures, feigning a scary appearance. In reality however, he stomped on Mu Chongyan’s thighs without actually using any strength. 

He decided to hate Mu Chongyan for one…No! For ten seconds!

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“Alright…I’ll change it. I’ll change it.” Mu Chongyan petted the little star pet’s head, and quickly changed his user name to Big Red Crayfish.

Who would’ve imagined that the name Mu Chongyan had thought up on a whim, would become the little star pet’s true love.

Mu Chongyan simply wanted to travel back in time and give himself a smack….

“Hmph, isn’t this a lot better.” After feeling that 10 seconds had passed, Bai Rong once again sat back in Mu Chongyan’s arms. 

To tell the truth, he wanted to be called Tough Guy, but being too direct didn’t sound too good. After all, such a steel-blooded tough man like him no longer needed to cling onto such a title anymore. 

Heh, he spoke as though the person who had been insisting to have his name changed a while ago, wasn’t him..

After adding Mu Chongyan’s contact name “Mu”, Bai Rong’s smile reached his eyes and not too long later, he asked Mu Chongyan to take him back to the crystal glass case. 

If he remembered it correctly, today was the day he was supposed to make another delivery to Wei Huai.

However, he was not in a hurry. The first reason was because Wei Huai was actually a better person than he thought. He wasn’t unreasonable as long as there were conditions set in place. The second reason was because he had already finished making all the spell cards. As such, he only needed Wei Huai to call him and he could deliver it immediately!  

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Mu Chongyan smiled, rubbing the little star pet’s face. “Weren’t you going to go back and make spell cards?” 

“…Yes.” Having not expected that Mu Chongyan would suddenly ask him about card-making, Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan who was staring at him with amusement, and his brain instantly churned. A thousand thoughts flashed through his head and after a moment had passed, he twisted his hands, saying: “I’m amazing, you know…I’ve already learned how to handle 6 kinds of materials now!”  

“That is amazing!” Mu Chongyan really was surprised. Previously, he only treated it as though the little star pet was only playing, but he didn’t expect that… his family’s little star pet was actually smart to such an astonishing degree! 

One had to know that not even mentioning star pets, humans couldn’t even simply learn how to handle materials, yet his little star pet was able to learn how to handle 6 materials in just 3 to 4 days’ time. Although he couldn’t compare to Spell Card Masters who already had a grade, he had already surpassed ordinary people who couldn’t even make cards! 

“En…Aren’t I amazing?!” Bai Rong smiled, revealing a small dimple and rubbing his face against Mu Chongyan’s finger.

He had already decided. He would slowly reveal to Mu Chongyan that he could make spell cards, after all, this matter was going to be revealed to him sooner or later, but he couldn’t reveal it too prematurely. After all, not only did he have to guarantee not to shock Mu Chongyan to death, he also had to guarantee that after his secret was leaked out, he was tall enough and powerful enough to escape safely when Mu Chongyan couldn’t protect him…

Even though he believed that Mu Chongyan loved him, he couldn’t put responsibility for his personal safety all on Mu Chongyan’s shoulders.

If he were caught by the government of this planet, wouldn’t he die a painful death?!!!

Thinking of this possibility, Bai Rong’s heart quivered and he became even more determined to grow taller…as well as learn how to operate a mech.

He’ll have to remember sending a message to Wei Huai later when he returned.

“Amazing.” Mu Chongyan sighed, suddenly feeling very glad that he had modified the little star pet’s optical computer program. If someone had managed to peep and discover the little star pet’s genius IQ inadvertently, it would undoubtedly create a commotion.

The interstellar government had never been able to achieve the mechanization of card making. If they found a breakthrough through his little star pet…

Mu Chongyan dared not think about how his little sweet cake would look like when he was forcefully taken apart…

“You can’t tell others about learning how to handle materials, also, you must tell me the progress of studying spell card making in the future, understood?” Mu Chongyan said, held Bai Rong at eye level, speaking with extreme seriousness.

Looking at Mu Chongyan’s solemn face, Bai Rong nodded cleverly, and said: “Okay.”

It seems that… he had shocked his wife. If he had told him everything at once…would his wife faint from the shock?

Aiii, Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan with a helpless and indulgent look, sighing quietly in his heart.

His wife’s heart was really delicate. Even though he had already taken this into consideration and diminished his true learning accomplishments soooo much when he revealed this to him, he had still stunned his wife…

Looks like… he had to pay much more attention and properly take good care of Mu Chongyan in the future.

After all, his wife’s heart was so delicate…

The author has something to say:

Although Bai Rongrong had intended to reveal things to Mu Chongyan slowly,….cough…

I can only say that having a dream is good enough!

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Mu Chongyan: I’m delicate???

Bai Rongrong: Hehehe. As a tough guy, I will properly cherish you…

Mu Chongyan (lifts Bai Rongrong up onto his shoulder and smiles meaningfully): Alright…

Bai Rongrong (taken by shock): I…I suddenly recalled that I still have some matters to attend to…Wuu….!

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